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Happy New Year! 2022 Reflections and 2023 Astrology Preview

I accomplished a lot in 2022 – read this article for a recap of all my astrology work over the past year, as well as the link to a 2023 astrology forecast that I did with Nightbird Radio.

“Planting with the Planets” – read it now on Astro.com

My first story for The Mountain Astrologer was published earlier this year, in their Aries Nox 2022 issue. It’s called “Planting with the Planets: The Astrology of Biodynamic Farming” and it’s a deep dive into […]

Hello, my name is Mel and I study astrology

For the past several years I have been quietly studying astrology. My interest in the subject started back when I was a kid. I don’t remember exactly when I learned about astrology first, but it […]

Resuming life

I tried to write this post dozens of times over the last few months. The farthest I got was a couple of stream-of-consciousness notes on my phone, thumb-tapped out when the mood struck. Nothing complete […]