Great Reset or Bust: Canada’s 2021-2022 Astrology Forecast

Great Reset or Bust: Canada’s 2021-2022 Astrology Forecast

It’s weird to post a forecast in the middle of the year, but here I am. I started writing this back in January but didn’t get around to finishing it. Better late than never, right?

This is my interpretation of the major astrological transits hitting Canada’s natal chart over 2021 and into 2022. I don’t talk about every transit because that would take forever, just the main ones that jumped out at me. Here’s what the start of 2021 looked like:

2021 began with the recent Jupiter-Saturn conjunction separating in Aquarius, Canada’s 11th house. Jupiter moves into Pisces, Canada’s 12th house, on May 13, hangs out there for a couple months, then retrogrades back to Aquarius/11th house on July 28. Jupiter ingresses back into Pisces, this time for good, on December 28, 2021.

Canada’s natal Jupiter is at 7 Pisces, so Canada will have a Jupiter return in early 2022 – it will go exact on February 2, 2022. (Side note: there’s some interesting numerology with this date – 2/2/22. I have no idea what this might mean.)

Jupiter returns are usually very beneficial periods of time – certainly this is the case in natal charts. In mundane astrology, Jupiter signifies the justice system, national inquests, national wealth and state religion. Basically: judges, bankers and priests. Jupiter rules Pisces, so he’s in a strong position here – but he’s also the out-of-sect benefic (i.e. not as strong as Venus, because it’s a night chart), retrograde, and buried in the 12th house of hospitals, prisons, long-term care homes, secret enemies, and other hidden things.

This means that Canada’s Jupiter returns may take on a sort of dual quality – partly good and partly difficult. I can think of no better example of this than the discovery of unmarked graves at residential schools throughout Canada, which occurred during Jupiter’s brief stay in Pisces in 2021. Jupiter symbolizes religious figures (priests) and the church, who were heavily involved in the residential school system. And the 12th house is everything hidden – the schools themselves were hidden away from the rest of society, and the children who were buried there remained hidden until very recently.

The first discovery of unmarked graves at a former Canadian residential school was announced on May 27, 2021, just two weeks after Jupiter entered Pisces on May 13, 2021. The second incidence was announced on June 23, 2021. The third incidence occurred on July 12, 2021. There have been no more discoveries of unmarked graves since then. Jupiter returned to Aquarius on July 28, 2021 and will return to Pisces on December 28, 2021.

I expect we will have more developments related to these residential school unmarked graves in 2022, particularly in the first part of the year while Jupiter transits Pisces. Jupiter leaves Pisces on May 11, 2022 and enters Aries, which is Canada’s first house. I’ve written previously about how I see Canada’s natal Neptune conjunct the Ascendant in Aries as one of the key factors in our nation’s self-delusions with respect to being the polite global good guys.

This won’t happen until March 2023, but I took a look at the charts and they look very interesting. When Jupiter exactly conjoins Canada’s natal Neptune on March 14, 2023, there’s a stellium in the 12th house consisting of a conjunction between Mercury, the Sun and Neptune, as well as Saturn at 0 degrees. Then, just a week later on March 22 when Jupiter conjoins Canada’s Ascendant degree, there’s a stellium in the first house: Sun, Mercury, and Moon conjunct Jupiter.

I don’t know how this will exactly play out, but these dates are sure to bring some major developments in Canadian history. That March 22, 2023 chart is particularly fascinating – the Moon conjunct Jupiter on Canada’s Ascendant means the public’s focus will be centered on who Canada is as a nation and what it means to be Canadian. The whole thing is ruled by Mars, which is exactly conjunct Canada’s natal Moon at the time. Jupiter’s presence gives me some optimism that whatever is revealed here will be for the better, but it’s undoubtedly going to be a very eye-opening time.

(Andrew Snucins/The Canadian Press)

Going back to Canada’s Jupiter return on May 21, 2022, at this time the Sun (signifying the prime minister) is conjunct Saturn (epidemics) in Aquarius. This is Canada’s 11th house of legislation and Parliament. Combined with the 12th house significations, this could point to a big change in legislation concerning long-term care homes, hospitals, prisons – all related to the continued fallout and recovery from the pandemic.

Jupiter is opposite Canada’s natal Mars in Virgo, so there may be some conflict or opposition directed at these 12th house matters from the realm of public health and workers/worker unions. Perhaps the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare worker unions will be opposed to whatever legislation changes are happening in hospitals and long-term care homes.

There might even be some military component to this, as Mars can signify military. Maybe the military continues to be involved in public health in some way, or in hospitals/healthcare settings; they are already involved in the COVID vaccine distribution. I’m expecting continued pressure on Canadian to get the COVID vaccine, and the Canadian military will undoubtedly continue to be involved in these efforts.

Sailor 2nd Class Hannah Angel directs people as they arrive for an asymptomatic COVID-19 testing at the Canada Games Centre in Halifax on April 28, 2021. The Canadian Armed Forces will be running a vaccination clinic at the Halifax Convention Centre beginning Friday. (Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press)

One of the major pieces of space weather throughout 2021 and into 2022 is the series of squares between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. This hits Canada’s chart across the 2nd house (financial systems and national wealth) and 11th house (legislation and Parliament).

