Canada Votes: The Astrology of Election Day 2021

Canada Votes: The Astrology of Election Day 2021

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called a federal election today, as expected. Election Day is September 20, 2021.

I pulled a chart for that day to see what sorts of issues may be top of mind on Election Day, and also what the results might be. I used 7am as the time because that’s when the first polls open (in Newfoundland), but I kept the location in Ottawa as that’s the capital of Canada. All times below are in EDT. For this particular chart, a precise time doesn’t really matter overly much for my analysis here – I’m not considering the house positions of the Election Day chart, so you can disregard those.

Canada’s 2021 federal election takes places on a Full Moon in Pisces, conjunct Neptune. The Moon conjoins Neptune at 21 Pisces in the morning, right when the polls open, actually. The Full Moon goes exact (i.e. in exact opposition with the Sun in Virgo) around 8pm as the polls are closing, and then the Moon ingresses into Aries at 11:13pm.

I rolled my eyes and sighed audibly when I saw this Moon-Neptune conjunction – of course we’ve got a significant Neptune transit on election day! Canada has big Neptune issues, with it conjunct the Ascendant in its natal chart.

The Moon symbolizes the common people and public attention, and Neptune symbolizes left-wing politics, socialism and collectivism – but also fraud and illicit activities. So, as election day kicks off in Canada, Canadian citizens are going to be focused on left-wing politics (i.e. Trudeau’s Liberal Party and Jagmeet Singh’s NDP), and also possibly some issues of fraud or other shady stuff.

Pisces is a very watery, emotional sign where boundaries dissolve, things are hazy and muddy, and the facts are almost impossible to separate from fiction. This suggests that Canadians will be making their voting decisions based on…the opposite of rational, level-headed facts and figures. This alone might be enough to shake things up, because when people make decisions out of heightened emotions, the results are often unpredictable. For evidence of this, consider the last 18 months.

It’s also worth noting that in Canada’s natal chart, Pisces is the 12th house. So again, there’s the suggestion of some hidden or illict things happening on Election Day. Whether or not these things will come to light is unclear; the light of the Full Moon may illuminate some of this, but I think it’s more likely that we’ll wake up the day after, with the Moon now in Aries (Canada’s 1st house), and experience some kind of realization (and maybe regret) over what happened on Election Day.

Initially, I was skeptical that Canada might experience the same degree of alleged/actual voter fraud as the US did in their last election, but that Moon-Neptune conjunction is an interesting signature that might suggest something of this nature. And hey, remember those contentious Dominion voting machines that some claimed were rigged in the 2020 US election? They are Canadian! Now, Elections Canada doesn’t use these machines for federal elections. However, these machines were used in the 2013 Liberal Party leadership vote that made Trudeau leader of the Liberals. (Note: an audit in Arizona found that the machines weren’t rigged, and Dominion is now suing pro-Trump media for defamation.)

Even though Canada doesn’t use these machines for federal elections, and regardless of whatever happened in the US election last year, I think we will encounter similar rumours and allegations of voter fraud in this year’s election. The issue with the Dominion machines may be raised to cast doubt on the legitimacy of Trudeau’s leadership, but it probably won’t go anywhere – unless Elections Canada decides to go ahead and use these machines in the election after all. That seems highly unlikely given the recent controversy surrounding them, but who knows.

I think it’s much more likely that the fraud allegations will centre around mail-in voting, which is sure to increase dramatically this election. So, prepare for some spicy Election Day tea.

On Election Day, the Sun (symbolizing Prime Minister Trudeau), is in Virgo, opposite to the Moon-Neptune conjunction. Virgo is also Trudeau’s rising sign, so this reinforces the connection. Trudeau stands across from, and possibly opposed to, the Canadian people/public attention. Perhaps he reflects the socialism and/or illicit activities implied by Neptune. Maybe his own goals are not aligned with that of his people.

The Full Moon will conjoin Trudeau’s natal Mars late in the day – probably around the time he delivers his speech confirming victory or defeat. Also on that day, Mars is making a separating conjunction to Trudeau’s natal Pluto in Libra. That’s not a very comfortable transit, suggesting some sort of conflict over Trudeau’s personal finances. Maybe a scandal related to his finances will emerge right before Election Day.

Trudeau’s career house is in Gemini, and he has natal Saturn at 0 degrees Gemini. That’s ruled by Mercury, which is opposing the 10th house/Saturn in the 4th house of Sagittarius, co-present Neptune and Jupiter. On Election Day, transit Mercury is in Libra, making a sign-based trine to natal Saturn and natal Venus in Aquarius; which is also conjunct transit Saturn. This reinforces that there could be some news about Trudeau and his money that breaks right around then.

