Money and Justice: Canada’s 2022 Cancer Ingress Astrology Forecast

Money and Justice: Canada’s 2022 Cancer Ingress Astrology Forecast

We are almost at the summer solstice, which is the Cancer ingress in astrological terms – this is when the Sun enters Cancer and marks the start of summer in the northern hemisphere. The Aries ingress chart is the primary chart used for forecasting what the coming year will bring, however the ingress charts for the other cardinal points (Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are also key charts to examine. They give a sort of update on what was established by the Aries chart.

Canada’s 2022 Aries ingress chart also had a cardinal sign (Cancer) on the Ascendant degree, meaning that it only referred to a period of three months. That takes us to now, the Cancer ingress, so I would like to look at that chart to see how things have shifted since the spring.

If you refer back to my post on the Aries ingress, you’ll see that the story was all about money, with particular emphasis on the eighth house of foreign or external financial relations and the eleventh house of legislation. The Sun, signifying the Prime Minister, was right at the top of the chart in the tenth house. Things have shifted quite a lot for the Cancer ingress:

This chart has a Gemini Ascendant ruled by Mercury in the first house. This puts a strong emphasis on Canadian media, transportation, as well as trade and commerce, and the general state of prosperity and wealth in Canada. Mercury is sextile the Moon in Aries which is making an applying conjunction to Jupiter in Aries, which is a supportive boost to these areas.

Hopefully this means some good news in terms of Canada’s financial situation and wealth over the next few months. Note the trine between the Ascendant (and Mercury, by sign) to Saturn in Aquarius, the ninth house of this chart – signifying shipping and trade. I expect there will be big news related to Canadian transportation and trade networks. Saturn in Aquarius in the ninth also suggests that Canada’s travel restrictions are likely to continue for some time – while some restrictions were lifted recently, I don’t see them all going away for a while yet.

There could also be big news about Canada’s media landscape, especially money and financing related to our media industry. Media networks, especially online ones, will also be the focus. Right off the bat that has me thinking about Bill C-11, The Online Streaming Act, which is very contentious and has brought up issues about Canadian identity and Canadian storytelling as it relates to our media landscape – a very literal manifestation of Mercury in the first house of Gemini in this Cancer ingress chart.

Canada is and will continue to benefit from the ever-rising price of oil and gas. While we are dealing with the same inflationary pressures as everywhere else, our status as an oil and gas producing nation will have a positive impact on our national finances. There may be some big trade deals coming down the (oil) pipe for Canada. I do wonder if we’ll resume talks about building more pipelines, in light of this.

The Moon represents the people and Jupiter represents banks, so their conjunction shows the people “going to the bank” so to speak. This could be good or bad; given that it’s in fiery Aries, there’s a sense of urgency and wanting to take control of finances. Maybe there will be a bank run.

This is also in the eleventh house of legislation and parliament, so the federal government may put through some sort of legislation this summer that would cause people to panic or otherwise have some anxiety about their finances, though there could also be some positive news here too. That strong Mars does tend to suggest more conflict than positivity, however.

Jupiter also represents the justice system and national inquests. I wonder if there will be legislation passed or proposed that will be further related to the trucker convoy, vaccine mandates and other pandemic-related issues. We are still waiting to hear the outcome of the inquiry into Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act during the convoy protests in early 2022. That Moon-Jupiter conjunction, combined with Mars’ co-presence in the eleventh house suggests that we’ll get a big update on that and that it might be quite contentious.

Jupiter also represents justice in general, so there’s going to be a lot of public attention focused on justice, in whatever form that might take.

The Moon in Aries – especially being conjunct Jupiter and co-present Aries’ ruler Mars – is a pioneering, courageous, even domineering Moon. This signifies the people wanting to take charge and run with things, and it will be centered around Canada’s legislation as well as on our country as a whole, and themes of justice, truth, and our national wealth.

The emphasis on money, wealth and banks is also shown by the Sun in the second house of finances. The Sun represents the Prime Minister, so I read this as Trudeau being focused on wealth over the summer and into the fall. Certainly, Canada will have to grapple with inflation and banks are expected to raise interest rates a few times this year.

