Month: October 2014

Stix and the City: The Yarn Harlot comes to Edmonton

Mea culpa, Stephanie: my paper ran that headline you hate so much. I am culpable; I sort of egged them into it with my first line. I swear it wasn’t meant to play off that […]

The Chocolate Issue

Humans have known that chocolate is awesome for millennia. This week’s Vue is The Chocolate Issue. It was my first feature issue as Dish editor, and I think it turned out pretty well if I […]

Exploring Biodynamic Wine with Benziger Family Winery

A ram’s horn filled with manure and buried under the full moon: it sounds like some kind of archaic ritual, but it’s actually a practice carried out by thousands of contemporary winemakers. Biodynamics is essentially […]

So you want to be a Sommelier?

When I tell people I’m a sommelier their typical reaction is usually one of both admiration and confusion. “A sommelier?” they ask. Then, “Wow! But what exactly does that mean?” (There was also that memorable […]