The Birthday Party: Edmonton Fringe 2019 review

The Birthday Party: Edmonton Fringe 2019 review

Harold Pinter’s 1958 absurdist classic is a play that you should see at least once, if for no other reason than its seminal importance in the history of drama – not to mention in Pinter’s own Nobel Prize-winning career. And this marvelously acted Fringe production is an excellent choice if you haven’t had the chance yet. The six actors assembled here have obviously put in a lot of work preparing for this one and each delivers a superb performance. The accents (from working class English to posh British to Irish brogue) are particularly good. That said, this is absurdist theatre, so be prepared to be utterly confounded. Have a drink (helpfully, there’s a concession right in the venue) and just let it wash over you.

Harold Pinter, Photo: PA

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