A Convoy in Capricorn: The Astrology of Canada’s Trucker Convoy 2022

A Convoy in Capricorn: The Astrology of Canada’s Trucker Convoy 2022

Like many people across Canada and the world, I have been eagerly following the story of the trucker convoy that is making its way across Canada in protest of COVID vaccine mandates and border restrictions.

I want to take some time to look at the astrology of the moment and how that’s hitting Canada’s natal chart. It’s a bit hard to pick an exact time for the transits, because truckers are coming from both west and east, and it’s an ongoing process where people will be arriving in Ottawa over a period of time over the next couple days. According to the convoy’s website, the first people will head to Ottawa on January 28 and most will be there by January 29.

So, I decided to use noon on January 29 as the transit chart, as that seems likely to be close to the culmination of the event. Here’s a bi-wheel showing Canada’s natal chart on the inside and the January 29 transits on the outside:

One glance at this chart and it’s extremely obvious as to why this event has blown up and is receiving widespread national and international attention: check out that stellium – a literal convoy of planets! – up in Capricorn, Canada’s 10th house. The 10th house is the most public, outward-facing part of Canada. It is our national reputation, our government, our Prime Minister and celebrities. It also represents the employment rate, which is certainly part of all of this.

With the arrival of all those planets in Capricorn, there’s a huge amount of competing energies and forces affecting our national reputation. This convoy is in direct response to the government’s mandates and they are seeking an audience with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau directly.

The biggest celestial event of the day is Venus stationing direct at 11 Capricorn, after spending over a month retrograde. Venus began this retrograde cycle in close conjunction with Pluto, who stands at the end of this celestial convoy, brooding and dark and speaking of all the deep transformations our nation has been going through.

I wrote about Venus’ retrograde journey through Capricorn as an underworld journey, so allow me to be a bit douchey and quote myself:

“The day of Venus’ direct station is quite an intense day for space weather … 2022 begins with a lot of very heavy Capricorn energy. This recalls the Capricorn Singularity (as I like to call it) that Pluto has been opening up there since 2008. It reminds us of the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which happened at 22 Capricorn on January 12, 2002 – a degree that Venus will pass over three times throughout her retrograde cycle.

Capricorn represents the various structures of our world – government, financial, military. Upon Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn in 2008-09, we got the global financial crisis and ensuing recession, the invention of Bitcoin, the swine flu pandemic, and the escalation of the War in Afghanistan.

Now that Pluto is traversing the last few degrees of Capricorn, we see how these themes are being repeated and intensified: the 2020 stock market crash followed by runaway inflation, the surge in price and popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the COVID-19 pandemic and the end of the War in Afghanistan with the fall of Kabul.

Though the first two months of 2022, Venus explores these themes for herself. She cannot stop Pluto’s merciless transformations of these areas; instead she bears witness. Fused with the alchemical Plutonian energy, as Venus journeys through this part of the zodiac she plants seeds that will manifest much later. The Venusian areas of life – relationships, art, entertainment, children – will grow into a testament of this period in history.”

Add this trucker convoy to the list of Pluto in Capricorn themes! This is one for the history books, and not something that will be soon forgotten. It may well become embedded in Canada’s cultural mythos. I don’t know that we’ll get any new national celebrities out of this, as this is a grassroots movement and there isn’t really one single face of it. But hopefully we won’t forget this anytime soon. 

Venus stationing direct on this day is a good thing. The degree of her station (11 Capricorn) is only three degrees away from Canada’s Midheaven, which definitely means this will ripple throughout the nation and be very public. I see Venus turning direct as a better chance for productive relationships and peaceful negotiations.

Protesters and supporters against a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers cheer as a parade of trucks and vehicles pass through Kakabeka Falls outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario, on Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2022. (David Jackson/The Canadian Press via AP)

The part of the chart that worries me the most is that Mars-Moon conjunction right at the very top, around 3 degrees of Capricorn. In any chart where Mars is at the top, there’s a heightened sense of outward, visible conflict. Mars-Moon conjunctions are a classic signification of conflicted, tense emotions. No doubt a lot of emotions will be running very high this day.

In mundane astrology, Mars represents conflict, fire, soldiers/military, and strikes, while the Moon represents the common people, public matters and public attention, and crowds. Again, all very literal – we have a very public situation involving a crowd of people who are there to protest martial mandates, the entire nation is focused on it, and there’s a heightened chance for conflict and violence. Undoubtedly the police will be mobilized, and I expect the army may be called in as well.

Unfortunately, this is not a great transit as it means there is a very real chance for the day to turn violent, or at the very least for there to be arson or other fiery outbursts.

