The Astrology of GameStop – 2024 Edition

The Astrology of GameStop – 2024 Edition

The meme stock returns!

Back in 2021, I wrote about the astrology of the meteoric rise of GameStop’s stock, driven by a ragtag band of online investors organizing on the WallStreetBet’s subreddit. Roaring Kitty, aka Keith Gill (an American financial analyst and investor) is credited with sparking that rally, which fizzled out a few weeks after it started.

A few weeks ago, Gill sparked a new GME rally. At 8pm ET on May 12, 2024, he posted a single image on X/Twitter – his first post since June 18, 2021. In the next couple of days, there was a renewed flurry of trading and GME hit a price it hadn’t reached since June 2021.

The meme that launched a meme stock rally.

Things seemed to die down quickly after that, but then the stock rallied again today – June 3, 2024 – in response to a post Gill made last night. He shared screenshots revealing a US$116 million bet on GME.

In response, GME surged in value again, briefly doubling from its previous price. At the close of the market, GME was back down to US$28. There’s a lot of after-hours activity tonight, however, so it looks like this rally will continue tomorrow.

In his post last night, Gill also showed US$65.7 million worth of call options expiring on June 21 at a strike price of $20.

So, it’s time to review the astrology and see what’s behind this new chapter in GME’s story.

In 2021, the transits that triggered the GME rally centered around a Sun-Jupiter cazimi that was also conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. (A cazimi is a conjunction between a planet and the Sun.) GME’s IPO chart has a stellium in Aquarius, so that cazimi triggered all of those planets – particularly natal Neptune within one degree. That cazimi was also trine GME’s natal Saturn in Gemini. At that time, there was also a Venus-Pluto conjunction on GME’s natal Mercury.

When I looked at GameStop’s incorporation chart, I noticed that natal Mars was being hit by the current eclipse cycle in 2021, so that was also at play. Again, read my original post for full details.

Here’s a chart showing GME’s IPO chart with the transits of May 12, 2024 – the first rally since the heyday in 2021:

Note: I used 9:30am for the IPO because that’s when markets open. I used 8pm for the transits because that’s when Roaring Kitty made his post. The angles/houses of this chart are not reliable so I’m focusing on planets and signs only.

This rally sparked when Mars was conjoining the North Node in Aries, which is close to GME’s natal Mars – GME had a Mars return conjunct the North Node. The North Node has a massively intensifying effect on Mars. It literally makes Mars go brrr. Note that Mercury was also in Aries and Mercury loves gambling and games of chance, so he’s egging Mars on.

This rally occurred just over a month after eclipse season, which was in Aries and Libra. The big solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 was at 19 Aries, within two degrees of GME’s natal Mars. So once again we see the current eclipse cycle triggering a key point in GME’s chart, especially given that it was paired with a Mars return.

Note that there’s another cazimi at play here too: this time, it’s the Sun conjunct Uranus. Both are enclosed between the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter. Now, this stellium is occurring in Taurus, so it’s not aspecting Mars-North Node in Aries – but it’s square all the natal planets in Aquarius, which was the sign at the heart of the previous rally. Also, GME has a natal Sun-Uranus conjunction, so it has added meaning. Uranus is all about chaos and anarchy, which is certainly on full display in the GME story.

Here is a biwheel of GameStop’s incorporation chart with the May 12, 2024 transits:

Note: I used 9:00am for the incorporation because that’s the start of the work day, but this isn’t reliable so I’m disregarding the angles/houses and focusing on the planets and signs only.

In this chart, Mars-North Node and especially Mercury in Aries are activating GameStop’s natal Moon in Aries. The April 8th solar eclipse also hit GameStop’s natal Moon – so both of GameStop’s key charts were being activated by the eclipse cycle. Eclipses often result in events that are about obscuration – things that are hidden and only come to light at a later date. This rally, which occurred a month after the eclipse, is a pretty classic example of that principle in motion.

