Money, Money, Money: Canada’s 2022 Aries Ingress Astrology Forecast

Money, Money, Money: Canada’s 2022 Aries Ingress Astrology Forecast

A time-honoured method of astrological forecasting is to look at the Aries ingress chart set for the exact moment the Sun enters Aries in a nation’s capital. This is a surprisingly accurate way to see what might be in store for that country that year. So let’s see what’s coming up for Canada in 2022 – and if you’re keen to learn more, I’ll be delivering a 2022 astrological forecast for Canada at an upcoming OPA event.

This chart has Cancer rising, so it’s only good for the next three months. Time will move quickly this spring. By the time summer rolls around, the situation will be quite different than it is at the time I’m writing this (March 2022). The cardinal sign on the Ascendant means this is a time of initiative, where Canada will be taking charge and starting some big new projects and/or moving in bold new directions. Whether or not we follow through on those projects/directions is another matter.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, symbolizing the common people and public attention, down in the very last degree of Libra in the fourth house. The public’s attention is focused on matters of home, country and democracy.

The Moon is in the Via Combusta and is Void of Course, suggesting that the people are tired and weakened. They are ready to move on and make a change, but circumstances are preventing them from doing so over the next few months. It also implies that nothing will come from the people’s own actions; we are at the mercy of what our leader/federal government does this spring. As a side note, this is true of all the 2022 Aries ingress charts across the entire world: they all have a Void Moon in the Via Combusta. So, unfortunately it’s not a great period for the little people and we are at risk of being steamrolled by powerful forces – be they governmental, corporate, militaristic, technological, or whatever else.

All the planets except the Moon are above the horizon. This suggests Canada will continue to play a more prominent role on the world stage, continuing what we’ve seen since January 2022 when the trucker convoy threw Canada into the spotlight. All of these forces will conspire to keep Canada acting in a very visible way.


The Sun is at the top of the chart in the tenth house, so all eyes will be focused on the Prime Minister and our federal government this spring. Also note how the Sun just entered the tenth house, just as the Moon is about to exit the fourth house. Picture the Prime Minister entering a room right as everyone in that room stands up and walks out. The people do not care to stop and listen to what the PM has to say; they are opposed to him. 

The Sun/tenth house is ruled by Mars in the eighth house of other people’s money, who is currently putting a squeeze on poor Venus. Indeed, Venus is currently besieged between Mars and Saturn, a very tense and unhappy position for the fair lady. On a very literal level, this is peace trapped between war (Mars) and death (Saturn).

So, that’s pretty obviously describing the situation that Canada and the rest of the world is facing this spring: we are trying to restore balance and peace while being besieged by the ongoing COVID pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine.

This is playing out for Canada particularly in the realm of our foreign financial relations and our death duties – i.e.  continued fallout and clean-up from the pandemic, as well as the issue of what aid we will be sending to Ukraine. In both cases, these issues will be dealt with mostly through financial channels.

Taurus is the eleventh house of legislation in the Aries ingress chart, and Uranus is here squaring Mars-Venus-Saturn in Aquarius in the eighth. Again, there’s that link between legislation and foreign financial dealings.

We can expect surprising pieces of legislation, which might be in conflict with or arise out of conflicts in our foreign financial dealings, and/or in our continued financial recovery from the pandemic. There’s also tension between Canada’s “friends” and our foreign finances. I’ll leave it to you to decide who are friends are. We may very well redefine these relationships, and add or remove nations from that list, over the next year.

Recall that Moon down in the fourth – what the people want is not going to be reflected in Canada’s foreign affairs or the ways it tries to recover from the pandemic, on both a social and a financial level.

These aspects (the Mars-Saturn besiegement of Venus, square Uranus; as well as transit Uranus through our second house) show the dynamics at play in the upcoming Canadian federal budget, which is likely to be presented in early April. The federal government spent huge sums during the pandemic and now has to weigh “billions of dollars worth of demands for immediate relief from sectors still struck by the pandemic against calls for tax cuts and spending measures to boost productivity and business investment long-term.” Additionally, there have been recent calls for increased defence spending in light of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Very clearly, we see the tenuous balance (Venus) of debts, taxes and other spending (eighth house) between pandemic relief (Saturn) and military expenses (Mars).

The federal budget is also a confidence vote for Canada’s minority Liberal government. If the Liberals don’t receive enough votes for their proposed budget, it triggers a no confidence motion and then we either get a federal election or the Prime Minister resigns.

At first, I thought it unlikely that the federal government would receive a no confidence vote this year, but I looked into the previous no confidence motions in Canadian history and I have to say, there are some very interesting similarities in the astrology of those times and now – particularly in 1974, when Pierre Trudeau was ousted after a no confidence vote. (Like father, like son?) In that chart, Mars and Saturn were besieging Venus too, albeit by aspect from different signs instead of all in the same sign as they are now. Jupiter was also in Pisces then, and square Neptune – so not quite the same as the current Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, but very similar. Very interesting in terms of both fate and ancestral lineage.

