Astrology of September 2021: Monthly Overview

Astrology of September 2021: Monthly Overview

September’s space weather focuses on the inner planets (Mercury, Mars and Venus) making a series of aspects with the outer planets, as well as a Mercury retrograde in Libra. The most challenging aspects of this month are the heavy emphasis on Libra, which might bring difficulties to your relationships or other partnerships.

Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune (Sept 2), trines Pluto (Sept 6) and trines Saturn (Sept 25). These are generally positive aspects aside from the opposition with Neptune. That one might see your actions being frustrated by lack of progress or things that confuse or otherwise distract from accomplishing your goals. Mars trine Pluto could be great for getting some things accomplished, especially things related to the structures of your life, whether that’s housing, health, job, friendships, or family.

Mars trine Saturn occurs after Mars ingresses Libra (on Sept 14), and will be focused on acting within relationships, seeking justice, and/or figuring out how your relationships fit within the structures of your wider social spheres. There’s an impulse to take action; maybe start a new relationship or rekindle an old one, or put down some boundaries in those that are not serving you well.

Venus squares Pluto (Sept 5), trines Jupiter (Sept 6), squares Saturn (Sept 17), opposes Uranus (Sept 23), trines Neptune (Sept 29) and then squares Jupiter (Sept 30). To summarize: the realm of love and beauty will face challenges with some kind of obsessive or addictive impulse but will be buoyed up immediately after, only to face restriction, disruption, disillusion and then unproductive growth. These transits are a mixed bag of challenging and supportive, but the general tone isn’t great; people with strong Venus placements may have a bit of a rough patch in September.

The squares to Pluto and Jupiter happen while Venus is still in her domicile of Libra, so I don’t expect anything too challenging. But Venus square Saturn happens after Venus enters Scorpio (on Sept 10) and might be rather challenging – it puts me in mind of difficulties within your love life, possibly caused by things like jobs or friendships. Maybe your friends don’t get along with your partner, or one of you is facing demands at their job that is straining the relationship.

Venus trine Neptune and then squaring Jupiter puts me in mind of escapism in the form of material pleasures – drugs, drink, food, sex. Have fun, but try not to overdo it.

Mercury in Libra trines Saturn (Sept 4), trines Jupiter (Sept 20), squares Pluto (Sept 22) and then stations retrograde (Sept 27). The two trines should have a positive element to them – perhaps progress made in communicating new forms of social structures? However, the square with Pluto and then Mercury’s retrograde station reveal the pitfalls of any proposed new changes, forcing us to go backwards over recently tread ground and ensure that the footing is stable before proceeding.

This third and final Mercury retrograde of 2021 completes the messenger planet’s retrogrades in the three Air signs this year. Mercury stations retrograde on September 27 at 25 Libra. As per the usual Mercury protocol, back up all your files and brace yourself for more issues with communications, especially telecommunications. In Libra, Mercury may take on more of a justice flavour – there may be a loud call for justice and judgment at this time, echoing Mars trine Saturn back on Sept 14. You may also find more issues with communications in relationships. Try to be more patient with your partners and co-workers during this time, because there’s an increased chance for minor misunderstandings to be blown out of proportion.

September’s New Moon is on September 6 at 14 Virgo. This is conjunct Mars at 24 Virgo, in exact trine with Uranus at 14 Taurus, and widely trine Pluto at 24 Capricorn. So, this New Moon conjunct Mars is part of a Grand Earth Trine that highlights the ways in which our earthiest things – food, housing, finances – are being disrupted and transformed. It’s a good time to take action in your own approach to these things and determine what you need to do to remain resilient in the face of challenges to them. Make plans to stock up your pantry; make some pickles or other preserves; plant some seeds (especially if you’re in the southern hemisphere; maybe start an indoor micro-green garden if you’re in the northern hemisphere). Or, do some budgeting and figure out how to pay off debt and/or save more money. Or, take stock of your house and see what repairs it needs to remain strong and safe; consider finding a new place to live if you’re somewhere less ideal or too expensive. Or, do all of this.

This month’s Full Moon is on September 20 at 28 Pisces, conjunct Neptune. This is a great time to dream big, but be aware that the things your unconscious cooks up at this time might not be practical in any way. Reflect on the actions you took around the New Moon – or didn’t – and how those fit within your dreams.

 The Sun enters Libra on September 22, marking the start of fall in the northern hemisphere. This puts it into conjunction with Mars at 5 Libra, and co-present Mercury who is in the third decan of Libra – and just about to station retrograde. That conjunction with Mars, along with the added emphasis of Mercury’s impending station, just adds even more Libra influence to the skies at this time.

So again, relationships are being challenged and redefined, especially because Venus is in Scorpio at this time – not a comfortable spot for her, and a place where she’s generally unhelpful. She’s also averse Libra, so again, Venus is not much help for the issues going on in her domicile right now. Try to be gentle with the people in your life, and with yourself, if you find yourself having Venus related problems at any point throughout September.

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