The Astrology of Canada’s Trucker Convoy, part two

The Astrology of Canada’s Trucker Convoy, part two

I want to take another look at the astrological transits in the context of the trucker convoy that’s currently still in Ottawa, because in my first post about it, I only looked at the transits up to February 1. (Here’s the link to that post if you haven’t read it yet.)

It has become clear that this situation is not going to be resolved quickly. While there are fewer people on Parliament Hill now as compared to the huge crowd that showed up last weekend, there is still a dedicated crew of truckers and protestors who have made it clear they are not going to pack up and leave until there’s some resolution to the situation they came here to protest.

It is also clear that this movement quickly became about so much more than just vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers. Given the sheer number of people – of all ages and races – who showed up to protest in Ottawa this weekend, there’s clearly a huge amount of support for an end to the various rules, mandates and restrictions that we’ve all been dealing with for the last two years. “This is about freedom,” was a sentiment I heard expressed many times in livestream coverage of the event.

Plus, Prime Minister Trudeau ran away and is refusing to even acknowledge the truckers, let alone negotiate with them, aside from doubling down on his messaging that this is a group of extremist, racist and hateful people. The mainstream media has been supporting this image of the event, predictably (and infuriatingly).

Ove the last few days, I’ve spent a lot of time watching livestream coverage of people on the ground in Ottawa, and the vast majority of people there are peaceful, positive and unified. Do not believe everything – or, honestly, most things – that you read or see in the legacy media. There are enough people armed with smart phones and YouTube accounts that you can get a good idea what it’s like at the actual event.

A protester stands in front of vehicles parked in the downtown core, Thursday, Feb. 3, 2022 in Ottawa. (Adrian Wyld /The Canadian Press via AP)

Now let’s get to the astrology! I reviewed what I wrote in my first post, and initially I did believe that things would start dissipating around the time of the New Moon on February 1. Well, obviously that didn’t happen, although things definitely did shift from a huge protest to a sustained siege.

I had also hoped that with Venus stationing direct, this should give a better chance for productive relationships and peaceful negotiations. I do think that Venus’ station is part of why the protest remained overwhelmingly peaceful, which is a blessing. However, there haven’t been any negotiations yet as Trudeau refuses to acknowledge or meet with the protest leaders.

I was most concerned about the Mars-Moon conjunction but it’s clear that this signified the heightened emotions around the rally, some of which were really quite positive, hopeful and cathartic.

Let’s look at the current and upcoming transits. There isn’t really an exact date and time to use for the transits in the next little while in terms of events happening at the convoy, as this is clearly going to be a long-term event. So, here’s a biwheel with Canada’s natal chart and the current transits at the time I started writing this:

As you can see, Mars is still right at the top of the chart, and is exactly on Canada’s Midheaven opposite Canada’s natal Sun-Uranus-IC. This went exact yesterday, and will remain in effect for another few days. I was worried that this might signal outward conflict, violent outbursts, or military action.

There has been a ramping up of conflict over the last few days. There has been a big outcry amongst the Ottawa citizens about how the convoy has made the city into a “living hell” and calls for the police to do something about it. I watched a live briefing with Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly a few days ago, in which he stated that he doesn’t think there is a “policing solution” to the situation. He also suggested maybe the military could be called, a message that the legacy media quickly pounced on and spread everywhere. Top quality clickbait!

Well, the Canadian military doesn’t want anything to do with the situation either. A spokesperson for Canada’s defence minister said “The Canadian Armed Forces are not involved in law enforcement in this situation, and there are no plans for such CAF involvement.” Prime Minister Trudeau also said that military involvement is “not in the cards right now.” 

So, this is one of the best possible ways that Mars on Canada’s Midheaven could play out, and I think this is in large part due to the fact that Mars is exalted in Capricorn – so he’s operating in his best possible way. The spotlight was shone on the military, they abstained, and as Mars passes over the Midheaven and conjoins Venus to travel together with her for the next few weeks, we have a real chance at productive, albeit fraught, negotiations.

An RCMP officer talks with an anti-COVID-19 vaccine mandate demonstrator at road block on the highway in Milk River, Alta., Thursday, Feb. 3, 2022. (Jeff McIntosh /The Canadian Press via AP)

Going back to Canada’s transit chart. Mercury just stationed direct (yay!) which is also really good for improving communications between the different parties involved. Given how close it still is to Pluto, these are likely to be intense communications – but maybe now the messaging around the convoy will be a little more consistent.

One of the big developments that just occurred with the freedom convoy was GoFundMe freezing, and the cancelling the convoy’s donation campaign. The convoy had raised over $10 million by that point. Aside from the initial $1 million that was released to the convoy, the remaining $9 million will be refunded back to the donors.

I see Mercury’s direct station as a signification of this development: Mercury is linked with money and the direct station is always a big exclamation point; in this case it marks a “straightening out” of the financial aspect of this convoy. Some may call this a win; others my call it a travesty. Regardless, the close proximity to Pluto explains the magnitude of this development.

The convoy pivoted to Christian donation site GiveSendGo and will continue to raise funds there. Here’s the link to the new convoy donation page, though please note that at the time of writing, GiveSendGo’s site was experiencing delays due to a massive amount of internet traffic.

Once Mercury gets into Aquarius and out of the retrograde shadow period, the financial parts of the convoy may be further straightened out. However, I’m expecting there could be some further financial or communication snags when Mercury conjoins Saturn on March 2. That’s right at the next New Moon too, which is conjunct Jupiter (a very lovely boost!), but Venus and Mars are also tightly conjunct Pluto at the same time. More on this below.

