Month: October 2019

Bloody and bejeweled: a review of Baroness Bianka’s Bloodsongs

Despite the kooky premise, there’s a lot to find familiar in Baroness Bianka’s Bloodsongs. Sure, most of us probably aren’t blood-addicted nurses descended from Eastern European nobility who can sniff out your blood type from […]

Dancing the Alberta budget blues with Mile Zero Dance

Alberta’s new budget slashes funding for the arts and I went on a rant about it. Then I have a wonderful conversation with Gerry Morita, artistic director of Mile Zero Dance Society, about their upcoming […]

Canonizing the Orange Crush: Jason Chinn’s E Day

Well, here we are: the federal election has come and gone and there sure wasn’t a wave of NDP support this time around. Quite the contrary – Alberta painted itself blue, again, except for a […]

Democracy on stage at the Citadel’s Fight Night

I can’t think of a better show to see this election season than Fight Night, an odd theatrical experiment by Belgian theatre company Ontroerend Goed, part of the Citadel’s Highwire Series. (OK, except maybe E […]

All the middle-aged ladies put your hands up

This week is all about taking back the stage for the middle-aged ladies. First up is Kristin Johnston, who is starring in Northern Light Theatre’s season opener Baroness Bianka’s Bloodsongs. After that is Nancy McAlear, […]

Demagogues on display: a review of Studio Theatre’s Richard III

Studio Theatre’s gritty, urban production of Richard III feels uncomfortably familiar to audiences in 2019. Director Max Rubin – who is an MFA directing candidate with the University of Alberta – has reimagined Shakespeare’s history […]

Election edition with E Day and Richard III

Things get political this week with a pair of interviews that fit perfectly with the upcoming Canadian federal election. First is Dave Horak, who is directing Theatre Network’s first show of the season, E Day […]

Jumping on the Bollywood train with Taj Express

If you can manage to get tickets to tonight’s show of Taj Express, do it. Alberta Ballet’s season opener is only doing a couple shows in Edmonton – last night and tonight – before the […]

Telling ghost stories with Dead Centre of Town

October is here and we have some ghost stories to share! In this extended episode you’ll get to hear from the folks behind Dead Centre of Town (DCoT), Edmonton’s travelling, immersive theatre show that takes […]

Powerhouse vocals: a review of Citadel Theatre’s The Color Purple

I’m adding my own voice to the chorus of unabashed praise for the Citadel’s excellent production of The Color Purple. Truthfully, I don’t have much to add that hasn’t already been said by my fellow […]