Gazing into the Crystal Glass: 2021 Wine Trends

Gazing into the Crystal Glass: 2021 Wine Trends

It’s probably a dumb idea to make predictions about anything these days (says the woman who’s studying astrology), but I gave it a shot in my latest piece for Edify. I took a look at the wine trends I think we might see in 2021, with a particular focus on things happening at the local Edmonton level. All of these trends are also happening elsewhere, though – where do you think I got the idea?

If you don’t feel like clicking through to read the story yourself (link below), here are the few things that I think we’ll see in 2021:

  • Natural wine
  • Virtual and physically distant tastings
  • Sake
  • Ongoing disruptions and surprises

Nothing groundbreaking, especially if you follow the wine world even casually. However, it was fun to get some comments from local folks about stuff that’s going on. Also, it was funny to hear the heavy sigh followed by a rueful chuckle that literally everyone did when I asked, “So, what’s going to happen in 2021?”

Here’s a link to the story in Edify. 

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