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Farewell Wine Writing

This is my official goodbye to my 15-year wine writing career. May this post stand as an epitaph marking the end of this era and the beginning of what comes next.

Farewell, Ghost Light

Effective immediately, I’m no longer doing the Ghost Light podcast. I will still do theatre coverage on my blog, mainly reviews, and perhaps the occasional preview or interview. I might also write about non-theatre subjects […]

Media passes and the Edmonton Fringe

Should a written review be attached to every media comp at the Edmonton Fringe? The Globe and Mail just ran a very interesting story about a controversy that started at Edmonton’s Fringe Festival and continued […]

Coming soon to a blog near you: Edmonton theatre coverage!

I’m excited to announce that I’m going to start covering local theatre again! After this year’s Fringe, I realized that I really missed writing about Edmonton’s excellent theatre scene. I left Vue in 2016 and […]

Mel on I Don’t Get It podcast

If you’re looking for a great debrief on the recently concluded Edmonton Fringe, head over to the I Don’t Get It podcast. I joined a panel of my fellow Beer Tent Reviewers for a lively […]

A Fringe without stars (or reviews)

There was a brief period of time, right after I left Vue Weekly, when I thought maybe I wouldn’t review any more Fringe shows. That didn’t last long. I left Vue in July 2016; a […]

If I have to write another rosé wine article I’m going to scream

I’ve written about a dozen articles on rosé wine. For years it was one of the most dependable signs of spring. Forget robins or daffodils: when I found myself sitting down to write yet another […]

You look like a Tempranillo to me

I’m sure I’m not the only writer who looks back on their past work and shudders. Fortunately for me, everything I wrote as a fledgling writer has disappeared from the internet (along with everything else […]

Farewell, Vue Weekly

I have resigned from Vue Weekly. As of July 6, 2016 I will no longer be Dish/News Editor for the paper. This was a very difficult decision and not one I made lightly, as Vue […]

Journalism: Living in a Dying Industry

Ninety staff fired across the country, 35 of which were right here in Edmonton: in light of the most recent spate of Postmedia cuts at the end of January, how is the next generation of […]

Digging through the archives: Edmonton’s liquor history

A couple weeks ago I holed up in Edmonton’s municipal archives to see what I could dig up on the city’s booze history. It culminated in this week’s Vue Weekly cover: an annotated timeline of […]

Is Edmonton’s Wine Industry Lazy & Entitled? (Northern Lands Fest)

I knew it would piss off a lot of people. My most recent cover story in Vue was about the Northern Lands Canadian Wine Festival, which is a super exciting event happening this weekend and […]