Tremors is the best movie of all time and here’s why

Tremors is the best movie of all time and here’s why

My all-time favourite movie is Tremors. Yes, the monster movie with Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward. I have seen it dozens of times – probably over 100 at this point. It is, without question, my deserted island movie.

When I first started listening to the fantastic Soapbox podcast, I made a mental note to ask hosts Reverend Janglebones and Kurt if I could come on to talk about Tremors at some point. And I finally did it!

This was such a fun conversation. Yes, I know everyone says that when they are promoting podcasts. But I really mean it. The episode clocked in at well over three hours (which is typical of Soapbox and a feature, not a bug) and we could have just kept going.

Of course I pulled the astrology chart of the movie and we talked about that. (It’s horrible, by the way – no wonder Tremors bombed at the box office! A stellium in Capricorn, Mercury Retrograde, yeesh.) I also mentioned some of the natal placements of Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, and their great synastry with both each other and the movie.

But we talked about tons of other stuff too: magic, both movie magic and real magic, some fun conspiracy stuff, the universality of “the floor is lava” game (which is basically the premise of Tremors, if you think about it), how a lot of newer horror movies don’t have the same heart as old ones and why that might be, and more. It’s really hard to summarize everything we talked about, so take a listen for yourself.

And if you also love Tremors – or think I’m totally off base and insane – please comment or send me an email!

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