Media Appearances

This is a list of podcasts and other venues on which I’ve appeared. Go check them out and do all the usual things – like, share, subscribe and donate!

Nightbird Radio
Episode #38

The astrology of early 2023 has been action-packed, so Mel returned to Nightbird Radio to review the astrological transits we’ve seen so far in 2023. We talk about: Saturn in Pisces, Pluto in Aquarius, the end of Mars in Gemini, The Age of Air, my 2023 bingo card and more! Great fun, as always.

Nightbird Radio
Episode #27

Wondering what the astrology of 2023 will bring? Listen to this great episode of Nightbird Radio in which I discuss the major transits of 2023 along with fellow astrologer Jack Steiger. We talked about all the big shifts in 2023, including Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius, Saturn’s ingress into Pisces, the end of the current Mars Retrograde cycle, the Nodes/eclipse cycle shifting into the Aries-Libra axis, and more.

Nightbird Radio
Episode #19

On this episode I chatted with Tim about the fall 2022 eclipses and current geopolitics, as well as eclipse mythology and remediation. I also gave some of my preliminary thoughts on the astrology of 2023. We spent a long time talking about how to navigate the times ahead, things to do (and not do) to prepare yourself;  becoming a good ancestor; facing death; and becoming immortal.

Nightbird Radio
Episode #14

On my first apperance on Tim Sailor’s wonderfully haunted podcast, we had a great time chatting about my magical journey. We talked about my ongoing relationship with the planets and my astro-devotional practice; experiments in kitchen witchery like making magical chickpeas from the Picatrix; the current astrological transits including 2022’s fiery Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction in Taurus; and some of my best spooky spirit encounter stories – like the one who peeked into my tent at Áísínai’pi, and that creepy thing in the Hawaiian lava tube.

Fashion Magazine
“I’m Honouring My Emotions This Cancer Season”

I was interviewed by Fashion about Cancer season and why you might feel a little emotionally vulnerable during this time. I did my best to maintain astrological integrity with the quotes I supplied but…well, it’s a fashion magazine, ya know? I did my best.

A Tale of Two Weeklies
Episode 4: Dramatown

Want to hear about all the clown vaginas that I’ve seen over the years of reviewing Fringe theatre shows? This is the episode for you! This is the fourth installment in a fantastic podcast series on Edmonton’s former alt-weekly newspapers, SEE Magazine and Vue Weekly. I wrote for both papers and they were absolutely foundational for my writing career. I wouldn’t be who I am today without these weeklies.

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