The Astrology of GameStop

The Astrology of GameStop

I wanted to do a quick post looking at the astrology of GameStop. Like many around the world, I have been fascinated by the short squeeze that is currently occurring with this company’s stock, driven by people organizing on the WallStreetBets subreddit, and I had to know how it was manifesting in the astrology. 

It’s an incredible story. At the beginning of January 2021, GameStop’s stock (ticker GME) was trading around $17 USD. Yesterday, January 27, 2021, GME closed at a whopping $347.51 USD. At the time of writing on the morning of January 28, 2021 it has already soared past $390. 

Below is the chart of GameStop’s IPO (initial public offering – when the stock was first available for public trading). In financial astrology, it’s common to treat the IPO chart as the stock’s “birthday” and use that to gauge how it will perform against current astrological transits. For a look at how the company itself is doing, you need to look at the company’s natal chart – more on that below. I also put the transits of yesterday on the outer wheel, to see how the current astrology is playing out against the IPO chart:

Note: the angles/houses in this chart are not reliable as I used 9:30am for the IPO simply because that’s when the markets open. I used 4pm for the transit chart as that’s when markets close. So, focus on the planets and signs only. 

Check out that New Moon (Sun-Moon conjunction) as well as Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius in GME’s IPO chart, and how that’s being activated like crazy by the current transits in that same sign. Interestingly, all the planets in Aquarius planets are making a trine to GME’s Saturn in Gemini. Saturn is the dispositor of GME’s natal Mercury in Capricorn, which ingressed into Aquarius the next day. GME’s natal Mercury is disposited by Saturn in Gemini. Actually, that Saturn disposits all of the planets in the chart except for Mars in Aries. 

There was a Jupiter cazimi (Sun-Jupiter conjunction) yesterday, when the stock surged yet again. That was conjunct GME’s natal Neptune within one degree. In natal astrology one of Neptune’s signifiers is illusion; there certainly seems to be some of that playing out with regards to GME’s stock. I’ve also heard that Neptune is linked to inflation in financial astrology; perhaps its conjunction with the Sun and Jupiter is part of the reason for the massive upswing in GME’s stock.

Things are not likely to last much longer, though. Common sense seems to dictate that – how long can this ragtag band of retail investors really keep a squeeze on the bottomless pockets of institutional investors? Granted, these are crazy times so anything is possible. However, Mercury’s retrograde station on Saturday will likely see a similar reversal in GME’s stock. Things are likely to keep soaring for the next two days, but then over the weekend Mercury stations retrograde – and remember that Saturn, the great limiter, is the boss of GME’s Mercury. By the time Saturn squares Uranus on February 17, things are likely to have changed course significantly for GME.

Which leads me to look at GameStop’s incorporation chart, to see how the company itself is going to fare through the current astrological transits. It’s no secret that this company – a video game retail store – has been faltering for years, even before the added strain of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is why its stock was being shorted in the first place, and whatever your personal opinion is of short sellers, they aren’t wrong in speculating the demise of this particular company.

Now, I’ll put up a caveat here and say that I think this is GameStop’s incorporation chart, but it’s not 100% reliable because many different dates exist as possible alternatives to use. I’m convinced that the hardest part of financial astrology is figuring out the exact date to use for stock IPOs and company incorporations by digging through SEC documents, because it’s a huge pain in the ass. (For the record, I found GameStop’s original certificate of incorporation date here.)

I’m not going to do a full delineation of this chart, but just want to look at a couple things that jumped out at me. In the incorporation chart, Mars is making a wide conjunction to Pluto, which is opposite Saturn. This is occurring across the Sagittarius-Gemini axis, which is the same axis of the current eclipse cycle. The next eclipse is a total lunar eclipse on May 26, 2021 at 5 Sagittarius, followed by an annular solar eclipse at 19 Gemini on June 10, 2021. That’s going to hit GameStop’s chart in a big way, and probably not a good one to be honest, given the presence of all the malefics and Pluto in these two houses in the Inc chart. 

