Daytime Darkness: The Astrology of Eclipses

Daytime Darkness: The Astrology of Eclipses

“The hideous darkness agitated the hearts of men.” On August 2, 1133 CE, a solar eclipse plunged England into daytime darkness for over four minutes – and King Henry I left for Normandy, never to return. He died two years later. Chaos and civil war followed.

Eclipses are one of the most feared events in ancient astrology, and for good reason. Not only are they are one of the most dramatic visual astronomical events, they also often presage times of chaos, destruction and death. Yet they may also herald new life, for life and death flow into and from one another.

In this presentation, learn the astronomical basics of eclipses, how to spot them in an astrology chart, how to interpret them in both mundane and natal astrology, how to incorporate Saros cycles in your interpretations, and some remediation techniques for eclipse season. 

This is a recording of a lecture presented to the Atlantic Professional Astrologers’ Association on July 12, 2023. You will receive a private link to view this presentation on YouTube.

1h 06m

Level: Beginner