Happy New Year! 2022 Reflections and 2023 Astrology Preview

Happy New Year! 2022 Reflections and 2023 Astrology Preview

Happy New Year! I thought I would do a little recap of 2022, to meditate on everything I’ve accomplished this year and clear space for 2023. Read further for this.

But first, I wanted to share my first 2023 astrology forecast. I’ve been teasing readers of my blog and newsletter about this for weeks now and still haven’t gotten any 2023 forecasts posted. I got totally swept up by the holidays and I’ve been sick on top of all that. Same old story every year – I always get sick during Capricorn season. It’s a tough time for us Cancer Sun babies! So you’ll have to wait for January to read my thoughts on the astrology of 2023. 

But not to worry if you’re impatient, because I recently went back on Nightbird Radio to give an astrological forecast of 2023!

Huge thanks to the wonderful host, Tim Sailor, for having me back on his podcast to do a preview of 2023’s astrology along with another astrologer, Jack Steiger.

We talked about all the major transits of 2023, including Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius, Saturn’s ingress into Pisces, the conclusion of the current Mars Retrograde cycle, the Nodes/eclipse cycle shifting into the Aries-Libra axis, and more!

So, 2022. When I think back over the past year, it doesn’t feel quite as dark or oppressive as 2021 was. Which is kind of funny, since I had way more objectively awful things happen in my own personal life during 2022, compared to 2021. Yet there also seemed to be more hope, more things that lifted the veil of the oppressive Pluto-Saturnian energies that we had been living under since early 2020 and which seemed would never end when we were in 2021. And as I reviewed my year and remembered all the things I accomplished, 2022 does seem like a very good year in many ways.

Let’s start back in January 2022. I kicked off the year by doing the Lunation Rite from Ivy at Circle Thrice. It was a great way to start the year with a bunch of daily magical rituals – something we should all be doing more.

Then I got COVID in early January. I wrote about my loss of taste and smell, which hit this Taurus rising on a really personal level. (I was feeling very despairing about this after a few days, but I recovered fairly quickly, thank the gods.)

Then at the end of January, the Freedom Convoy exploded into Ottawa and thrust Canada onto the international stage. I wrote about the astrology of this event a couple times: here and here, and then I wrote about Justin Trudeau’s historic invocation of the Emergencies Act.  

I was absolutely glued to YouTube for the couple weeks that the convoy was happening. I watched hours of live, on-the-ground footage of people walking around Parliament Hill in Ottawa – which is how I knew that the mainstream media reporting of this event was basically a pack of lies. At the very least it was extremely biased and made the event out to be something that it absolutely wasn’t. I had been realizing just how biased and censorious the media was since the start of the pandemic, but this event really proved that you cannot take anything the media says at face value.

That convoy was the first time I actually felt hope about the direction that Canada had been headed for the previous two years. I’ve written about Canadian current events and history on this blog quite a bit, through the lens of astrology, and I’ve always tried to try to stay as objective as possible. Since this isn’t an astrology post, I thought I’d be a little more candid with my own views. Despite what the mainstream news and Justin Trudeau insists, the convoy was not a bunch of dumb rednecks or pack of dangerous alt-right Nazis. And it was absolutely critical in helping to lift the harsh, authoritarian social controls that we had been living under in Canada.

Protesters participating in a cross-country truck convoy gather near Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022. (Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press via AP)

2022 was also the year in which I went really public as a professional astrologer. I did a few astrology presentations for various groups, published my first paid piece of astrology writing, did some podcast appearances and continued to do client consultations.

My first public astrology presentation was in March: a 2022 forecast for Canada on a panel of four Canadian astrologers with OPA’s Canadian chapter.

In June, I did a presentation called Meaningful Matter for the Edmonton Astrological Society (EAS). This presentation was the culmination of a project I started under the great Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at the end of 2020, so it was awesome to see it finally come to fruition. (That was not an election for a project with quick results, but I knew that going on.)

I presented an expanded version of Meaningful Matter to Astrology Toronto in November. This wasn’t a regularly scheduled presentation – I was a last-minute fill-in for a cancellation. I was grateful for the opportunity nonetheless, and hope to do future presentations for them.

Also in November, I did another presentation for the EAS on mundane astrology and Edmonton’s natal chart. This was another cancellation that I was filling in for – I’ve realized it’s very useful to have a couple presentations ready-to-go since you never know when groups might need someone to jump in at the eleventh hour.

I have a couple other opportunities to do presentations in 2023, including one on dwads, so watch this blog for more info on those.

My first paid piece of astrology writing appeared in The Mountain Astrologer’s Aries Nox issue in March 2022: “Planting with the Planets: The Astrology of Biodynamic Farming.” You can read the entire piece on Astro.com.

I also went on a few episodes of the wonderful Nightbird Radio podcast, which is a new(er) podcast started by Tim Sailor. Check out this page for a listing of all my media appearances. I’m so grateful to Tim for hosting this podcast. It’s one of my favourites, and not because he’s had me on a few times either. Take a listen and you’ll see why.

I continued to serve on the executive committee of the EAS – I joined at the end of 2021 and continued this work in 2022, which included a big update to the EAS website that I did this year. That was a ton of work but I think the site looks great, if I do say so myself.

In the spring of 2022, I did a course on astrological rectification through Kepler College. After I had practiced this technique on friends and family, I began offering astrological rectification services to the public. Rectification is a very useful skill, especially as a Canadian astrologer, because Canada does not record birth times on birth certificates. Many people here have no idea when they were born, so they don’t know their birth charts. I hope to solve this, one client at a time! (To book a rectification with me, go to my consultations page – and email if you have questions, because rectification is quite an involved process.)

At the end of 2022 I said goodbye to wine writing for good. As I wrote in this article, wine writing was absolutely critical for everything I am today, including an astrologer. I bid it a fond farewell.

And of course, throughout 2022 I continued to write about astrology here on this blog and in my monthly newsletter (subscribe here). Thank you so much for reading my words. Whether you’ve been a long-time reader or just stumbled onto the blog recently when searching for information on a particular astrology topic, I’m grateful for your attention and time. I hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve shared here, and continue to follow my work in 2023.

I also want to extend my deepest, most heartfelt thanks to everyone who took the chance on a paid consultation with me in 2022. It is such an honour to be able to do this work, and I’m forever humbled by those of you who were willing to take a chance on a stranger that you found online. I hope to do more consultations for you in the future!

As thanks for reading all the way to the end of this long post, I’d like to offer a 20% discount on all of my astrology consultations. Use code: CHEERS2022

This offer will be good throughout the month of January 2023, so book soon – but the discount will work for an appointment at any time in 2023, not just in January, so feel free to put something in your calendar later in the year if you’re not ready for a consultation just yet. (Also, if you subscribe to my newsletter, check your inbox because there’s an even better discount code in the most recent newsletter I just sent out on December 22.)

Happy New Year and cheers to a wonderful 2022, with all its ups and downs! See you in 2023!!!

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