Month: January 2020

Bouffoning around with Titus Bouffonius

This week I spoke with Colleen Murphy, the playwright of the effusively titled show going up at Theatre Network this week: The Society for the Destitute Presents Titus Bouffonius. Scroll down to listen to that […]

White people performing woke-ness: a review of Shadow Theatre’s Happy Birthday Baby J

Raising your kid in gender prison cuts both ways: Shadow Theatre’s newest show, Happy Birthday Baby J, delves into the messy, oppressive and painful ways that gender norms shape and control our lives. Nick Green’s […]

Reimagining Cree cosmology with Pawâkan Macbeth

This week’s interview features Barry Bilinsky, assistant director of Pawâkan Macbeth – A Cree Takeover. This show will be touring Treaty 6 Territory and will then have a few performances as part of the Chinook […]

Seeking the witches and merry devils of Edmonton at the Winter Shakespeare Festival

There’s going to be a witch in a church in Old Strathcona tonight, though she’s not the kind who wears a lot of black and posts Instagram selfies with crystals and tarot cards. (OK, maybe […]

Visceral and vulnerable: a review of StoneMarrow Theatre’s Crave

An evening at StoneMarrow Theatre’s Crave is a diametrical experience. The first part of the evening is an acoustic set by a local musician, cabaret-style in the front half of the Backstage Theatre. It feels […]

In-Yer-Face with StoneMarrow Theatre’s Crave

This week’s interview features the cast of Crave – Alex Dawkins, Sarah Emslie and Gabriel Richardson – which is being staged as part of the Fringe Theatre’s off-season by local indie company StoneMarrow Theatre. Scroll […]

Review: Everybody Loves Robbie at Northern Light Theatre

Oh, to be 17 and in love again. Actually, scratch that – being 17 sucked. Being 17 and in love, with your heart about to be crushed like a bug? The. Worst. Everybody Loves Robbie […]

Celebrating drama kids with Everybody Loves Robbie

This week’s theatre news comes from the Citadel, which is about to open Cost of Living, a Pulitzer-winning play written by Martyna Majok. They play features two performers who use wheelchairs. As part of bringing […]

Review: Julius Caesar at the Winter Shakespeare Festival

The inaugural Winter Shakespeare Festival is running two shows throughout the month of January:  Julius Caesar fills the festival’s tragedy slot, while A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the comedy. Both plays are staged at the […]

Talking dictators and warfare with Midwinter Shakespeare Festival

Welcome back to the second half of the 2019-2020 theatre season in Edmonton! This week’s interview features Benjamin Blyth, the artistic director of Malachite Theatre and founder of the Winter Shakespeare Festival. Scroll down to […]