 The other thing that stands out to me in this chart is the Sun-Mercury conjunction in Leo, which means that Mercury is combust and therefore very debilitated, which is making a trine to the Pluto-Mars conjunction. A trine from a debilitated planet is like a sick person offering to help you – it’s a nice gesture, but probably not very useful (and might have the potential to make you sick too). This is getting pinged by today’s Full Moon at 9 Leo.

The two benefics, Jupiter and Venus, are conjunct in Cancer – Jupiter is in his exaltation here so he’s very strong, but he’s also averse Saturn in Gemini and Mars-Pluto in Sagittarius. When planets are averse they can’t “see” each other and therefore can’t cooperate, so all the good energy of the exalted Jupiter-Venus conjunction has no impact on the opposition of the malefics. Further, Jupiter-Venus are disposited by the Moon in Aries, which is in turn disposited by Mars in Sagittarius, which brings the loop back to Jupiter in Cancer. So these planets are in a committee of sorts in terms of their rulership, but because of their averse positions in the chart, they aren’t able to actually communicate in any effective way.

I’ll leave it at that for now. I’m just dipping my toe into financial astrology as a student, and therefore I’m giving an obligatory warning that everything I’ve written here is for information purposes only and I’m not accountable for anything you might do with this info. (Like jump on the greed train and try to short squeeze Wall Street – as amazing as that is, it’s also risky AF. You’ve been warned.) 

I do want to point out one more thing, which is a comment that I read on the WallStreetBets subreddit last night:

Explore the astrology of the infamous 2021 GME stock rally driven by WallStreetBets.

Lightning = Uranus; bull = Taurus. A perfect and extremely literal encapsulation of the current Uranus in Taurus transit. We all knew that this transit would mean huge disruption in financial markets. That seemed obvious given the pandemic and the continued rise of cryptocurrency, but who could have predicted that it would also mean a ragtag band of scrappy retail day traders would try to take down Wall Street elites using an app named Robinhood? No one could, because that’s the beauty of Uranus – it’s disruption and you absolutely can’t predict the details; you just know it’s going to be big and probably crazy. 

NOTE: very shortly after I wrote this piece, GameStop’s stock started tumbling in price. As of 9:30MT it had toppled to $155.10 USD. However, this seems to be reversing and only 15 minutes later, it was back up to $234.33. This drop seems to be driven by the stock being delisted or locked from trading by most platforms. Only time will tell if this is the beginning of a permanent fall or not. Regardless, it’s certainly a manifestation of Saturn in Aquarius intervening on behalf of the “greater good” (i.e. less market volatility). 

7 thoughts on “The Astrology of GameStop”

  • Thank you for taking the time to write this up, I was super interested to find more information on the astrology of this stock situation!!

  • Thank you! I’ve been waiting for an astrologer to look into GameStop. Uranus in Taurus is getting activated. The Jupiter conjunct Sun on the full moon a couple of days ago really highlights the Power to the People aspect of this buy.

    Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is exposing the systemic hedge fund corruption for all to see, all is being dredged up, exposed, revealed (Pluto) in the realm of structural finances (Venus in Capricorn). Buying and holding with “diamond hands” (emblematic term for a Venus/Pluto conjunct- how is the stone of wealth and beauty made- through the intense heat and pressure of Pluto), and the majority of the Redditors caring much more about taking down Melvin and other predatory systemic actors than they are about making returns on their investment. These people are very clear that their “investment” is an investment in a more just economy, being intensely creative in their activism. The stories of people biding their time since they became homeless in the 2008 crash and seizing the opportunity now are both heartbreaking and inspiring.

    Looking at GSE chart-with the sun and Jupiter in the sixth house- is this the most famous buy stock because of its emphasis on healing a broken system for the empowerment of all?

    I’d love to see a Reddit chart a WallStreetBets (super interesting history of that forum) chart, and (sure it’s out there) a NYSE cha

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