Canada has natal Pluto in the 2nd house of Taurus, so Uranus’ transit there will be even more profound and transformative. It will be a process of transforming (Pluto) Canada’s financial system (2nd house), which will occur through sudden disruptions to the status quo (Uranus). The shock of the market crash in March 2020 was obviously the first major event in this story, but I’m expecting that we’re going to get some other major shifts over the next few years. Look to the time periods where Uranus comes close to the degree of Canada’s natal Pluto (at 15°45’ Taurus) for big developments in this area: August 2021, May 2022, December 2022 and May 2023.

Canada’s 2nd house is ruled by Venus, which is in the 3rd house of networks – physical (roads, rail, airways) and telecommunications (phone, internet). It’s the infrastructure that links our nation. It’s also the US and arguably Russia, our neighbouring nations. (Granted, Russia neighbours us across the North Pole, but it still counts.)

Venus isn’t in a particularly strong or weak position in Canada’s chart, but being in Gemini, she is averse to her own sign of Taurus, so this puts her at a disadvantage in being able to govern the affairs of her house. She’s angled to Canada’s Descendant by a close applying trine aspect, so that’s where most of her attention falls – especially as the Descendant is in her other domicile, Libra.

This means that the ruler of the house in which Uranus is transiting, and in which Canada’s natal Pluto resides, is blind to whatever’s going on there. So, Canada’s networks (especially telecommunications) are blind to what’s going on in the realm of its finances – i.e. the news stories you read about Canada’s financial system are ignorant at best, and straight-up lies at worst. And if there’s anything in there about the US and/or Russia, be especially skeptical.

So! Whatever you read in the mainstream press about whatever’s going on with Canada’s finances over the next 18 months (or maybe ever) – don’t take at face value. Granted, this is basically what you should do with literally anything you read in any mainstream news publication. Especially ones funded by the government. (Looking at you, CBC.)

In Canada’s natal chart, Pluto in 2nd house Taurus is tightly opposite Saturn in 8th house Scorpio. I’ve written before about this signifying Canada’s oil industry, with Saturn being the oil itself (Saturn rules minerals, and oil is arguably a mineral resource), and Pluto being the pipelines through which oil flows. So, the oil pipelines in Canada’s 2nd house of money are the resources that get us foreign money (8th house). Also, foreign finances (i.e. the price of crude oil) greatly impact our own national wealth.

When Uranus conjoins Canada’s natal Pluto, it will transform Canada’s finances and especially our oil industry. Canada’s oil industry has taken a number of hits throughout 2021, starting with US President Joe Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline on his first day in office. That happened right before the exact Saturn-Uranus square that occurred in mid-February 2021. Then in June 2021, just five days before the second exact square between Saturn-Uranus, the developer of the Keystone XL confirmed the termination of the project, killing it for good. I’m expecting a similar piece of oil news around December 2021, when we get the third exact square.

The eclipse cycle will add to this story as well, because the Nodes move into Taurus/Scorpio at the end of 2021. So, Canada will have eclipses across the 2nd and 8th house axis from November 2021 through 2022 and into 2023. This ties back yet again to the story of Canada’s ongoing transformation and major changes in its national finances/wealth, oil industry, and foreign financial relations.

Saturn in Aquarius will bring a focus on the structures (Saturn) of Canadian Parliament and legislation (11th house), and will also likely involve major changes to the structure of our government itself (Saturn rules Canada’s 10th house in Capricorn, and transit Pluto is currently in Capricorn).

Expect some pieces of landmark legislation to be passed in Canada during the time that Saturn is in Aquarius (from March 2020 until March 2023). I expect this to involve our financial system and our financial dealings with other nations, because of the aforementioned squares between transit Saturn and Uranus.

Because Canada’s natal Saturn is in the 8th house, this could also involve topics related to death – and indeed something major already occurred here, with the passing of the assisted suicide legislation which came fully into effect in March 2021. It could also bring changes in the structure of government itself – maybe in the ways that the provinces and federal levels interact or what they have jurisdiction over. Imagine if the federal government stepped into provincial matters like education, healthcare, or child care – seems crazy, but these are crazy times.

I’m anticipating changes to employment and especially the Employment Insurance (EI) program and the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). I see those programs as fitting within both the 10th house and 11th house, as they are pieces of legislation (11th house) concerning the employment rate (10th house). And it’s worth noting that Pluto is currently transiting Canada’s 10th house, trine Canada’s natal Pluto in the second house/transit Uranus and trine Canada’s natal Mars, so again it ties back to those themes of profound transformation of our financial system (2nd house) and also action/conflict with workers and public health (6th house). More on Mars below.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pauses while responding to questions after delivering an apology in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, May 19, 2016 following a physical altercation the previous day. (Chris Wattie/Reuters)

Justin Trudeau has been explicit about describing the pandemic as an opportunity for a “Great Reset.” While this caused Conservative leaders to raise an alarm, it has been met with skepticism and even outright dismissal by the mainstream news (i.e. the CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster funded by the Canadian government).

