Studying French with Madame Catherine

Studying French with Madame Catherine

How does a script change when you translate it into another language? I find out the answer on this week’s show, where playwright Elena Eli Belyea gives us the lowdown on their show, Madame Catherine preparé sa classe de troisième a l’irrémédiable, which is running at L’Uni Théâtre November 20 to 23. They talk about the inspiration behind the script and the phenomenon of school shootings, what it’s like to have your work translated into French, how the meaning changes when a show is done in another language, and more great stuff.

I also talk about how SIX might not quite live up to all the hype, as well as the appointment of Heather Inglis as Workshop West’s new artistic producer and how it’s great that Edmonton is finally getting a bit more diversity in theatre leadership.

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