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Food and drink pairings at the 2019 Edmonton Fringe

Finding the best food and drink pairings at the Fringe is a finely honed skill that I’ve developed over the past 12 years of spending way too much time on the Fringe grounds during marathon […]

Digging through the archives: Edmonton’s liquor history

A couple weeks ago I holed up in Edmonton’s municipal archives to see what I could dig up on the city’s booze history. It culminated in this week’s Vue Weekly cover: an annotated timeline of […]

Cocktail Recipe: Alberta Premium Rye Whisky Smash

It looks like any of those other cheap bottles of whisky commonly lurking within your uncle/dad/grandpa’s liquor cabinet. Until very recently I completely overlooked Alberta Premium, assuming it was no different from Canadian Club, Gibson’s, […]

Edmonton’s 2014 Food Year in Review & Predictions for 2015

You’ve seen enough annual year in review lists; here’s one more. I put together a collection of food trends over the past year, concentrated on local Edmonton stuff but with an eye to the greater […]

Wine Cocktails & Poor Man’s Sangria

This is almost a moot point, but as long as the warmth sticks around town it’s still appropriate to drink wine cocktails. Not that you can’t drink sangria or mimosas on the coldest winter day, […]