As the Moon travels through the early degrees of Capricorn this day, it will get closer to Venus (exact conjunction with Venus is around 8pm) and therefore closer to the issues of fairness, judgment and personal relationships. This is good, as it means emotions should start to even out a bit, and I think the chance for violence will start to dissipate. Or if the situation does get ugly, it should be resolved quickly at least.

The Freedom Convoy 2022 to Ottawa drives on the Trans-Canada Highway near Headingley, Manitoba on January 25, 2022 (CTV News Photo)

Retrograde Mercury is exactly conjunct Pluto at 26 Capricorn on this day too. A giant convoy of trucks stretching for kilometres down the highway and causing huge traffic delays for days: can you think of a more literal manifestation of Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto in Capricorn? Seriously, this is an example I will be using for the rest of my life. It’s just so *chef’s kiss* perfect.

I wrote about 2022’s Mercury retrograde cycles already. As I noted in that piece, because the retrograde cycles begin in air signs and then move back to earth signs, they will be less cerebral and involve more materiality, including more headaches associated with travel. That sure proved immediately true with this first retrograde cycle! The conjunction with Pluto is also undoubtedly amping up the intensity of this particular Mercury retrograde, too.

I also noted that this first Mercury retrograde of 2022 will deliver some (potentially misleading or confusing) news about the themes of the ongoing Saturn-Uranus squares, like ongoing labour disputes, travel restrictions, lockdowns and lockdown protests. Yep, that’s sure coming true with this event!

Supporters of the Freedom Convoy 2022 to Ottawa line up along the Trans-Canada Highway near Headingley, Manitoba on January 25, 2022 (CTV News Photo)

Now that we’ve looked at the Capricorn stellium in Canada’s 10th house, which shows a huge amount of various energies concentrated on Canada’s national reputation, government and leader, let’s look at how this ties to the rest of Canada’s chart.

  • Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is at 17 Scorpio in Canada’s 8th house of foreign financial relations – i.e. cross-border trade, the heart of this protest.

  • Transit Saturn is at 15 Aquarius, conjunct transit Sun at 9 Aquarius, in Canada’s 11th house of legislation and parliament. This convoy is a direct reaction to legislation passed by parliament, so it shows the Saturnian restrictions/rules being directly related to Canada’s leader (Sun). As well, this Saturn-Sun conjunction is square Canada’s natal Saturn in the 8th, showing conflict between the PM’s legislative rules and our foreign financial relationships (cross border shipping).

  • Canada’s natal Mars is at 5 Virgo in the 6th, casting a supportive trine to the Capricorn transits. The sixth house rules sickness, epidemics, public health, the military, and workers – so again all very literal, as we have a group of workers protesting public health measures enacted due to a pandemic, which has had military involvement and is receiving widespread public attention.

  • Canada’s natal Pluto is at 15 Taurus in the 2nd house, pulling in themes of money and finance. With transit Uranus in Taurus that adds some unpredictability and revolutionary drive in the realm of Canada’s finances; in the context of the trucker convoy, consider the fact that they’ve raised almost $6 million dollars in donations at the time of writing. How’s that for some Uranian accounting?

  • Canada has natal Uranus and Sun exactly conjunct its IC at 8 Cancer in the fourth house, which is opposite the Capricorn stellium transits. The 4th house is the land itself, crops, people and democracy. Uranus is revolution, the free-market, anarchy and individualism, and the Sun is the leader/Prime Minister and national champions. So we have our natal revolutionary impulse related to our land (borders) and crops (the goods we ship) and our people, which are tied to revolution and individualism, directly opposing all the Capricorn forces involved in our government and national reputation.

  • Canada is about to have a Jupiter return – that goes exact on February 2. I wrote about this previously, and thought that it might signal another development in the discovery of unmarked graves at residential schools that happened in 2021, when Jupiter had gone into Pisces the first time. That may still happen, but this also marks a time of national inquests and involvements of the judicial system, so that might tie into this trucker convoy as it’s putting a lot of pressure on our legislation. It might also herald the start of legal suits that are being brought against the government over vaccine mandates and similar measures; this convoy might be the loud, distracting public face of an inquest that will mostly occur behind the scenes.
Supporters of the Freedom Convoy 2022 to Ottawa line up along the Trans-Canada Highway near Headingley, Manitoba on January 25, 2022 (CTV News Photo)

There’s always so much to say! But I’m going to end this here, so that I can get this posted sooner rather than later.

In summation: this is a historic moment for Canada. It is busting through the stereotype of the polite, reserved Canadian – with all those planets in our 10th house, we have been thrust forward on the world stage, and the face of this movement is a group of long-haul truckers. For better or worse, all eyes are on us, and things will reach a crescendo as the Moon moves through Capricorn over the next couple of days.

