Meet Your Chronocrator: Navigating Annual Profections

Meet Your Chronocrator: Navigating Annual Profections

Annual profections are a simple yet powerful timing technique in traditional natal astrology. Profections are based on the premise that not all of your natal chart is equally active at the same time. Rather, each year of your life is ruled by a different chronocrator, or time-lord. Using this technique, you can identify the specific planets and houses that will be activated for any given year, and therefore learn which themes and events might manifest during that time period.

In this presentation, we’ll review the basics of annual profections and how to calculate them, as well as some of the history and variations of the technique. Then, we’ll apply annual profections to some sample charts to see the technique in action.

This is a recording of a webinar that was presented to the Tucson Astrologers’ Guild on September 9, 2023. You will receive a private link to view this presentation on YouTube.


Level: Beginner-Intermediate