This is a wild prediction but I’m going to throw it out there anyway: there’s a not-zero chance that Justin Trudeau might not be the Prime Minister of Canada by the end of 2022.

This seems like a low probability event right now, but there’s no denying the similar aspects at play now as back in 1974 with Trudeau’s father. Also, Justin Trudeau has some rough transits this year: he is in a Mars-ruled profection year; the Mars-Venus-Saturn conjunction is in his sixth house (where his natal Venus is too); the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction happens within one degree of his natal Mars at 29 Pisces; and he will have a gnarly Mars retrograde in his tenth house (i.e. career, reputation) later this year, which will also include Mars crossing his natal Saturn first. So there’s a lot of rough space weather in Trudeau’s chart courtesy of Mars and Saturn, and he’s going to have a tough time regardless of what does or doesn’t happen with his job this spring.

If a no confidence motion does happen, it would perhaps come from dissent in the Liberal and NDP parties, smelling weakness – perhaps because of how Trudeau handled the trucker convoy situation. (Maybe this will result from the Emergencies Act debriefing? More on this below.) Or maybe there will be a scandal of some sort, and the Liberals will need to replace Trudeau in an attempt to save face and retain power. (If it’s that, I’m betting on a #MeToo type situation, especially due to Venus’ position in the Aries chart – which is the same sign as Trudeau’s natal Venus, and in his sixth house to boot.) He could even have a sudden health incident that means he needs to step down – that malefic besiegement in his sixth house could definitely indicate health issues.

Again, all of these events are unlikely but not impossible. If Trudeau does vacate the PM seat, my money is on Chrystia Freeland to take over. And that would probably be so much worse for the people of Canada. 

In Canada’s natal chart, the ongoing square between Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius is occurring across Canada’s eleventh and second houses. So yet again, the story is one of legislation and money – Canada’s own finances as well as its financial dealings with other nations, as shown in the ingress chart.

Uranus entered Taurus in 2019 and stays there until 2026. Natally, Canada has Pluto at 15 Taurus. So, we are right in the middle of a profound process of radical transformation of our national wealth, finances and banking. I’m expecting big developments in this tale very soon, as transit Uranus will make an exact conjunction with Canada’s natal Pluto on May 21, 2022, December 8, 2022 and March 7, 2023.

Also, this year’s eclipses happen across the Taurus-Scorpio axis, so it pings both Canada’s natal Pluto in Taurus and natal Saturn in Scorpio, with transit Uranus added to the mix – across our second and eighth houses of national finances/foreign finances. The first eclipse of the year is solar eclipse on April 30, 2022 at 10 Taurus, followed by a lunar eclipse on May 16, 2022 at 25 Scorpio. In the fall, we get a solar eclipse on October 25, 2022 at 2 Scorpio and then a lunar eclipse on November 8, 2022 at 16 Taurus. That last one will be within one degree of Canada’s natal Pluto. Intense, profound transformation.

So, the emphasis over and over again is money, money, money – and legislation related to money. Watch for key developments that occur around the dates I noted above.

Here are some of the things that I think we’ll see that are related to all of this focus on the eleventh-second-eighth house transits, aspects and eclipses:

Emergencies Act debriefing
Within 60 days after the expiration or revocation of a declaration of emergency (which happened on February 23, 2022), an inquiry must be held to investigate “the circumstances that led to the declaration being issued and the measures taken for dealing with the emergency.” There are already clashes over the makeup of the committee that will conduct this inquiry.

This inquiry will occur in the next couple months, and this is aligned with Jupiter’s current transit through Canada’s twelfth house – Jupiter represents national inquiries and the judicial system, and the twelfth house is all that is hidden away. More on that below.

People have already rightly pointed out that the Emergencies Act is a “legislative bomb” that could be used to target any group that opposes the federal government, such as Indigenous groups. So it will be very interesting to see what comes of this debriefing.

Cryptocurrency regulation
This is related to the Emergencies Act debriefing, as one of the main things that the federal government did under this Act was to change FINTRAC rules related to cryptocurrency, which federal finance minister Chrystia Freeland has stated she’d like to make permanent. I can’t find anything to back up for sure whether these changes are actually going to be permanent, but it seems to be the case.

Digital ID/Central Bank Digital Currency
Canada is going to be an early adopter of a digital currency and digital ID system that the World Economic Forum (WEF) has been talking and developing for a long time. Most recently, the WEF released a report in which they propose collecting data from many aspects of people’s everyday lives and suggest a digital ID to scoop data on everything from online behaviour and purchase history, to biometrics and medical history (including vaccine status, of course).  

The problems and dangers associated with this should be obvious, but let me spell it out: with all this information tied to your ID, it would be very simple for the government to deny basic services to anyone that stepped out of line in some way. Canada’s federal government recently frozen bank accounts and assets of political dissidents through invoking the Emergencies Act; a digital currency/digital ID system could allow them to accomplish the same thing much more easily, without having to resort to invoking emergency legislation.