You’ll also see Pluto in Aquarius applying to GameStop’s natal Neptune, which certainly seems fitting – Pluto in Aquarius has an intensifying, obsessive effect and Neptune is all about illusion and delusion, hopes and dreams.

Pluto in Aquarius is also all about new technology and all sorts of strange cyber-happenings. A stock rally on a dying video game franchise driven by a meme posted by an online personality is just so extremely on the nose, it’s incredible.

The rally in mid-May 2024 was short-lived until Gill’s post last night. Let’s see how things have shifted in the last couple of weeks:

Note: I’m using the time when Roaring Kitty posted on X/Twitter as well as Reddit, triggering a new rally the next day.

As I previously noted, I used 9:30am for the IPO chart because that’s when the markets open and I didn’t think the angles/houses were meaningful. However, I have to wonder if this isn’t actually a pretty reliable chart. Notice how the Ascendant of this chart was being activated by transit of Mercury in Aries back in May, and is now being activated by the Moon-Mars conjunction last night.

As well, this was the first time the Moon conjoined Mars after GME’s Mars return, and a transit often will not be truly activated until the Moon triggers it.

Since the rally in mid-May, Mercury conjoined Uranus in Taurus, and Jupiter ingressed Gemini. There’s also a new cazimi at play – Venus conjunct the Sun in Gemini. Recall that back in 2021, there was that Sun-Jupiter conjunction on GME’s natal Neptune, which also trined GME’s natal Saturn. This time, Sun-Venus is conjunct GME’s Saturn and trine the planets in Gemini. Also note the exact trine between transit Pluto in Aquarius and Jupiter in Gemini.

So again, the signs of Gemini and Aquarius are being activated by the current transits – specifically when a planet conjoins the Sun.

Mercury also ingressed Gemini early this morning (June 3, 2024), conjoining Jupiter – undoubtedly that helped expand the optimism and increase the trading activity. As I mentioned in my 2021 post, Mercury ingressed Aquarius a day after GME’s IPO, so Mercury’s ingress into Gemini this morning feels really resonant with that – plus it’s a further activation of the Aquarius-Gemini critical part of GME’s chart.

The exact Sun-Venus cazimi occurs tomorrow morning, on June 4, 2024. So, I’m expecting tomorrow to be another good day of trading for GME. It might even continue throughout the next week or two, as Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and the Sun move through Gemini – trining GME’s natal planets in Aquarius all the way.

The next cazimi will be Mercury on June 14, 2024 so that could be another big day for GME.

We’ll see what happens when Gill’s call options expire on June 21, 2024. The Moon will exactly conjoin GME’s natal South Node that day, which seems like it might trigger a release – the South Node diminishes and decreases, which I don’t think will be a very good thing for GME.

One last chart – this is GameStop’s incorporation chart with last night’s transits, when Gill made that post showing his huge stake in GME:

GameStop Inc had a lunar return conjunct Mars last night, which is especially interesting when you compare it to the GME IPO chart with its Ascendant at 26 Aries. The Venus-Sun conjunction is extremely close to GameStop’s natal Saturn, as well.

I think we’ll see a continued rally for the next few days or even a couple weeks, but I’m expecting things to fall off a cliff once we hit the summer solstice. Gill’s call options expire on June 21, which is a day after the official summer solstice – which is when the Sun enters the tropical sign of Cancer.

As I mentioned earlier, that corresponds with the Moon conjoining GME’s natal Pluto and South Node, and with GameStop Inc’s Pluto and Mars. None of that looks particularly good for this meme stock.

I do wonder what will happen with GME when Uranus ingresses Gemini on July 7, 2025. Uranus will be in Gemini until November 7, 2025 when it retrogrades back to Taurus. Then Uranus will ingress Gemini for good on April 25, 2026. We might not see activity until the Sun-Uranus cazimi on May 22, 2026, but if these patterns continue to hold, I think that will be another round in GME’s story.

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