Talking Eclipses and 2023 Astrology on Nightbird Radio

Talking Eclipses and 2023 Astrology on Nightbird Radio

I was all too pleased to go back on Nightbird Radio to talk about the upcoming eclipses with Tim. We talked about eclipse mythology and how that feeds into eclipse remediation practices; current geopolitics and how the eclipses hit the charts of Russia and Ukraine; people who are eclipse-born like King Charles III, Prince William and Princess Catherine; and what happened during the spring 2022 eclipse season and how those topics might come up again.  

I also talked about the upcoming Mars retrograde in Gemini and gave some of my preliminary thoughts on the astrology of 2023 – particularly all the big shifts in March 2023. I’ll be posting more about that on my site in the next couple months, but if you listen to this episode you’ll get a sneak peek of the things rattling around in my head about what might come to pass next year and beyond. (Spoiler alert: it’s not all bad, really!)

Finally, we also spent a long time talking about how to navigate the times ahead; things to do (and not do) to prepare yourself;  becoming a good ancestor; facing death; and becoming immortal.

Thanks again to Tim for having me back on his awesome show!

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