Join the Edmonton Astrological Society!

Join the Edmonton Astrological Society!

I meant to share this in the newsletter I emailed out earlier today (click here to subscribe to my list). But I definitely forgot to do that, so I’m sharing it here!

I serve on the executive board of the Edmonton Astrological Society (EAS). I manage their website and e-newsletter. We are doing our annual membership drive right now, so I wanted to share this with my readers as I know I’ve got a lot of local Edmontonians and Albertans who follow me.

The EAS is a great place to learn about astrology and you don’t need to be in Edmonton to join, either. We’ve decided to keep all our monthly meetings online via Zoom indefinitely. We do have occasional lectures on Edmonton-specific topics – in fact, I’m presenting on Edmonton’s natal chart next month (click this link for details and to register). But most of the EAS meetings are not Edmonton-specific.

Membership in the EAS only costs $40 for the whole year. This gets you attendance at all monthly meetings and a bunch of other stuff. We’ve got some great lectures booked for 2023 already and I’ll be posting those details on the EAS site soon. Some of the lecturers include Melanie Joy, Sam Reynolds, Kathryn Silverton and Lesley Francis.

I’d love to see some of my blog readers at our EAS meetings. They are a great way to learn about astrology from your peers and explore topics you might not pursue on your own. 

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