Who will win the 2024 Stanley Cup?

Who will win the 2024 Stanley Cup?

A couple of weeks ago I started exploring the world of sports astrology. Specifically, I started using the technique with hockey and this year’s playoffs. As a born-and-raised Edmontonian, naturally I’m cheering for the Oilers.

I wrote about it in this post – go check that out if you haven’t already.

Since then, I’ve been making predictions about each of the games that the Oilers have played. My track record has been OK. I definitely got a couple wrong, but it has been a good learning experience.

The Oilers are currently down 0-2 against the Florida Panthers in the final round of the playoffs. The first two games were in Florida, and both charts were extremely similar. Here’s the chart of Game 1:

Florida is represented by Jupiter, the L1 ruler, while Edmonton is represented by Mercury, the L7 ruler. Jupiter is debilitated in Gemini and under the beams, which isn’t a great condition.

Mercury is dignified in Gemini and even though Mercury is close enough to the Sun to be combust, when a planet is in its own sign this negates combustion. (This is called being in its chariot and it’s a very bonifying condition.)

With those two assessments alone, I would have predicted the Oilers to win.

However, Venus is on the seventh house cusp – as per the rules I mentioned in my first post on sports astrology, a planet on a sign’s cusp controls that cusp. Venus is combust, which is a very debilitating condition. This was the indication that the Oilers would actually lose.

You’ll also see the Moon was in Cancer in the seventh house. This is a dignified Moon, and the Oilers did play their hearts out. But it wasn’t enough to secure a victory – though their defeat was certainly one that everyone felt on an intensely emotional level.

The chart for Game 2 was very similar:

Again we have Jupiter debilitated and under the beams in Gemini, however it’s almost out from under the beams as the Sun is separating. As well, a combust Venus is still right on the seventh house cusp, and again indicated the same outcome as the first game – the Oilers were defeated.

Thankfully the next two games are in Edmonton, so the Oilers have home team advantage – and won’t be viciously booed by the spectators. Including during the Canadian anthem, which I have to say was so gauche. I’m also grateful we won’t hear Florida’s stupid cat yowl every two minutes.

For the rest of the charts, I have to use an estimated time because the official chart is cast using the exact puck drop time which can’t be known until it happens. In the first two games, puck drop was just over 20 minutes after the game start time. I hope things will be a little faster in Edmonton. The average time in the last round – the Edmonton Oilers vs. the Dallas Stars – was only about 10 minutes after start time.

I cast the next two charts for 15 minutes after the start time. I also double checked each one to see if anything shifts either 10 minutes earlier or later and nothing does in any of them, so I’m pretty confident these are solid charts to use for prediction.

Here’s the chart for Game 3:

This time, the L1 (Edmonton) is Mars in Taurus and the L7 (Florida) is Venus in Gemini. Mars is debilitated in Taurus but also in his joy in the sixth house. Venus is combust in the eighth which is a very debilitating condition, and is also square Neptune – bringing in some confusion. Uranus and a debilitated Jupiter are also in the seventh house, so they will have some influence over Florida. Uranus promises some chaos and sudden turns of events, and Jupiter should hopefully serve to mess them up because of how debilitated Jupiter is in Gemini.

I predict the Oilers will win, because Mars is in better condition than Venus. This would put the series at 2-1 for the Panthers.

Here’s the chart for Game 4:

Another very similar chart to game three, because the game starts in the same place at the same time. The biggest change from the previous chart is that Venus is now receiving an applying conjunction from dignified Mercury – this will give the Panthers a boost. However, Venus is still combust and square Neptune, and Uranus and debilitated Jupiter are still in the seventh.

I think the Oilers will manage another victory, tying up the series 2-2.

Here’s the chart for Game 5:

This is where things get tricky. The Ascendant shifts from Sagittarius to Capricorn at 8:18:41pm. So, if puck drop is before 8:19, the L1 is Jupiter and the L7 is Mercury. Additionally, Venus moves from the seventh house to the sixth house, right on the seventh house cusp, at 8:29pm. That’s a pretty late start though, so I think we can rule it out. Pluto also moves from the second house to the first house at 8:21pm, which would give the Panthers some added intensity.

Based on a puck drop of 8:18 or earlier, I predict the Oilers will win. This is because Jupiter (the Panthers) is debilitated and in the sixth. Meanwhile, the Sun is on the seventh house cusp so it controls that house. As well, Mercury is conjunct Venus in Cancer – Mercury doesn’t have dignity in that part of Cancer but Venus does, so she would act as a positive influence.

However, I would like to say that I’m not super confident in this prediction, because both Venus and Mercury are combust. Now, they are out of sign from the Sun which mitigates combustion a lot or entirely (depending on your opinion). But, the Sun controls the seventh house so it might still factor in.

If puck drop is 8:19 or later – and I think there’s a real chance of this, because Florida seems to take a lot of time with pomp and circumstance before starting the game – then I predict the Panthers will win. Here’s the chart for an 8:22pm start:

The L1 (Panthers) is now Saturn and the L7 (Oilers) is the Moon. Saturn is peregrine in Pisces. The Moon is debilitated in Scorpio. The Moon is almost full at this time so it has a lot of light, which is positive, but it’s slower than average which is negative. Additionally, the Sun is still on the seventh house cusp so it controls that house, but it’s peregrine so that’s not a great help to the Oilers.

Now, the Venus-Mercury conjunction in the seventh might be a nice little boost for the Oilers, but the debilitated condition of the L7 ruler seems to indicate a loss.

To recap, if puck drop is 8:18 or earlier, I think the Oilers will manage a victory, putting the series at 3-2 Oilers. If puck drop is 8:19 or later, I think the Panthers will win, putting the series at 3-2 Panthers.

Here’s the chart for Game 6:

Thankfully nothing major changes within a half hour of the start time, so this chart should be pretty solid.

The L1 (Oilers) is Mars in Taurus; the L7 (Panthers) is Venus in Cancer. Venus is dignified by triplicity and decan in that part of Cancer, though also combust. She is also opposite a debilitated Moon in Capricorn. We also have Uranus and Jupiter in the seventh, which should work against the Panthers.

I predict the Oilers will win this game, which would mean they either win the series (if they won Game 5) or they tie it up 3-3 and force it to Game 7.

Here’s the chart for Game 7:

The Sun moves from the seventh house to the sixth house at 8:13pm, so there’s a chance this chart isn’t accurate. However, I think puck drop will be more delayed since this is in Florida and it would also be the final game.

The L1 (Panthers) is Saturn in Pisces. The L7 (Oilers) is the Moon in Aquarius. Saturn is peregrine in Pisces and is too far from the fourth house cusp to be angular. The Moon lacks any essential dignity and is waning, though still has quite a lot of light and also has a faster than average motion.

Pluto is in the first house, giving Florida an edge of obsession and intensity. The Sun is on the seventh house cusp, controlling the house. Venus and Mercury are in the seventh; both have some essential dignity in those parts of Cancer which is a nice combo for the Oilers – except for that fact that Venus is combust and Mercury is under the beams.

The clincher is that the L7 is ruled by the L1. Based on this, I think the Panthers would end up winning this game and therefore the Stanley Cup. (Boo!)

So, let’s do a final recap: the Panthers won the first two games. I think the Oilers will win the next two games after that. I think the Panthers will most likely win Game 5, the Oilers will win Game 6 and the Panthers will win Game 7 and take home the Cup.

It pains my little Edmontonian heart to predict this and I really hope I’m wrong! As I mentioned at the start, my track record for sports astrology predictions has been good but not great. I would love to be proven wrong on this one.

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