Join me to talk about the astrology of fall 2023

Join me to talk about the astrology of fall 2023

I recently took over as the lead of OPA’s Canada satellite. OPA is The Organization for Professional Astrology. I joined OPA a few years ago when I became a professional astrologer and I did a lecture for them earlier this year on twelfth parts.

A few months ago, the former Canada satellite lead, Donna Young, asked if I would like to take over from her as she had recently become the president of Kepler College and no longer had the time to devote to OPA. I accepted, so here I am!

Another fellow Canadian astrologer, Jennifer Ng, is joining me to help lead OPA Canada. We are co-hosting our first event this coming weekend. This is a café-style event with no formal lecture. Instead, we invite all attendees to join us to talk about the current astrology of fall 2023. We want to speak about the recent retrograde cycles of Venus and Mercury in particular, but all astrology topics are on the table. This event comes just a day after the second and final eclipse in the current eclipse season, and I expect we’ll chat about those as well.

This event is free for OPA members, and $15 for non-members. If you are already a member of OPA, you will soon get an invite with the link to the event. If you’re a non-member but would like to attend, please register on the OPA website and you’ll be sent a link.

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