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My Grandmother’s Cookbook, part one

A few years ago, my mother gave me some old cookbooks and recipe cards handed down from various women in our family tree: both of my grandmothers, my maternal great-grandmother, and my grandmother-in-law. At the […]

Recipe: golden rutabaga & parsnip soup with mushrooms & microgreens

This earthy soup could also be called “Early Spring at the Farmer’s Market.” It features two overlooked root vegetables that are among the last of the previous season’s veggies still available at market stalls in […]

Recipe: Extreme Green Soup

If you are low on vitamins or just need a quick hit of veggies (and seriously, who doesn’t), this is the soup for you. It’s totally unlike your average plain, boring vegetable soup: loaded with […]

Cocktail Recipe: Alberta Premium Rye Whisky Smash

It looks like any of those other cheap bottles of whisky commonly lurking within your uncle/dad/grandpa’s liquor cabinet. Until very recently I completely overlooked Alberta Premium, assuming it was no different from Canadian Club, Gibson’s, […]

Recipe: Faux-roccan Lamb & Chickpea Stew

A rock-hard tube of frozen ground lamb: not a common (or overly appealing) ingredient in my house; previously I’d only used it successfully in homemade ravioli. But a decent working knowledge of foreign cuisine is […]