Canada is already well on its way to building out this infrastructure – here’s a page on the federal government’s website talking about how digital IDs are “kind of like being invited to a really exciting party”. (Clearly, the federal government’s idea of an exciting dinner party is extremely different than mine.)

This article makes it seem like the digital ID is being created purely for our convenience so we can access all federal services with one ID. That sounds great on paper, but the implications are very troubling. Plus, the wording they use is certainly ominous – the last section is entitled: “One ID to rule them all.” So yeah, expect this to be on its way very soon. I can just see the name now: CANPass or something like that.

EDIT: about an hour after publishing this article, I found this news story from a couple days ago about a new partnership between the Bank of Canada and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, announcing a joint Central Bank Digital Currency. So this is well underway.

Universal Basic Income – Bill S-233
Universal basic income is not a new idea and a few jurisdictions in Canada have piloted various forms of this in the past. Nonetheless, rolling out a basic income at the federal level is a massive change for Canada’s finances. This is a long-term story that will continue playing out as Uranus travels through Taurus, but I am expecting some big news related to it this year. The Senate is already working on this with Bill S-233, the first reading of which was on December 16, 2021. I could see developments timed around the eclipses in April/May and October/November, and/or when Uranus directly conjoins Canada’s natal Pluto in May and December 2022 and March 2023. This will also be tied to the digital ID.

Switching gears now to talk about Jupiter’s transit through Canada’s natal twelfth house: I expect we will also get some more developments related to the ongoing discovery of unmarked graves of missing Indigenous children at residential schools throughout Canada. The initial discovery of these graves happened during Jupiter’s first ingress into Pisces back in the summer of 2021. No more graves were found after Jupiter retrograded back into Aquarius. Then there was another recent development in this story after Jupiter returned to Pisces, with another gravesite discovered at a residential school north of Edmonton.

Jupiter is about to conjoin Neptune in Pisces. Natally, Canada has Jupiter in Pisces so we recently had a Jupiter return – that went exact on February 2, 2022 – right at the height of the trucker convoy protests in Ottawa and across the country. As I’ve written about already, the convoy protests were marked by the parade of planets through Capricorn and into Aquarius, Canada’s tenth and eleventh houses.

However, they are also related to our Jupiter return in that Jupiter represents matters of national justice – and the convoy protests certainly brought those issues to bear in a huge way. Keep in mind that Pisces is Canada’s twelfth house, so having Jupiter here means that our matters of national justice are often hidden from view – like those unmarked graves. This Jupiter return in our twelfth house, therefore, manifested as Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act. Those in favour of this invocation felt it was indeed just and necessary to re-establish order. Others felt that this was a grave injustice and an example of huge governmental overreach. Regardless of which side you are on, the matters of national justice were clearly at play, and they were clouded by Neptune’s dreamy influence.

In this Aries ingress chart, Jupiter is in Pisces making an applying conjunction to Neptune. Mercury is also closely conjoined Jupiter. The Midheaven is also in Pisces. This is occurring in the ninth house of the ingress chart, signifying shipping and trade – certainly that’s been a hot topic for the last few months/years.

Jupiter’s presence here suggests judicial matters around this area – and as he approaches Neptune, things are likely to get more confusing and cloudy. Mercury doesn’t really help much either, because Mercury is double debilitated in Pisces. So, the messaging about whatever the Jupiter-Neptune stuff is will be further confusing and misleading. It’s not quite the flavour of a Mercury retrograde, but it has that similar quality of ineffective communications. There’s likely to be a lot of confusion around Canada’s shipping/trade, which is probably no surprise to anyone at this point.

Jupiter also rules the sixth house in this chart, so it draws in the issues of workers and public health. As I’ve discussed already, Pisces is Canada’s twelfth house natally, signifying prisons, hospitals and long-term care homes. So, there could be court decisions made about the trucker convoy protests, as well as judicial matters related to Canada’s long term care homes and hospitals/public health care. Any developments in these areas over the next three months will be made under a veil of confusion and uncertainty, and will lead to further confusion in the long run. Everyone will have their own idea of what the reality of the situation really is, and there will be many versions of truth and justice.

As Jupiter moves into Aries later in 2022, moving out of Canada’s twelfth house and into the first, I hope this means the things that were unearthed during his travels can be viewed in the clear, sober light of day, that we might finally integrate them into our national identity instead of keeping them buried in the dark.

I will do another post on Canada’s 2022 Cancer ingress, because as I mentioned at the start of this piece, the Aries ingress chart only covers the next three months or so and the situation will be very different by the time summer arrives. For now, prepare for a tense spring that will plant many different seeds, particularly in the realm of money and legislation. Some will sprout and grow throughout the year; some will remain inert in the earth – for now.

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