Being in the sign of Cancer means the Sun is ruled by the Moon, which is in Aries as I previously mentioned. This is a very big shift from the Aries ingress chart, where the Moon was void-of-course and in the last degree of Libra, languishing down in the fourth house while all the other planets were above the horizon. Things have reversed positions, and now it’s the Sun down below the horizon while all the other planets are above it. As well, in the Cancer ingress chart, the Moon is now only 3 degrees away from the position that the Sun occupied in the Aries ingress chart.

This suggests a role reversal between the citizens of Canada and the Prime Minister between spring and summer. At the Aries ingress in the spring, the Prime Minister and federal government were all powerful and ruling; at the Cancer ingress in the summer, the people are now stepping into power while the Prime Minister and his federal government are busy counting coins.

This Canada Day, I see Canadians redefining and doubling down on their Canadian identity. There will likely be some soul-searching, but overall, it’s a very aggressive movement forward.

The Sun’s position in the second, ruled by the Moon in the eleventh, means there could also be some legislation proposed or put in place directly related to our national finances and wealth. With Mars in rulership in Aries, that legislation is likely to be of a more martial nature and likely to stir up a lot of conflict.

There may be legislation related to strikes and labour conflicts as well. Mars can signify strikes, and Mars also rules the sixth house which is workers and unions – as well as sickness and public health. That sounds a lot like the ongoing issues related to front-line workers and healthcare workers during the pandemic, and involvement of their unions.

The sixth house and Mars also represent the military, so Mars’ presence in the eleventh house could suggest some legislation related to the military as well. Undoubtedly this will involve the conflict in Ukraine, but it could also involve the ongoing issue with sexual misconduct in the Canadian armed forces.

At the time of the Aries ingress, I noted that Canada would get a federal budget in the spring and that the emphasis would be on financial recovery from the pandemic as well as military defence spending in light of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The budget was indeed focused on post-pandemic recovery, particularly around affordable housing, climate change and defence spending. Recently, there have been more calls for Canada to increase military spending to meet NATO targets, as well.

I also made a wild prediction in my Aries ingress post and suggested there was a possibility that Trudeau might lose his job as PM and be replaced by Chrystia Freeland, federal Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

Well, that did not happen – and I did think it was a very long shot! However, I do think that the coalition – er-hem, agreement – between the Liberals and NDP will be strained over the next few months. I also think Freeland is likely to come into the spotlight again at some point this year.

And hey – we’re still only at the start of the 12-month period defined by the Aries ingress chart. There’s a lot of time left in that forecast – and a lot of spicy space weather in the second half of 2022.

There’s one final aspect in this ingress chart that I’d like to discuss: Venus in Taurus, which is the twelfth house of this chart, is in an extremely close trine with Pluto in Capricorn, the eighth house.

This could signify some intense and transformative developments related to women’s issues, particularly reproductive rights, maternal healthcare and midwifery, Indigenous women’s rights and health, sex workers, women’s mortality rates and abortion laws. Because this is the twelfth house, it could signify something related to women’s prisons, and/or women in long-term care homes or other institutions.

I don’t think they will reopen the abortion debate in Canada because that’s a political non-starter here, plus we don’t have a Roe v. Wade legislation like in the US. However, I could see this as a further development related to women’s rights, particularly our sex-based rights.

Venus is in rulership, so she has a lot of strength, however the twelfth house is a difficult place and any aspects to Pluto can be quite difficult, even supportive aspects like trines. Plus, Venus is close to the Uranus-North Node conjunction, which adds a level of disruption and anarchy to whatever occurs in this area. Maybe this will be a major development in the ongoing issue of dealing with sexual misconduct in the Canadian armed forces, as I mentioned previously.

There could also be a major crime that occurs in Canada involving women or a woman, or a major development related to crime against women. Perhaps there will be a deliverance of justice in this area, or some other exposure of previously hidden crimes. These aspects make me think of the ongoing inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, as well as the Robert Pickton case from several years ago. These are very dark things, but Pluto aspects are dark and dangerous.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll post more Canadian astrology content soon. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think is in store for Canada this summer.

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