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It’s TIME to Evolve: tasting value Okanagan wine

A little while ago I had the opportunity to try a few Okanagan wines that are part of the portfolio under Encore Vineyards: TIME Winery, McWatters Collection and Evolve Cellars. Encore was owned by the […]

What does natural wine even mean?

My latest story in Edify is a deep(er) dive on natural wines. I really wanted to dig into this topic further and explore what’s going on with natural wines in Edmonton particularly. I spoke with […]

Is Edmonton’s Wine Industry Lazy & Entitled? (Northern Lands Fest)

I knew it would piss off a lot of people. My most recent cover story in Vue was about the Northern Lands Canadian Wine Festival, which is a super exciting event happening this weekend and […]

Mega Purple? Mega No Thanks.

It was a shocking shade of purple and there was no way it was natural. Ever seen a wine that seemed to defy the laws of nature? Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon is one of them. It’s […]

Exploring Biodynamic Wine with Benziger Family Winery

A ram’s horn filled with manure and buried under the full moon: it sounds like some kind of archaic ritual, but it’s actually a practice carried out by thousands of contemporary winemakers. Biodynamics is essentially […]

Wine Diamonds, reprised

Funny story: if you do a Google image search for “wine diamonds” the very first image is mine. I had done an article on tartrate crystals (AKA wine diamonds), way back on my old blog. […]

Peruvian Bodegas: Lovera

Peru’s wine industry is infinitesimal compared to its South American neighbours of Chile and Argentina, but it could be the next major player in the wine world. Historically, Peru played a very important role in […]