Click on the links below to view some of my recent writing credits.

Planting with the Planets: The Astrology of Biodynamic Farming

The Mountain Astrologer; Aries Nox 2022

[re-published on April 13, 2022]

Edmonton’s Must-Try Signature Foods

Travel Alberta; April 12, 2021

A Bottle By Any Other Name

Edify; February 16, 2021

Intersections of Activism and Leadership

The Advocate; winter 2019
[PDF; story starts on pg. 20]

A Natural Fit: Social Workers in Constituency Offices

The Advocate; Spring 2018
[PDF; story starts on pg. 22]

Space Race

The Yards; March 1, 2018

South Edmonton’s surprising deer paradise

Taproot; September 8, 2016

Book of Canadian Wine

Blue Bike Books; September 30, 2009

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