Trudeau also seems likely to call an election very soon. News sources are reporting that he’ll call an election this Sunday, to take place on September 20, 2021.

Canada’s financial growth and recovery from the pandemic will no doubt be at the heart of the election debates. And if Trudeau wins a majority government (which seems to be about a 50/50 chance at this point), he’ll be much more empowered to move us towards this Great Reset, whatever that means.

Who knows, if Trudeau gets a majority, maybe Canada will even start to roll out a Universal Basic Income (UBI) and digital currency before Saturn exits Aquarius in 2023. This would certainly fit within Uranus’ transit through Canada’s second house, conjunct natal Pluto.

I’ll post more on this when the election is officially called.

At the time of writing this in August 2021, Canada just had a Mars return (exact date: August 6, 2021). Canada’s natal Mars is in the 6th house of Virgo, which corresponds to public health, sickness and epidemics, the military, workers and worker unions. Mars signifies the military, war, conflicts and fire.

Obviously, this is a clear signification for the ongoing pandemic and Canada’s actions in this area. I think Mars also signifies vaccines in a big way – after all, vaccination involves being stabbed with a needle, an act that’s definitely ruled by Mars. Vaccine passports, therefore, are signified by Mars in the 6th house – uniting the signification of Mars (vaccines) with public health (6th house). And the military (Mars) has been involved in Canada’s vaccine distribution, as I already mentioned above.

Canada made a few big announcements regarding vaccine passports recently, right around the time of the Mars return: on August 11, 2021, the federal government announced vaccine passports for international travel, and on August 5 (the day before the Mars return went exact), Quebec announced it would adopt a vaccine passport system – becoming the first Canadian province to do so.

There have also been other developments concerning Canada’s military. Back in May, the military head of Canada’s vaccine rollout program stepped down due to a sexual misconduct investigation – so that also ties together the signification of Mars with vaccines, in addition to the military.

It was announced yesterday that the military would not ask the RCMP to investigate a sexual assault claim of a senior military commander. This is a different case than the one involving the former head of the vaccine rollout. These two cases are two recent examples of an ongoing sexual misconduct crisis sweeping through the Canadian military.

Another Mars-related development will happen in 2022, when Mars retrogrades through Gemini from the end of October 2022 through January 2023. Gemini is Canada’s 3rd house of transportation, telecommunication and neighbouring nations. Canada’s natal Venus and Moon are in Gemini as well, which are related to diplomacy, women and the arts (Venus) and public attention/the common people (Moon).

This may likely mark another period of intensity concerning the military’s sexual misconduct crisis, especially as Mars will conjoin Canada’s natal Venus three times. Watch for big news in this area around mid-September 2022, early- to mid-December 2022, and mid-February 2023.

This period will also likely see conflict around Canada’s transportation and/or news networks. This may involve Bill C-36, which was proposed by Trudeau’s government in 2021 and is ostensibly a set of legal changes to curb online hate speech and list it as a form of discrimination. Critics call it the world’s worst internet censorship bill and it will have profound impact on the lives of all Canadians if it passes. I sincerely hope it does not.

As always, there is plenty more to say but I will end this very long post here. I’ll keep posting more on Canadian astrology because the next couple years are going to be crazy.

4 thoughts on “Great Reset or Bust: Canada’s 2021-2022 Astrology Forecast”

  • My friends call me crazy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the end of this Saturnian decade sees the martial scissors making moves towards a splitting up the Provinces…

    Love your readings on “CANADA”.
    – astrologer and “shhhh…a canadian”.(?!?)

  • I was drawn to this blog because I noticed the nodes would be shifting through Canada’s 2nd and 8th house and can’t help but relate it to how the bank of Canada has already disclosed that they’re working on implementing a digital currency. With the south node headed towards the 8th house, I can’t help but wonder if this is a cumulative period of that Saturn way of dealing with finances (e g tangible, paper currency) , but I don’t think it will go over well with the labor force (Mars in the 6th)…which may need to be eased into the process… Good God help us all…

    • Yeah, digital currency is definitely coming into play and I would agree that it’s related to the Nodes moving through Canada’s 2nd/8th house axis. I’ve written about the rise of digital currency in general a few times, because I see it as being related to the Saturn in Aquarius-Uranus in Taurus series of squares that’s happening throughout 2021 and 2022. This transit pings Canada’s natal Pluto in the 2nd and Saturn in the 8th, which I’ve taken to signify our oil wealth (among other things). So Canada’s oil/natural resource wealth is being challenged and transformed, and digital currency is part of that transformation. The Nodes transiting this axis just strengthens the emphasis on this part of Canada’s chart, and I think relates to a sense of fate or destiny playing out. If you think of the Nodes as being an axis of increase/decrease, then we see there are new, disruptive forms of finances being increased, and old structures around debt being expelled.

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