Signs of Spring: Rosé Wine

Signs of Spring: Rosé Wine

Everyone has their own particular signs of spring – those triggers that grab your attention and make you think, “Hey! There actually IS an end to this winter!” Of course, in Edmonton we always get late spring snow well after the calendar start to spring in March; today is prime example of this phenomenon, which always sees people surprised and disconcerted even though it literally happens every year. I don’t get it.

Anyway, that doesn’t stop me from declaring it spring as soon as I notice one particular thing, weather be damned: a craving for rosé wine. (Spotting Canada geese that have returned from the south is a close second, but I always seems to crave the wine first. Go figure.) That happened just last week, and so therefore I declare this year’s start of spring in Edmonton as April 11.

That declaration prompted this week’s wine column in Vue: a dabble into the world of rosé, which I think is a pretty under-appreciated style of wine – at least around these parts. Also, I think a lot of people assume it’s a blend of red and white wine, which isn’t true. Not usually, anyway – there are exceptions (because there are always exceptions).

Read the article here and enlighten thyself. Then go buy a bottle of rosé and ignore all that blowing snow – it’s spring. Trust me.

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