Astrology Horoscopes for Mars in Gemini 2022

Astrology Horoscopes for Mars in Gemini 2022

Here we are folks – Mars will enter Gemini tomorrow, August 20, 2022. This is one of the most-anticipated transits for 2022 as Mars will spend seven months in the sign of the twins, due to his retrograde period between October 31, 2022 to January 13, 2023.

For some insight into how Mars in Gemini tends to behave, read this post.

I’ve also written about Mars’ overall journey in 2022 in this post.

I’ll write more about Mars’ retrograde period specifically, but for now I’d like to post some horoscopes for each of the signs. These are only focusing on the Mars in Gemini transit and what that might bring to your life, based on your rising sign.

Obviously there will be other astrological factors at play over the next seven months, and your personal situation will vary depending on your own natal chart and circumstances. If you really want to find out what this transit might bring up for you personally, book a consultation with me.

Aries Rising

You are likely to feel this transit more strongly because your Ascendant is ruled by Mars. Mars will be travelling through your third house which indicates communication, and with Gemini already signifying communication, there’s a real chance that you might run off at the mouth or otherwise say things that you don’t quite mean or that might come off as being overly hostile; people might also just misunderstand or misinterpret your words. The third house also rules siblings, uncles/aunts, and other relatives other than your immediate family; it also can indicate very close friends who are like family. So, be on guard for a heightened risk of conflicts and confrontations arising out of misunderstood communications with these types of people in your life. If you’re a writer, this might be a great time to get a lot of writing done – and even if you’re not, channeling your fiery words onto the page might work out better than saying them aloud. That doesn’t include posting on social media either – stay away from online flame wars!

I would also recommend getting your car a tune-up, particularly right before the retrograde period starts, because of the association of the third house with your daily commute and short-distance travel of all kinds. Even if you don’t drive, things might go haywire with your mode of getting around, so take extra care with your travel plans and try to build in some contingencies.

Taurus Rising

Mars will be in your second house of your personal finances and resources. This is a period where you have an increased chance of earning and burning money equally well. There may be some large expenses that come up that put a strain on your resources, but you also have an opportunity to make some extra money during this period. During the retrograde period, you might find some expenses come up related to things that you thought were previously settled. You also might feel extra pressure to make money but at the risk of burning yourself out, so take care that you aren’t stretching yourself too thin – this can take a toll on your mental health and your partner particularly, as your twelfth and seventh houses are ruled by Mars. So if you find yourself having to spend or make some money during this time, make sure you aren’t overburdening yourself with this and maintain clear lines of dialogue with your partner throughout. One of the classic ways this transit could manifest would be making a major purchase that you don’t discuss with your partner ahead of time, or that they aren’t on board with, so keep that in mind if you’re feeling money burning a hole in your pocket! 

Gemini Rising

You are definitely going to feel this transit! As Mars will be in your first house, you’ll be feeling Mars’ fire on your sense of self as well as your physical body. Mars also rules your sixth house, so this is a good time to re-evaluate all your health habits, particularly diet and exercise, and try to get onto a better schedule with those. Because your eleventh house is also ruled by Mars, a great way to work with this transit could be to join a gym, running club, or another health- or fitness-related community. Plus, being accountable to other people will make you more likely to stick to your goals!

Mars in the first can make you hot-headed and martial, and some people might react quite strongly to that (in both good and bad ways). There’s also an elevated risk of illness and accidents during this period, particularly from inflammatory conditions and cuts and burns, so try to take extra care of your health and don’t do anything too crazy (extreme sports aren’t a good idea at this time – running clubs yes, sky-diving clubs maybe not so much). You might also feel a strong urge to take some action related to your mental or physical health, or your health might feel frazzled and strained. Mars in Gemini brings the risk of mental burnout, and especially so for all the Gemini rising people out there, so it will be important to find ways to prevent yourself from getting too overwhelmed or anxious, and to have productive ways to recover when you do get super stressed. Try to cut back on stimulants like caffeine, and find ways to get all those fiery thoughts out in a productive (or at least not super destructive) way.

Cancer Rising

Mars will be in your twelfth house of isolation, self-sabotage and illness, so this might be a bit of a heavier transit for you. Take extra care of your health – the advice for Gemini Rising people applies to you too, particularly around mental health. The twelfth house can indicate mental illness and other mind-related challenges, so if you are prone to those already, this will really be a time where you need to take care of yourself. If you were thinking about starting or going back to therapy, this might be a really good way to productively process the transit. Mars rules your tenth and your fifth houses, so the triggers leading to these potential challenges are likely to stem from your work and/or your children. 

