Folding the Money Rose: Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 2023

Folding the Money Rose: Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 2023

The summer of 2023 has been all about the Venus retrograde in Leo. That has been dredging up all sorts of Venusian baggage, flavoured with Uranian spikes of chaos.

The second half of the Venus Rx cycle is further complicated by a Mercury retrograde cycle in the neighbouring sign of Virgo.

Side-by-side signs are considered averse in traditional astrology. They can’t “see” each other and share nothing in common. They have different polarities, modalities and elements. This aspect is also known as a semi-sextile.

With both Venus and now Mercury retrograde, the heavens are giving us lots of chances for the remediation and revisionary processes that retrogrades call for.

Retrogrades are great times to revisit the themes, topics and events in your life associated with the retrograde planet. For Venus Rx, that’s all the Venus things in your life: relationships, love, pleasure, desire, beauty, material comforts, fashion, art, harmony, balance.

For Mercury Rx, it’s all the mercurial stuff: communication, finance and commerce, technology, travel.

With both Mercury and Venus retrograde together, the themes of exchange and commerce are interacting with the themes of relating and admiring. It may feel like these two spheres are operating independently, especially given that the planets are averse. The trick is to find the hidden or less obvious ways that they interact.

Be cautious with what you say in your relationships. Spend time reflecting on how your desires interact with what you value. Consider how your financial situation helps or hinders your artistic pursuits, your relationships with others, your material comforts.

Perhaps this is a time to reconsider what you spend money on to feel good and indulge yourself – or conversely, maybe it’s time to indulge a bit more in such things, if you usually withhold them from yourself.

Here are the key dates for Mercury’s 2023 retrograde cycle in Virgo:

  • Aug 3: Mercury enters the Rx shadow period
  • Aug 23: Mercury stations Rx at 21 Virgo
  • Sept 6: Mercury cazimi at 13 Virgo
  • Sept 15: Mercury stations direct at 8 Virgo
  • Sept 30: Mercury exits the Rx shadow period

Since this particular Mercury retrograde is in the earth sign of Virgo, there may be emphasis on the more earthy aspects related to Mercury – more issues with travelling and technology, as opposed to more airy issues of communication breakdown. (But those will happen too, undoubtedly.)

Given that Mercury rules Virgo, I’m cautiously optimistic that this one won’t be as bad as Mercury retrogrades that occur in signs where Mercury doesn’t have essential dignity. But as always, look at where Virgo is in your chart, and the condition of your natal Mercury, for further insight into how this one might affect you personally.

This particular Mercury retrograde begins with Mercury conjunct Mars, trine Uranus and opposite Neptune; it ends with Mercury opposite Saturn. So, the beginning of it should be more intense, confusing, and conflict-heavy than the end. You might feel like this Mercury Rx ends in a stalemate or blockage. Things will begin to unravel and/or progress again in the second half of September, but be on guard for flare-ups related to the initial conflict/confusion towards the end of the month.

As always, apply the standard rules for remediating/mitigating Mercury retrogrades:

  1. Maintain ruthless digital hygiene.
    • Back up all your files before the Rx (or as soon as you remember).
    • Back up all important docs/project files daily – even if you just email them to yourself.
    • Proofread/edit all emails and messages twice before sending. Open the attachments too.
    • Save frequently.
    • Don’t respond to emails/messages immediately when they elicit a kneejerk emotional reaction.
    • Avoid or severely restrict social media time and don’t argue with strangers online. Ever. They aren’t worth it.
    • Keep your phone charged and change the batteries in any A/V equipment you might need to use.
  2. Prepare to be late.
    • Build buffer time into your schedule – avoid back to back meetings/calls and leave earlier when you’re going out. That quick trip is going to take twice as long.
    • If you’re traveling farther abroad, make sure you have planned out your contingencies. (Are you prepared to spend an extra day or two at that location? Pack undies and a toothbrush in your carry-on.)
    • Get a tune-up/change the oil in your car; do some maintenance on your bike; get extra transit passes/re-load your transit card, etc. – make sure your ride, whatever it might be, is in good condition.
  3. Avoid making major life decisions.
    • Don’t sign any contracts, do any major financial transactions (major purchases, selling stock, etc.), or make significant future plans.
    • There’s a high probability that anything mercurial things done in this period will need further revision in the future, so it’s best to avoid these altogether where possible.
  4. Chill out.
    • It’s just a Mercury retrograde. Space weather serves up way scarier things than this.

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