Twins and Twelfth Parts

Twins and Twelfth Parts

Twin charts present a particularly fascinating challenge for astrologers. Being born only a few minutes apart means that twins have almost identical charts, so they require a bit of a different approach than standard natal delineations. Twelfth parts (also known as dwadasamsas/dwads or dodecatemoria) are a simple and surprisingly effective technique that yields useful results when applied to twin charts.

This presentation will discuss the basics of twelfth parts, their origins and history, and how to calculate them. Then, we’ll explore how twelfth parts yield meaningful insight into the nativities of some famous twins. You can use this technique for any natal chart, no need to be a twin!

This is a recording of a webinar presented to The Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) on July 16, 2023. You will receive a private link to view this presentation on YouTube.

1h 15m

Level: Beginner-Intermediate