The twelfth house also indicates isolation and hidden things – you might feel an urge to take some time away and hide out from others, particularly when your brain is feeling overstimulated. Your job might also require you to spend some time working behind the scenes on various projects, or you find yourself wanting to spend a bunch of time privately working on some personal projects. The twelfth house also indicates chronic, long-term illnesses, so watch out for a flare-up of those. There’s a risk of falling into a pattern of overextending yourself at work to the point of having to take time off to deal with the fallout from that. A great way to work with this will be to focus on the things you do for fun, not for money, and lean into your creative and other pleasurable pursuits. 

Leo Rising

This transit will likely show up more in the people around you, particularly in various communities, groups and friend circles. With Mars going through your eleventh house, the conflicts he might bring will tend to be focused around others. This might turn out to be you having conflict with others, but it also might be conflicts appearing in those groups but without you being directly involved. However, you might also feel fired out to go and find some new communities, so if that seems to be where this is going, go for it! These groups might revolve around spirituality, religion and/or education, because Mars rules your ninth house. The key to navigating any challenges in these groups will be to stay out of the conflict and watch out for gossip, slander and arguments, and try not to engage as best as you can. When everyone else seems to be melting down around you, sometimes the best thing to do is just focus on yourself and keep your own balance. But don’t let this put you off finding your people and spending time with them.

You might also experience some conflicts cropping up at home and/or within your family, particularly with parents, as Mars rules your fourth. The way through this might be through taking some time away on a trip – Mars also rules your ninth house of travel. 

Virgo Rising

As this is Mercury’s other home sign, you might feel some extra pressure and conflict brought on by this transit. Mars will be in your tenth house of career, public reputation and your outward self, so there’s an increased chance of conflicts at work or related to your career, and in the public spaces you frequent. You might experience changes in your job status, and/or have some increased activity related to your career pursuits. Similar to the Leo Risings, you might also notice extra conflict around you, or that people seem extra fired up or confrontational. This is most likely to manifest in your workplace, but it could also be where you’re in public generally. Again, the best thing to do is to try to stay out of it and especially avoid any toxic workplace pitfalls like gossip and rumours (both spreading and dreading them).

With Mars ruling your third house, one of the best ways to work with this transit is related to communication, especially writing. Your esoteric interests might also come into play, as Mars also rules your eighth. Be aware that you may experience some financial strains coming from your partner’s finances at this time, which might feed into the pressures at work or vice-versa. You might also experience some issues around your car or the mode of transportation you use to get to work – again, just like the Aries rising folks, it’s a good time to make sure your car is in good shape and/or have other contingencies around your daily transportation needs.

Libra Rising

Mars in your ninth house of education, philosophy, spirituality so you might feel fired up to study something new – maybe you’ll buy some new books and/or enroll in a course that interests you, bringing in second house matters (which Mars rules in your chart). This might be something you explore with a partner too, as Mars rules your seventh as well. Alternatively, you might experience some challenges and conflicts related to these topics, maybe even having a crisis of faith. Your partner might be the one who brings this about, or they might just be along for the ride. You might be questioning the things you’ve learned or the underlying philosophies that you’ve taken for granted.

If you belong to any spiritual or religious communities, or other groups related to higher education (such as if you’re a student or work in education), you might feel some heightened conflict and stress around those areas. Overall, this could be a good transit for studying some new things and gaining new insights, but try not to go too hard – nobody likes a religious zealot. The ninth house also rules long-distance travel, so you might feel an increasing desire to travel abroad, especially with a partner. If you do, just be aware that there’s a bigger risk for travel snafus and other conflicts while you’re out and about, and that your plans might get delayed or changed, or otherwise need to be revised – particularly during the retrograde period.

Scorpio Rising

Watch out for the tax-man during this transit! Mars will be in your eighth house of other people’s money – mainly your partner’s, but also debts, taxes, inheritances and things of that nature. If you’re not caught up on your taxes or have other unresolved financial matters, especially related to loans or any amounts owing, now is the time to get those sorted out ASAP – definitely before Mars goes retrograde (though that might end up being exactly when this happens). Your partner’s finances might be challenged at this time, so be on the lookout for that. This is a good time to get a real handle on financial matters of all sorts, like making a budget and planning some longer-term financial goals. You also might find yourself wanting to become more regimented about your physical health as well, and taking up some better habits related to diet and exercise.

