The Astrology of Canada’s Libra Ingress 2021

The Astrology of Canada’s Libra Ingress 2021

Happy Libra ingress! At the Aries ingress this spring, I posted an interpretation for Alberta. I’m going to revisit that shortly and post a new one for the Libra ingress, but I decided to start with one for Canada since we just had a big event with the federal election on Monday.

Here’s the chart:

Capricorn rising means that this chart is only good for the next three months, until the Capricorn ingress in December. Pluto is in the first house, signifying the ongoing transformation that Canada has been going through during the course of the pandemic. This is ruled by Saturn in the second – meaning that the structure of our financial system is fundamentally tied to the changes that are occurring within our nation.

This is also an obvious focus on the recent federal election that just occurred, with Saturn and Capricorn representing structures of government. This is bolstered by the Sun’s position at the very top of this chart in the tenth house, conjunct Mars. The Sun is the Prime Minister and all eyes are on him after the election only two days ago. Libra is the sign of balance and indeed that election was basically a reinforcement of the status quo we had before the election: a minority government where the power is a bit more balanced than if Trudeau had won the majority he was seeking.

The conjunction with Mars suggests some upcoming conflict in store for Trudeau. On a very literal level, Mars represents Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole, head of the Official Opposition to Trudeau’s Liberals. O’Toole is a former officer in the Canadian military, so his connection to Mars is obvious.

Mercury also shares Libra with Mars and the Sun, and is about to station retrograde, which could indicate some kind of reversal or revision in the coming days, related to both Trudeau and the Canadian federal government as a whole.

It’s worth noting that at the time of the election on Monday, the Sun was still back in Virgo, a Mercury ruled sign, and Mercury has been slowing down for days now in preparation for the retrograde station on September 27. Again, I’m taking this to mean that the newly formed government doesn’t have much staying power. I’m expecting a non-confidence vote to come sooner rather than later, and history would suggest this likely as the average minority government only lasts a few months.

If I had to guess when, I’d say something major would be likely to occur around the Capricorn ingress on December 21, or possibly by the Aries ingress on March 20, 2022. We might not end up having another election (although this is entirely possible), but there could be challenges or changes to Trudeau’s position as PM.

Libra is ruled by Venus, which is debilitated in Scorpio in the eleventh house of this chart, and averse her domicile. This speaks to an inability for the government to pass legislation effectively. This is very literal with a minority government, as multiple parties need to work together and one side can’t just pass all the legislation that it wants. This will likely hamper or completely stall out some of the Liberal government’s big bills, especially the controversial ones like Bill C-10 and C-36.

The Moon is in Aries in the fourth house of this chart, showing that the public’s attention is opposite that of the Prime Minister – perhaps showing that Trudeau will fall increasingly out of favour. It also shows that the people are focused on matters of home and hearth; of land and crops, the buildings and structures themselves. This could indicate concerns with our food security, as well as with our natural resources – and indeed there was just news about workers in the fossil fuels sector (very fourth house) concerned about job security in light of Trudeau’s climate goals.

This also shows the public is focused on homes and housing – especially how expensive housing is, which is something Trudeau has promised to address.

The Moon rules the seventh house in this chart, tying these things to our foreign affairs. So the people are focused on our affairs with other nations as they relate to our land, food, natural resources and democracy.

On a very literal level, this is manifest as the continued closure of the land border with the US. That closure expired yesterday on September 21 but the US government extended the closure for another month.

Neptune, representing left-wing politics, is in the third house of communications, showing the Liberal party’s focus on those aforementioned bills B-10 and C-36 that are all about changing and regulating our telecommunications industry. The third house is also roads, rail and other transportation networks, so there is a focus here too. And Neptune can mean fraud, so perhaps there are some sketchy dealings happening within these areas. Certainly those Bills are very controversial, and we’re certain to hear more in the coming days.

Uranus, representing right-wing politics, is in the fifth house of entertainment, sports, children and food prices. If I had to pick any of the topics that the Conservative party would be most focused on, it would be the last one. However, the Trudeau government also made some big campaign promises about making child care more affordable, so it’s possible the Conservatives will have some things to say about this.

Uranus is also opposite Venus in the eleventh, showing that the Conservatives are going to be very opposed to pretty much every piece of legislation that the Liberals propose, unsurprisingly. Obviously, this is their role as the Official Opposition, but the fact that it’s Uranus suggests there will be some instability and sudden disruptions that occur within this context.

Jupiter shares the second house with Saturn. This is a boon to Canadian finances and helps mitigate some of the Saturnian restriction here. Canadian economic policy will be restructured and reworked during this period.

The government is called to address inflationary pressures and high housing prices (signified by Jupiter in the second – expanding prices), and will try to enact some Saturn restrictions on these things. Much of the financial discussion will focus around the ongoing pandemic, of course – symbolized by Saturn as well – and how to restructure our economy in the face of all the changes that the pandemic has wrought.

Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius are trine the planets in Libra (Sun, Mars, Mercury) which suggests cooperation between the government and government leaders with the financial sector. But it’s also square Venus in Scorpio, which suggests tension and conflict between the actual legislation being passed and the financial sector. Government leaders may say things in support of Canada’s economy and wealth, but what they actually pass as legislation may have the opposite effect.

Overall, I think these next three months will bring an ongoing transformation of Canadian identity. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention vaccine passports – a very Capricorn phenomenon – and how they are fundamentally reshaping Canada as a whole. That’s very literally shown in this chart with Pluto in the first house, ruled by Saturn in the second.

By adopting these passports and requiring them for access to many public places and services, we are fundamentally changing the way Canadians live, work and move around their lives.

These passports are also tied significantly to Canada’s economy – shown by Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, in the second house. Canadians must be vaccinated to spend their money in many establishments now, and the hope is that this will spur the economy by removing some of the pandemic restrictions that have been hampering these businesses. But it remains to be seen whether this actually occurs or not.

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