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Breaking the Dragon: 2024 Astrology Update on Nightbird Radio

Mel is back on Nightbird Radio talking about the astrology of 2024 – what happened in the first part of the year and what’s to come in the second half and into 2025. We talked about the Neptune Event Horizon/Saturn-Neptune Conjunction, Mars Retrograde in Leo/Cancer, Eclipses, Pluto in Aquarius, and more.

Polite Instability: Canada’s 2024 Astrology Forecast

The 2024 astrology forecast of Canada reveals some major shifts for the country, including a possible federal election. Justin Trudeau’s days in office are numbered, and the people of Canada are facing epochal shifts.

The Astrology of Saturn in Pisces 2023

Saturn in Pisces is the hermit walking down the beach, retreating from the strong institutional structures of Capricorn and the rigid social rules of Aquarius. The tide begins to lap at his ankles. A yawning, labyrinthine staircase opens before him and he steps forward, spiralling forward and down into the deep.