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Does Astrology Have a Scarcity Mindset Problem?

Does astrology have a scarcity mindset problem? Mel recently went on the Dragonstone Podcast to talk about this issue with fellow astrologers Mat Dragonstone and Zamboni Funk. We talked about finding astrology community and the dumpster fire that is astro Twitter, competing (or not) for clients, being threatened (or not) by AI, and our journeys as consulting astrologers.

Happy New Year! 2022 Reflections and 2023 Astrology Preview

I accomplished a lot in 2022 – read this article for a recap of all my astrology work over the past year, as well as the link to a 2023 astrology forecast that I did with Nightbird Radio.

“Planting with the Planets” – read it now on Astro.com

My first story for The Mountain Astrologer was published earlier this year, in their Aries Nox 2022 issue. It’s called “Planting with the Planets: The Astrology of Biodynamic Farming” and it’s a deep dive into […]

Hello, my name is Mel and I study astrology

For the past several years I have been quietly studying astrology. My interest in the subject started back when I was a kid. I don’t remember exactly when I learned about astrology first, but it […]

Resuming life

I tried to write this post dozens of times over the last few months. The farthest I got was a couple of stream-of-consciousness notes on my phone, thumb-tapped out when the mood struck. Nothing complete […]