The eighth house also rules death, so there’s a chance that death might show up in your life during this period. No, you probably won’t die, but the topic of death might become more prominent in some way. You might also feel a draw to exploring occult and other esoteric pursuits at this time. As Mars rules Scorpio, you’re likely to feel this transit more strongly – but the eighth house is mysterious and hidden, so the ways that it manifests might not be immediately obvious.

Sagittarius Rising

Try not to fight with your partner! Mars will be traveling through your seventh house of partnerships, bringing an elevated risk of fights, arguments and other conflicts with the closest people in your life. Often this will be your spouse, but it could also be business partners or other people with whom you have a very close, one-on-one relationship. If you are in a relationship that’s just not working out and going nowhere, now is the time to cut the ties and break it off. Alternatively, this could also bring some fire and passion into your sex life – things might get hot, so go with it! Be careful about forming any partnerships when Mars is in his retrograde period, particularly of a business nature, because things might end up needing to be revised or reworked in some way, or the person might otherwise turn out to be a source of conflict that will have a profound affect on you.

This transit also might show up with your kids, and especially in the dynamic between you, your partner, and your kids. Navigating new or challenged family dynamics might be something that has to happen during this period. There’s a risk that you get burned out and want to run away, with Mars also ruling your twelfth house. Try to listen to others especially if they’re trying to help you figure out the ways that you tend to self-sabotage.  

Capricorn Rising

Now is the time to take good care of your health. Like the Gemini and Cancer folks, Capricorn rising people will need to be more vigilant about their health while Mars is transiting their sixth house. Watch out for sudden acute conditions, particularly of an inflammatory nature. This might be a good time to get into better eating habits if that’s an area you’ve been neglecting. The sixth house also rules drudgery work, so there’s a definite possibility that you’ll be burdened with a lot of extra work during this time. The danger is having to take on more than you can handle, which is then likely to have a negative feedback loop with your health.

This transit also shines a spotlight on your immediate family, especially your parents, as well as the communities that you belong to. If you’re in a caregiver situation with your parents, this period will likely be increasingly strained. Alternatively, you might find a lot of extra work coming from the groups you’re in – try not to say yes to everything that people ask of you, and be aware that you’ll have an increased tendency to become overworked, and that health issues can directly result from that.

Aquarius Rising

Your children might be an extra source of challenge at this time – parents, beware! Try to have as much patience as you can if conflicts crop up with the little ones. Children are a main topic of the fifth house, and this also includes having children – you might find yourself trying to conceive during this time. There’s also a dynamic involving your work, with Mars ruling your tenth house, as well as communication challenges with Mars also ruling your third. Try to avoid overscheduling your kids over the next few months, because the patterns here show stress and tension coming from being locked in a cycle of your work, your daily commute, and your kids – having to take them to a million sports games, lessons and appointments.

If children aren’t a factor in your life, the fifth house also rules pleasure and creativity, so this will be a really good period to work on your creative pursuits or other things like bring you pleasure. The danger will be having too much of a good thing and getting overstimulated or overindulgent in your pleasure-seeking. You might also feel a bit resentful about not enjoying your work, and/or wanting to make some career moves that are more aligned with what you do that you actually like doing. 

Pisces Rising

With Mars transiting your fourth house, conflicts at home taken on an added edge. The fourth house is family and your domestic life, so be on the lookout for conflicts and challenges related to those areas – and during the retrograde period, it might be past conflicts that you thought were over, rearing their heads up again. This will mainly be related to your immediate family, especially your parents. There could be things that you’ll have to spend money on (Mars rules your second), which could be a source of these tensions. You might want to escape on a trip for a period of time.

You should also do a thorough survey of your physical house and make sure everything is in good working condition, especially all the wiring and anything that produces heat (furnace, hot water heater, oven, dryer). Transits of Mars through the fourth house increase the risk of fire and breakages at home, so you want to try to minimize those dangers as much as possible. And make sure you’ve got a fire extinguisher around, just in case. You might also find yourself doing some big home renovations too. The fourth house is also your most private self, so you might feel fired up about matters that are very personal to you, which you may not be so keen to share with others. If you do find yourself in a bit of a personal crisis, try to let people know that you need some space and support without lashing out. You might find this feeds into a newfound desire to explore new topics of interest, particularly around spirituality, philosophy or other matters of higher education. You might want to spend some money pursuing these topics, which could also be a source of conflict in your family, but might be just the thing you need to do to stay sane.

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