When the Moon reaches that MercuryRx-Pluto conjunction on the evening of January 30, we will get some news about the results of this endeavour. By the time the Moon ingresses Aquarius early in the morning on January 31, the convoy will have started to disperse. The New Moon occurs late on January 31, and as this represents a union of the people (Moon) and the Prime Minister (Sun), perhaps this will be when Trudeau meets with the leaders of the convoy. Or, maybe this will be when Trudeau posts a response to these events. Either way, it will be a moment of moving on and the start of something new.

When the Moon conjoins Saturn in Aquarius on February 1, I think we’ll get a message from the government providing a final decree on the border restrictions. I don’t know what that will be, but to be honest I think they will probably double down on them. Saturn-Moon conjunctions are tough, as Saturn seeks to impose control and rules over the emotional, unstable Moon. However, this is occurring in the 11th house of legislation, so maybe we will see some changes in this area.

Exciting times, Canada. May everyone be peaceful and respectful, and may we listen to and honour alternate points of view.

12 thoughts on “A Convoy in Capricorn: The Astrology of Canada’s Trucker Convoy 2022”

  • Evening of Feb 2 and convoy is still there – so nothing’s happened yet. Looking at the transits of Feb 4th (8am), T. Moon will start off the day squaring the nation’s Moon in 3rdH creating quite a bit of emotional tension where communications are concerned. T. Sun-Sat @ 15Aqu will square Nation’s Pluto exactly well into mid-afternoon applying pressure to the nation’s power structure – a lot of push & pull, both sides digging in their heels (all planets in fixed signs) in this ongoing power struggle but Saturn here is saying “OK, enough of this nonsense – time to get serious and restructure your mandates, rules, etc! Get rid of the old paradigms that aren’t working and create new ones that do”. T. Saturn is almost disciplining the PM to “grow up and take responsibility for his country”. As if that’s not enough of a kick in the pants, T. Mars joins the party. It will exactly conj. the MC and opp the nation’s Sun-Ura conj in 4thH pushing the PM to take action and DO SOMETHING NOW. T. Mars opp Ura can really rile things up and could potentially be explosive forcing change and coming from the 10thH, it’s going to be very visible publicly and not something Trudeau can run away from unnoticed like he’s done up to now. By late afternoon, T. Moon will trine Nation’s Merc so that could lead to more harmonious negotiations or discussions or at least tempering emotions with rational/logical thinking. I don’t know whether Feb 4th will be the definitive day where things are resolved, but *something* is going to happen that day that will shaking and stirring things up. Just my opinion.

    • Hi Margaret – thanks for sharing! I think you’ve done a great summary of the transits in the next couple days. I did think Trudeau would issue some sort of official statement by now which he has not done, aside from his comments on social media which doubled down on his position and did not at all address the reason why this protest formed in the first place. Though, this does fit with the Sun-Saturn conjunction in the 11H.

      I agree that when Mars hits Canada’s natal MC and opposes its IC-Uranus in a couple days, things could get very heated. Explosive, even. Prayers for peace all around.

      • Well, Trudeau has a natal Sun-Pluto square and the orb is pretty tight. He’s a control freak who will stop at nothing to achieve his egomaniacal goals at the risk of destroying himself in the process (which he’s doing a good job of). Hence the power struggles and his refusal to cooperate (it’s my way or the highway). Unfortunately, this could also be his final undoing unless he grows up and learns that dictatorship is not the way to go. He has a Chiron return right now which is giving him a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to apply all the wisdom he’s acquired through life’s experiences and achieve something great. If he allows his arrogance to get in the way however and continues pushing his agenda, he’s going to be hammered in 2023 when T. Sat squares his natal Sat. We’ll see what happens.

  • Almost forgot…. T. Jup is trining the Nation’s Sun-Ura conj encouraging the PM to “do the right thing”. Jupiter also represents legal affairs which would make sense in this case.

  • Thank you for this article. Just to point out that most COVID 19 mandates are provincial, including vaccines and masks, and vaccine passports. The federal government has jurisdiction over the international travel and crossing the American border. But even then, if Trudeau backed down, it wouldn’t matter as the Americans have implemented a vaccine mandate for Canadians entering the U.S. 95% of cross border Canadian truckers are fully vaccinated, 80% of Canadians are fully vaccinated, so it really is only a fringe group of malcontents and foreign interference backing this to destabilize our government. People are being duped as to the real, hidden agenda which I think has to do with Neptune’s ongoing influence until March 2023.

