Month: November 2019

Performing the apocalypse with Mr. Burns

This week’s episode dives into myth-making, storytelling and oral history through the lens of a nuclear apocalypse – and The Simpsons. Mr. Burns: a post-electric play is currently running as part of Fringe Theatre’s off-season […]

Small town hospitality with Bed and Breakfast

This week I had a fun conversation with Mathew Hulshof and Chris Pereira, the two performers in Theatre Network’s production of Bed and Breakfast. This fast-paced, hilarious script is written by Canadian playwright Mark Crawford […]

Studying French with Madame Catherine

How does a script change when you translate it into another language? I find out the answer on this week’s show, where playwright Elena Eli Belyea gives us the lowdown on their show, Madame Catherine […]

Commercialized queens: a review of Citadel Theatre’s SIX

At the risk of being a complete party-pooper and raining on Edmonton’s current theatre parade, I have to say that SIX didn’t blow me away. There has been no shortage of hype for this show […]

Telling stories of healing with Three Ladies

This week, I spoke with Lady Vanessa Cardona: poet, performer, artist and community builder. Her show, Three Ladies, is opening Fringe Theatre’s off-season. In Three Ladies, Lady Vanessa weaves together monologue, ceremony, poetry, hip-hop and […]

Staging a true crime: a review of The Ballad of Peachtree Rose

NOTE: I decided to break this review into two parts: the first gives a spoiler-free overview of the show and the second discusses some very specific aspects of the story. If you haven’t seen the […]

Crime and stage management with The Ballad of Peachtree Rose

We don’t often get to hear from the perspective of stage managers when talking about theatre, so this week I spoke with Millie Winzinowich, the apprentice stage manager for Workshop West’s new show, The Ballad […]

Home invaders: Shadow Theatre’s The Roommate

Shadow Theatre’s season opener will have you thinking about your experiences with roommates, past or present. This two-hander, written by New York playwright Jen Silverman, features Coralie Cairns and Nadien Chu as a pair of […]