One last thing to note about Mercury. As I wrote in my 2022 Mercury forecast, the degree at which Mercury just stationed direct – 24 Capricorn – is is a key degree in 2022, because it’s the exact degree where Mercury will station retrograde (exactly conjunct Venus too) at his fourth and final retrograde of the year on December 29, 2022. I advised people to make note of what was happening around now, as these same themes are likely to crop up again at the end of the year.

So, we had a massive trucker convoy and sustained occupation of Ottawa, GoFundMe cancelling the convoy campaign, solidarity protests across the country and the globe, and provinces starting to roll back pandemic restrictions. Expect something different, but similar, at the end of the year.

Demonstrators rally against provincial and federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates and in support of Ottawa protestors, Friday, Feb. 4, 2022, outside the Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg, Manitoba. (John Woods/The Canadian Press via AP)

There’s an exact conjunction between the Sun and Saturn in Aquarius right now, Canada’s eleventh house of legislation. Federal legislation was at the heart of this trucker convoy, so that certainly fits. The Saturn-Sun conjunction is also exactly square Canada’s natal Pluto in the second house. The Sun is Prime Minister Trudeau and Saturn is all the restrictive legislations that the government has enacted due to the pandemic; Pluto is the transformative intensity these restrictions – and the protests against them – are manifesting as.

This is a moment where these issues will weigh the heaviest upon Trudeau. To be honest, I think he will double down on them yet again. Saturn rules both Aquarius and Capricorn, so that suggests the restrictions will prevail. Natally, Canada has Saturn in the eighth house of death, as well as foreign financial relations; ruled by Mars in our sixth house of epidemics, workers, and public health. Again, all related to the current pandemic situation and supporting the idea that Canada would have an outsized reaction to it, given our natal Mars and Saturn placements in the sixth and eighth houses.

As the Sun moves through Aquarius and away from Saturn, perhaps that will see a lessening of Trudeau’s adherence to the Saturnian restrictions. When the Sun enters Pisces on February 18 – putting it in the same sign as Canada’s natal Jupiter as well as transit Jupiter, perhaps that’s when Trudeau is willing to finally look into the dark corners that he has been unwilling to face so far.

Going back to Mars and Venus, who will stroll across Capricorn together for the next few weeks. That dynamic is going to get intensified dramatically around March 2 and 3, when Mars and Venus exactly conjoin Pluto. Mercury is also tightly conjunct Saturn at this time. It looks like another outbreak of conflict, attempts at diplomacy, and/or messages about restrictive legislation. This is also the New Moon in Pisces, close to Canada’s natal Jupiter in the 12th house as well as transit Jupiter; Neptune is there too. This looks like a shift for Trudeau, and hopefully a softening due to the influence of Jupiter.

Protesters participating in a cross-country truck convoy gather near Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022. Thousands of protesters descended on Canada’s capital of Ottawa in frigid temperatures to protest vaccine mandates, masks and restrictions over the weekend and some remain, blocking traffic around Parliament Hill in what has been the biggest pandemic protest in the country to date. (Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press via AP)

To sum all of this up: I think we’ll see Trudeau continue to avoid engaging with the protestors directly for some time. Maybe when the Sun goes into Pisces around February 18, he’ll have a change of heart. I also see a big shift happening when Mars and Venus enter Aquarius (practically simultaneously) on March 6.

At this point, only Pluto will be left in Capricorn. And the Capricorn stellium was one of the biggest significations of the convoy itself. In early March we shift to a stellium in Aquarius, so that shifts the focus from Canada’s public reputation, government and Prime Minister to issues of legislation and local councils.

So, as Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn move across Aquarius from now until mid-April (leaving only Saturn in Aquarius after April 16), the discussions and debates about COVID restrictions will occur at all levels of government.  

We’ve already seen that the freedom convoy sparked solidarity protests across the country (particularly in Alberta), and the world. So even though the original purpose of the convoy – to have the federal government end vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers – was fairly narrow, it has clearly turned into a much broader movement. People have joined it to protest all pandemic restrictions enacted at all levels of government.

So, while the federal government can only change federal legislation (including vaccine mandates for truckers and air travel), this convoy is sparking leaders at all levels of government to re-examine their own restrictions. The premiers of Alberta and Saskatchewan have said they will end some COVID restrictions very soon. This trend will continue for the next few months, which raises issues of jurisdiction. For example, while Alberta is planning to axe the vaccine passport system next week, Edmonton’s mayor Amarjeet Sohi has indicated he wants the City to keep restrictions like vaccine passports and mask mandates. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, given that he’s a former Trudeau cabinet minister.

Side note: Alberta and Saskatchewan are time twins as both provinces were created at the exact same time, midnight on September 1, 1905, so their natal charts are virtually identical. It’s not surprising that they are very often aligned and respond similarly to events, which has been true throughout the pandemic.

Supporters wave flags on an overpass in Kanata, Ontario, Canada,, as a trucker convoy making it’s way to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to participate in a cross-country truck convoy passes by on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022. (Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press via AP)

So, that’s what I’m seeing in the space weather over the next few weeks. I don’t see a clear end to this indicated at any one point. Instead, it’s going to be a long process. Attention will start shifting away from Canada on the international stage, likely as other current events occur. The debates and discussions and protests will continue in Canada; but soon we won’t have the heightened visibility of this current moment.

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  • Did you look at the chart from the last enactement of the Emergency Measures Act (formery Wars Measures Act: 16 Oct, 1970). Juxtaposing the two chart, I see what looks like a Chiron return. Possibility to be a root cause of all this, if so what could this mean for the unfolding of events? (New amateur astrologer here :))

      • Looking forward to see what you have to say. I have been glued to my television, and laptop cross checking a bunch of different things. I cannot believe we are using our own country as a case study for this. Thanks for all you do!

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