Oppressive Affairs: Canada’s 2022 Capricorn Ingress Astrology Forecast

Oppressive Affairs: Canada’s 2022 Capricorn Ingress Astrology Forecast

Happy winter solstice! Here we are at the tail end of 2022, with the Sun just about to enter Capricorn. These are the long, dark, cold days of winter up here in Canada.

Canada’s 2022 Capricorn ingress chart has a weighty seventh house in Capricorn and a moody Cancer Ascendant, ruled by a fiery Mars-Moon opposition across Gemini and Sagittarius. With a cardinal sign on the Ascendant, this chart will only be in effect for about three months. As always with ingress charts, the Aries ingress chart takes precedence over the year, though that chart also had Cancer on the Ascendant so its influence over the year is long gone up here in Canada.

This chart suggests that this winter, the Canadian people are going to be concerned with matters pertaining to the sixth and twelfth houses: public health, labour conflicts, hospitals, long-term care homes, prisons and/or martial/military matters. This echoes what we saw in the Libra ingress chart this fall.

There’s a big stellium in Capricorn, the seventh house of this chart, signifying Canada’s foreign affairs. The Sun is here, so Prime Minister Trudeau is focused on foreign policy and diplomacy at this time. Venus, Mercury and Pluto are also here, suggesting lots of communication with foreign nations that are going to have a transformative effect on Canada.

These foreign affairs may impact Canada’s physical land (maybe some natural resource deals?), as well as our telecommunication infrastructure and news media. There may be some disruptive legislation passed in these next three months related to these areas of communications and natural resources. Watch for news from Mélanie Joly, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. 

Saturn rules all these planets in the seventh and is located hidden up in the eighth house of foreign financial dealings and death. This is clearly the ongoing financial fallout from the pandemic, the mounting debt and the necessity of making financial deals on an international level in order to recover from the pandemic as well as the record high inflation and other financial issues that many Canadians are facing. It also relates back to the overall themes of the year signified by the Aries ingress chart, which was heavily focused on Canada’s finances and financial dealings.

There may also be some more economic sanctions against other nations, or other restrictions in our international financial dealings.

Jupiter at 0 Aries in the tenth house suggests a crusader-like quality within the federal government. This is ruled by Mars hidden in the twelfth, so Jupiter’s influence is may be hidden from the mainstream. The people are focused on this, however, and there’s a sense that the federal government will try to charge forth in the name of justice and truth. This will likely be related to the matters that the people are focused on (public health, labour, hospitals, long-term care homes, prisons and military matters).

Aries is also Canada’s first house in the chart I use for Canada, so the recent ingress of Jupiter into Aries signals the start of an upcoming conjunction between transit Jupiter and Canada’s natal Neptune and Ascendant – this will happen in March 2023, around the same time that we’ll get a lot of other major shifts (namely Pluto into Aquarius, Saturn into Pisces and Mars into Cancer). I’ll be watching for what happens in the coming weeks for some clues about what that transit might play out to be.

On a general level, I would expect this to have a lot of bearing on Canada’s identity. Jupiter represents both justice and truth, so this may be a time where Canada and Canadians examine the foundations upon which our identity is built and see what justices (or injustices) are there.

There’s a sense of truth-seeking and perhaps Jupiter will help Canada relieve the blinders we have with our innate Neptune-Ascendant conjunction, though its possible that Jupiter will just expand those blinders more. Given that this Jupiter is ruled by a retrograde Mars in Gemini, I don’t have a lot of hope for things to be clear-sighted and easy to understand.

There’s a collectivist push in the ninth house signified by Neptune’s position here – perhaps some form of collectivism or unionization within our international shipping and trade, or within academia and the legal system.

Countering this is Uranus is Taurus, the eleventh house – suggesting some radical and disruptive legislation, and/or legislation tied in with Canada’s foreign financial dealings.

The Sun is in the seventh house and rules the second, so again we see that Prime Minister Trudeau will be busy with foreign affairs for the new few months and also will be focused on Canada’s finances. He may be busy trying to make various deals with other nations, or with other levels of government – like the different provincial governments of Canada.

This also signifies the very recent decision made by the federal government to seize assets of a Russian oligarch under new legislation that was passed in June, right around the Cancer ingress. Recall that the major themes of the Cancer ingress were money and justice, and this move certainly fits that.

Mélanie Joly, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. Photo c/o Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press

I’ll leave it there. By the time 2023’s Aries ingress arrives, the influence of this chart will have waned. However, it picks up and extends some of the themes that the Capricorn ingress chart shows – namely a focus on the seventh and eighth houses of foreign affairs and foreign financial relations. As always, I’ll do a post about the Aries ingress next spring.

Until then, I hope all of my readers have a happy solstice! If you’re in the northern hemisphere, light a candle and take heart that we’re past the darkest point of the year. From now on, the light returns.

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