    • Thanks for reading. I think most people are aware of difference between federal and provincial jurisdiction, but I disagree that it is “only a fringe group of malcontents and foreign interference backing this to destabilize our government.” There’s no denying the impact of having several hundred thousand people gathered in Ottawa, calling for freedom and an end to the restrictions. In fact, I’d argue that this was the perfect way to protest provincial government policies as well as federal ones, because all eyes have been on Ottawa this past week. The convoy protest inspired similar protests across the country, including the border standoff in Coutts, Alberta. At the time of writing this, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba have stated that they are going to start lifting restrictions sooner rather than later. I’m aware the Alberta government denied that the Coutts protest had anything to do with that, but do you really think these protests had no impact on the government officials? “Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.”

      In terms of people “being duped as to the real, hidden agenda” and the relationship to Neptune – Canada definitely has Neptune problems, as I’ve written about in the past. With Neptune right on our Ascendant (and on the Ascendant of both Alberta and Saskatchewan, for that matter), Canadians have always had a problem with truth and illusion. I would encourage you, and everyone, to expand the sources from which you get news. Your comments read like something straight from the CBC, so I am curious if you read alternative news sources, including those with which you disagree.

      • I disagree with your interpretation of events. I don’t even watch or read CBC news. I don’t watch news on TV. I search out my own sources, including foreign ones. All news sources are biased as are all individuals. I was even reading alt right sources like Rebel News but that is such a toxic news source filled with propaganda and is surrounded by very negative energy. I am an empath so I easily tune into energies. On another level, we have two diametrically opposing value systems, collectivist vs. individualist. The prendulum may swing back toward the individualist for a short period but on a societal and meta level, humanity is moving toward a more collectivist way of being.

  • So now that Feb 4th has passed and technically we’re still at a standstill, I wanted to add a few observations. I wonder if Jupiter’s influence in the transit had anything to do with the GoFundMe campaign being turned around due to legal implications/intervention. Of course that would be more relevant had the Jup transit affected the horary chart of the convoy itself..

    As for the added pressure I pointed out earlier, Saskatchewan has lifted vaccine mandates 2 days ago. More and more countries are lifting all Covid restrictions (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France among others) and that’s all thanks to the pressure our Freedom Convoy is creating worldwide… so while it may not be affecting Canada directly YET, I think the movement is making waves. Australia and NZ are starting their own convoy, so is Bolivia, Netherlands and USA. Could that potentially be T. Mars on Canada’s MC? Certainly does bring this protest and its goals to “public view”.

    As for comments from others about the Neptune deception… That country’s natal Neptune (and ASC) are inconj. natal Saturn which means that the country is constantly adjusting to whatever rules, laws and “systems” are dictating it (to its own detriment) thereby appearing weak to the outside world (Nep on ASC). However despite T. Sat’s forming a t-square to the country’s Plu-Sat opp, it is also sxt the ASC which (I think) is bringing newfound respect from the outside world about Canadians. There are hundreds of comments in the YouTube videos from other countries saying how impressed and proud they are that our polite country is taking a stand and fighting for freedom. We are gaining respect worldwide and maybe finally being taken seriously. That’s Saturn’s influence.

    T. Sat sxt the country’s Nep/ASC is also about Canadians waking up and taking tangible steps to bring their ideals and collective dreams into fruition by taking a stand. Is the country finally taking on the challenge and learning to fight for what it deserves? (Aries rising)

    From mid May onwards, T. Ura will conj Pluto and shortly afterwards opp Saturn (ruler of 10thH) which may represent a collapse of power structures (ie. the gov’t) and the PM. The nation’s natal Sat is in Sco opp Plu showing long-standing corruption that needs to be dealt with. T. Ura will Rx and go over these planets a few more times in 2023 so this will happen in phases. But Uranus leaves nothing in its wake… whatever it destroys it destroys because change is overdue.

    Also, T. Nep will conj. Kronos (transneptunian) which represents “people in authority, in high places” and that could be the dissolution of the authoritarian regime and the PM himself but with Nep involved, we could be seeing lots of “cover stories” instead of the truth.

    Sorry for the long post!

    Interesting times to say the least…

    • Thanks again for your astro-interpretation! I’m not sure if I think the Jupiter return had an influence on the convoy’s GoFundMe issue. Jupiter is benevolent and it’s also in Canada’s natal 12H so it’s more connected to hidden things and bringing them to light and justice. I see this more connected to the ongoing inquests into the residential schools and atrocities committed against Indigenous people, and actually there are some legal proceedings getting started related to the Indian hospitals which I just heard about. I’ll have to do a post about that as I’ve written about these subjects before. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is going to be very interesting.

      • Yes, indeed – that Jup-Nep conj. is one to watch but I would definitely keep a close eye on T. Ura conj Plu and opp Sat as that has the potential to shake things up. Of course, clarity is always strongest in retrospect isn’t it.

        Thanks for letting me share my insights. I will keep sending positive energy to all.

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