Now Offering Astrological Rectification Services

Now Offering Astrological Rectification Services

Rectification is the art of confirming an exact birth time. Having an exact time is critical for accurate astrology readings, especially predictive forecasts. Unfortunately, unknown or inaccurate birth times are very common. Many places in the world – including Canada – don’t record birth times at all. In other places, especially in the past, birth times were commonly rounded off.

I am now offering rectification services to help you identify an exact birth time based on your major life events. The cost of this service depends on the time range involved in the search. Longer searches require exponentially more work, so that’s why they are more expensive.

I offer four pricing tiers depending on the range of the search:

  • Up to 3-hour search range = $100
  • Up to 6-hour search range = $150
  • Up to 12-hour search range = $200
  • 24-hour search range = $250

This cost of this service gets you the following:

  • Rectified birth time
  • Written explanation of my process and rationale for choosing that time
  • Copy of rectified birth chart
  • Zoom call to review the rectified chart to double check that it matches your personality and life experience

If you book a rectification with me, I will give you a discount on future consultations.

To book a rectification, use the booking tool on my consultations page here.

Before you book a rectification with me – especially if you have no idea what time you were born – please read this blog post, where I give some tips for research you should do to try to get some kind of clue about your birth time. If you can narrow down your birth time to within a shorter timeframe, it helps me immensely – and it’s cheaper!

If you have any questions, please email me at

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