Astrology Consultations

Welcome! My name is Mel and I’m an astrologer based in Edmonton, Alberta. I love helping people learn about their natal chart and how it connects all the dots of their life — relationships, career, family, money, your greatest strengths, your biggest challenges, what happened in the past and what’s coming up in the future.

I often say knowing is half the battle, because it really is! Know thyself: this is an ancient proverb that is as true today as it ever was. By becoming more conscious and aware of the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) patterns flowing through your life and the lives of those around you, you can build a richer, more meaningful and empowered life. It’s also deeply reassuring to see the ways that these patterns are built into us on a fundamental level. Rather than caging you into a predetermined fate, your natal chart shows you the beautiful ordering of the cosmos at the moment you came into the light, and the best ways that you can work in relation with the heavenly spheres.


“I had 2 readings with Mel, first a mini reading then followed with a year ahead reading. Mel is a very gifted astrologer who read to my level of understanding of astrology. She was able to answer my questions in a thorough and concise manner. When I had an accident shortly before my reading was to begin, Mel was able to accommodate me to cancel last minute and rebooked in an extremely timely fashion. Mel is a kind, compassionate and knowledgeable reader. When I am ready for another reading I will definitely be purchasing with her again.”
~ Beverly Smith

“Mel is wonderful. I can’t imagine a more thorough and comprehensive reading. She really does her homework! And I love how open and responsive she is to questions. I recommend her to all my friends!”

“I’ve been reading Mel’s blogs for over a couple years now and have found both her writing style and the way she approaches astrology to be very engaging with the world around us. I was pleased to see that same energy in her consultations as well. Mel is very knowledgeable and utilizes different techniques for reading charts. I found her consultation concise and honest, while not holding back on the negative aspects of the chart!”
~ Justin H

“I am so glad that I booked a natal chart consultation with Mel. As someone having their natal chart read for the first time, I felt affirmed by this deeply insightful reading. Mel spoke to timely events in my life in addition to illuminating patterns in my earlier personal experiences. Mel was prepared to answer all of my questions, provided me with many helpful resources, and held space with patience and thoughtfulness. I left our session with much to reflect on, and I hope to book with Mel again!”
~ Rebecca

“Mel’s approach to astrology is friendly to the most beginning-beginners and the well-studied. She gave categories, definitions, and descriptors as well as examples of how qualities/events might have manifested and suggestions for how to leverage linked aspects to overcome some of the challenges apparent to her astute eye. She gave so many pertinent suggestions for things I have been working on/working toward for quite some time. Additionally, she identified placements, explained what they might signify and asked if there were particularly relevant events related to the themes she described. She allowed me to explain and provided analogies to clarify, especially if I asked. For potentially volatile topics she didn’t press; rather, she allowed me to fill-in what I wanted to share which I sincerely appreciated. She rounded out the session with a few long-range transits to watch for and how those might show up for me.

Bonus points: I asked her to color-code my chart so I could see what ruled what and she did so on the fly!!! Her explanations of each key point resonated so incredibly, and her style of presenting information, as any of her regular blog readers will know, took (what I see as) complex information an digested it into easily-comprehensible parts. I am so grateful for her input!!

Pricing is WELL WORTH the value provided. This is information that has already positively affected how I approach my daily life. Tons to think about, SO MANY actionable suggestions for big and small areas of particular focus to me. This feels like the road map to a year’s worth of personal work which is exactly what I was looking for and more. 10/10 will book again!”
~ Teri

“I’m just thrilled to find Mel. In a single session she gave me eye-opening insights and perspectives on my chart as well as practical advice for further research. In another session she helped me pick the best date for a special event based on an impressive amount of preparation that she did for me. Mel is clear, insightful, and respectful. I’ll be back for more!”
~ Ken

“I really enjoyed our conversation about my chart. I could see how much preparation went into it as Mel had considered many different aspects of my chart and looked into specific concerns I had from my intake form. Clearly she loves to investigate, in depth, all the parts of the chart, and brought up many techniques to help with questions that were timely and made excellent sense.”
~ Coleen

“Mel is a brilliant astrologer who gives each consultation session her full attention and focus. Mel truly cares about illuminating your astrology and she prepares a detailed and expert-level analysis. She is an excellent communicator and also a great listener – very receptive and skilled with addressing questions or concerns. A very valuable and meaningful experience! Highly recommend!”
~ Melisine

“As a professional astrologer myself, I need to consult with other astrologers who are on point. Mel really helped me zero in on my own chart and validated the hunches I had surrounding my current transits, progressions and solar arc placements. Mel did not back down from the difficult aspects and she listened and conversed with great care. Those are the ingredients that make a real astrologer.”
~ Rebecca Wilder

“Mel was able to give me great advice on how to keep my chin up and navigate through difficult transits that I (and many others) are currently going through.  Not only did she give solutions, but she also highlighted periods of time and upcoming transits as better times to look forward to and something to hold out hope for. Mel was professional and kind, which is so needed when someone looks at your personal chart.”
~ Shannon

“Mel is an amazing choice if you’re looking to book an astrological reading, I highly recommend her! I had some questions about both my natal chart in general and a specific upcoming transit that is going to to hit my chart hard. She was great in the fluidity of going from a high level overview to a more specific analysis and had some great ideas for remediation.”
~ Meghan

“Mel walked me through my birth chart with a lot of patience and skill. While there were some surprises for me, I also found the whole experience very affirmative. Mel deftly wove her own reading of my chart with my personal life experiences. She gave me information about my chart that was both immediately applicable but also a lot of extra avenues to follow up on.” 
~ Stacey


So how does this work?

The day before your reading, I will send you a Zoom link. We will meet over Zoom on the date/time you selected using the booking tool above. 

What topics will be covered?

Whatever you like! Your natal chart contains information on all areas of your life, so anything is fair game. I’ll rely on you to provide some topics or questions on the intake form and at the start of our consultation, to help guide the conversation in a direction that’s most relevant to you. You are free to ask different questions throughout.

What can I expect in the consultation?

Astrology offers profound insight into your character and life circumstances, including things that you might prefer not to think about. Facing your most difficult thoughts, actions, beliefs and experiences can be uncomfortable, and you reserve the right to reveal as much or as little information as you want. Addressing your fears, anxieties and turmoil through the context of the natal chart can help you become conscious of limiting patterns and beliefs, and give you key insights to help integrate these parts of yourself in a more productive way.

Can you predict my future?

Astrology can offer surprisingly accurate information about things that might happen, but I will not make any definitive predictions about specific events. I will focus on your chart in the context of your current and past experience, to help you understand how you will respond to future events. 

What kind of astrology do you practice?

I practice a blend of traditional and modern astrology, with more emphasis on traditional. I mainly use Whole Sign Houses, though I do consider the chart in quadrant houses, too. I use traditional rulerships and all of the planets including Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Usually I do not use Chiron, asteroids or fixed stars, unless there’s something particularly poignant indicated by any of those.

What is your refund policy?

You can cancel your reading up to 24 hours ahead of the scheduled date/time and receive a full refund. If you are within 24 hours of your appointment, you can reschedule to another date/time with no extra charge. I do not offer refunds for no-shows.

I need more information.

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