Month: September 2014

Wine Movie Reviews: from Sideways to SOMM

I’ve been marathoning wine movies over the last couple weeks and decided to write some capsule reviews of the better-known ones for this week’s Vue column. Here are the expanded versions: Sideways (I just wrote […]

Sideways: comparing Payne’s movie with Pickett’s book

“It’s very possible his film will be better than my book.” – Rex Pickett, referring to director Alexander Payne Truer words were never spoken. Sideways is one of those rare exceptions in which the movie […]

Canada’s Wine Racket: Cellared in (not) Canada

The arrest of Rudy Kurniawan rocked the (wine) world two years ago; I wrote a cover story for Vue on the arrest as well as on the larger issue of counterfeit wine. The trial just […]

How do you like them apples?

Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton is doing good things around town. The group, which started in 2009, has rescued countless pounds of fruit over the past five years. But there is so much more that could […]

Wine Cocktails & Poor Man’s Sangria

This is almost a moot point, but as long as the warmth sticks around town it’s still appropriate to drink wine cocktails. Not that you can’t drink sangria or mimosas on the coldest winter day, […]

Downtown Edmonton’s Grocery Store Shortage

This week’s issue of Vue features a piece I wrote the new downtown location of Earth’s General Store. They opened the new store about six weeks ago on 104 Street, in the space formerly occupied […]

Breaking News: I’m the new Dish editor for Vue Weekly!

Yep, it’s official: I will be taking over as Dish editor for Vue Weekly. I have been more involved with Vue’s Dish section this year, writing feature stories in addition to my usual biweekly wine […]