All this expansive Air energy, which goes across Trudeau’s 10th, 2nd and 6th houses, suggests movement in these areas of Trudeau’s life (career, finance, work/illness). Maybe this suggests a career change. Or he ends up with a majority government, and these areas of his life expand even more. I would lean towards the latter, if only because of how strongly Trudeau is polling right now. But the thing about Air is that it will not be constrained or captured, so this could manifest in a number of different ways.

I will look into Trudeau’s chart in more detail a little later. For now I want to take a quick look at the charts of the other federal party leaders and compare them with the Election Day transits.

Mars is on O’Toole’s natal Pluto in Libra, just like Trudeau, which is kind of interesting. I wish we knew what house this was, especially because Mercury is also exactly on O’Toole’s natal Uranus in the same sign. There’s going to be some unexpected stuff happen with O’Toole right around the election – given that it’s Mercury, he might say something shocking or disruptive; probably very inflammatory too. I guess that’s a given in an election, but it should be pretty zesty nonetheless.

O’Toole also has Saturn making a separating conjunction from his Sun in Aquarius, and Pluto is making a separating conjunction from his Jupiter and applying toa conjunction with his Mercury in Capricorn. These are no-nonsense transits in Saturn ruled signs, which will help O’Toole present himself as the rational, practical leader who will undoubtedly be focused on Canada’s economic recovery from the pandemic.

Some Canadians may appreciate this messaging, but given the sustained fear messaging that has been ubiquitous over the last 18 months, this approach might not win over a lot of people. Trudeau’s got a significant advantage in the amount of cash he doled out via CERB and other government assistance over the pandemic, and if O’Toole suggests that this was foolish in any way, a lot of people are going to be pretty pissed off and threatened. Also, as I’ve stated, that Full Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces on Election Day is not a transit that wants to talk about numbers and the economy – it’s a lot more soft and squishy than that.

It’s hard to say much more without knowing his house placements, but there’s also nothing in these transits that suggests O’Toole will have a big upset victory over Trudeau.

Again, we don’t have an exact time for Singh, so the houses/angles are not accurate. (Side note: I really loathe the fact that birth times are not mandatory on birth certificates in Canada, and I will happily vote for anyone who promises to change this.)

The first thing that jumped out at me here was Saturn opposite Singh’s natal Jupiter, and his natal Moon in the same sign (Pisces) as the Moon-Neptune conjunction on Election Day. The Saturn-Jupiter opposition is not particularly supportive, but his Moon in the same sign as the Election Day Full Moon will help increase Singh’s appeal to the public. I would expect a lot of people to vote NDP purely because of their gut instinct on Election Day, and this signature will help bolster that.

Singh also has a natal Venus-Uranus conjunction in Scorpio, and at the time of the election Venus is transiting Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus. This speaks about a lot of disruption and potential trouble for Singh in this election, which may seem to come out of nowhere (Scorpio – hidden things), potentially concerning women, the arts, diplomacy, or other Venus. Having both natal Venus and transit Venus in Scorpio, the sign of Venus’ detriment, casts a lot of shadow on an otherwise benefic planet.

Of course there’s a lot more to be said, but I’m not ready to make any definitive predictions about the outcome of the election at this point. I’ve only just started looking at the charts, and will post more in the coming weeks.

Even though it seems likely that Trudeau will get re-elected, and quite possibly with the majority government that he desires, I still think there is room for surprises on Election Day. An election on a Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune means that people will be voting out of their emotions, not their minds, and as I’ve said, that leaves a lot of wiggle room for the unexpected.

5 thoughts on “Canada Votes: The Astrology of Election Day 2021”

  • Astrologer Rose Marcus said that she heard that Margaret Trudeau verbally supplied Justin’s birth time as Dec 25, 1071 at 12:31pm. This gives him an Aries rising. Rose said she works with this chart and it has been insightful and accurate for her anyway. May be worth playing with both charts.

    • That’s very interesting, thanks for the info! I’ll have to look into that. I took this data from Astrodienst’s databank, and it has an A Rodden rating, so I trusted that it was quite accurate. This chart puts his Moon at 17 Aries, which is very closely conjunct Canada’s rising degree – which I think is quite interesting and appropriate. He certainly has some Aries to him, whether that’s his Moon and/or rising!

  • Hi Mel! I was really excited to come across your site and discover another Canadian astrologer posting on mundane topics! The more the merrier and I’d love to see Canada develop a vibrant online mundane astrology community! I also wrote an article on the election at and I see we picked up on some of the same things! It’s always interesting to see what other astrologers come up with as we all come from different backgrounds and use different techniques. It will be an interesting election indeed! Keep up the good work!

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