“Planting with the Planets” – read it now on Astro.com

“Planting with the Planets” – read it now on Astro.com

My first story for The Mountain Astrologer was published earlier this year, in their Aries Nox 2022 issue. It’s called “Planting with the Planets: The Astrology of Biodynamic Farming” and it’s a deep dive into the astrology of biodynamics: the agricultural philosophy founded by Rudolf Steiner. I examine some of the main astrological principles of biodynamics, some background on Steiner and his theories, and some of the key astrological transits connected to the rise of biodynamics. (Spoiler alert: Uranus is closely linked.) It’s also an animist call to action, of sorts.

I first learned about biodynamics through wine writing. I knew that biodynamics involved astrological timing, but most/all stories about biodynamics only mention this vaguely, if at all. Given my lifelong interest in astrology, I always had this in the back of my mind to explore in more detail at some point.

Researching this article broke my brain a little bit (in a good way) because biodynamics does not use the tropical or sidereal zodiacs. Instead, biodynamic calendars use a constellation-based system. It’s super fascinating and I’ve been applying it to my own home garden, and I find it’s giving me a deeper way to connect and relate with both garden and sky spirits alike.

I was super happy when Astro.com asked to share the story on their website, as I would love more people to learn about this! If you do read it, I would love to hear any feedback.

Here is the link again.

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