Does Astrology Have a Scarcity Mindset Problem?

Does Astrology Have a Scarcity Mindset Problem?

Early in 2023, an astrologer named Sadalsuud published an excellent Substack article about the scarcity mindset problem that they experienced in the astrology community. It’s a great piece of writing with some very good points about the current state of astrology. I don’t necessarily agree with everything the author says, however I’ve certainly experienced similar issues exploring the astrology community online. These issues are part of why I’m not very active on social media, and certainly not on Twitter (or X, or whatever it’s called these days).

I was thrilled when friend and fellow astrologer, Mat Dragonstone, invited me and another astrologer, Zamboni Funk, on to his podcast to talk about the article and its thesis.

It was a fantastic conversation with lots of great perspectives and insights. We talked about finding astrology community and the dumpster fire that is astro Twitter, competing (or not) for clients, being threatened (or not) by AI, and each of our own journeys as consulting astrologers.

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