Mel on I Don’t Get It podcast

Mel on I Don’t Get It podcast

If you’re looking for a great debrief on the recently concluded Edmonton Fringe, head over to the I Don’t Get It podcast. I joined a panel of my fellow Beer Tent Reviewers for a lively conversation about this year’s Fringe picks, reflections on reviews and star ratings, Sterling nomination predictions, and a deep dive on the two major Safer Space incidents – cancelling the Belke play and the Late Night Cabaret/Mike Delamont snafu.

It was a pretty wild Fringe (boy did they pick the theme right this year) and I was happy for a chance to voice my thoughts in greater detail than the snippets I threw out on Twitter. I really enjoyed the thoughtful conversation and the insightful perspectives from my fellow commentators. We covered a lot of different angles and there were some differences of opinion, but I think we all agreed that the Fringe has a lot of work to do on their Safer Space policy and that there really aren’t any simple, clear answers on anything.

Anyway, go give it a listen and let me know what you think.

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