Communication Breakthrough: Canada’s 2022 Libra Ingress Astrology Forecast

Communication Breakthrough: Canada’s 2022 Libra Ingress Astrology Forecast

This is a look at Canada’s Libra ingress chart and the astrological forecast for Canada for the next three months. As always with the yearly ingress charts, the Aries ingress takes priority as the overall indicator for the year – read this post for my forecast on Canada’s 2022 Aries ingress.

The Sun moves into Libra with a bang this year, punctuated by an exact conjunction with retrograde Mercury right at 0 Libra, only 29 minutes apart. This is the Mercury cazimi, the inferior conjunction, which occurs a few times a year as part of Mercury’s retrograde cycle.

This suggests we might get some surprising or revelatory news from the Prime Minister this fall. Despite the Libra ingress occurring during Mercury retrograde, because it happens at the exact cazimi, this is actually an auspicious moment that boosts the chances of an intelligible message to break through the confusion and noise characterizing the rest of Mercury’s retrograde period.

Because Libra falls in the sixth house of this chart, the messages coming down from Trudeau might involve the military, particularly related to military spending with Mars in Gemini, in the second house of this chart. It could also be related to labour, workers and worker unions, and spending in those areas. There have been ongoing labour conflicts across Canada related to unions and public sector employees, and this will continue into the fall with possible large-scale strike action. The news could also be related to infrastructure developments or democratic policies and processes, with the Sun ruling the fourth.

This Sun-Mercury conjunction is also opposed by Jupiter in Aries, the twelfth house. Jupiter, as judge and priest, reflects Canada’s hidden, ugly side of the Prime Minister and democracy as a whole in Canada.

Looking at these aspects, I see court rulings and other major news about things that would usually be buried and hidden from the people – represented by the Moon in Leo, the Sun’s sign. The Prime Minister has the upper hand here, ruling the Moon, but the Sun’s aspects to Mercury and Jupiter suggest there will be some answers and rulings.

This matches with many major court cases at stake right now in Canada that we are set to get news on this fall, including many cases by The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom, against various provincial and federal government’s Covid vaccine policies. One of the most notable is the JCCF’s lawsuit against the federal travel vaccine ban, on behalf of Brian Peckford, Maxime Bernier and four other Canadians. The hearing for that case is set for October 31 to November 4 – right in the middle of eclipse season. Expect some major fireworks.

Jupiter is ruled by fiery Mars in Gemini, the second house of this chart, showing an underpinning of money behind all these efforts. Overall, it looks like the federal government will come out on top – represented by Saturn in rulership in the tenth house.

However, Uranus on the Ascendant reminds us that shocking disruptions can and will occur.

The Ascendant of the Libra rising chart is in Taurus, conjunct Uranus and the North Node. This calls to mind the recent Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction that happened at 18 Taurus on August 1. We are well past that conjunction now, but Uranus is still at that degree, forming a tight square with Saturn at 19 Aquarius. So, this fall we again have a continuation of the Saturn-Uranus square that has dominated the last two years of astrological weather, bringing to mind all the significations of this aspect – including but not limited to labour disputes, which echoes the Sun-Mercury conjunction in the sixth.

Indeed, Uranus on the Ascendant suggests an increased period of chaotic disruptions for the people of Canada this fall. Venus, ruler of this chart’s Ascendant as well as of the Sun-Mercury cazimi, is in the fifth house of pleasure, sports and children. She is also in Virgo, the sign of her fall, a major debility that prevents her from acting in the ways she normally would, and opposite Neptune in Pisces, which makes her distracted and confused.

Venus also forms a Grand Earth Trine with Pluto in Capricorn on the Midheaven and Uranus-North Node on the Ascendant in Taurus. So, while this trine would suggest a harmonious flow of earthy energies this fall, those energies are full of surprises and disruptions (Uranus), and profound transformation and power struggles (Pluto). Venus struggles to unite and balance everything but there’s too much for her to handle at this point, and she seeks escape in idle pleasures and meaningless frivolity. She gets bogged down in details and throws up her hands in defeat; any balance and unity that she offers is likely in areas that will not be helpful for the bigger issues at stake.

Watch for large-scale pleasurable distractions this fall, be it games or sporting events, artistic ventures and other examples of modern bread and circuses. The fifth house is also food prices, and Venus will seek to bring balance to those this fall – and may very likely fail in this.

Any legislation (eleventh house) passed this fall is likely to be confusing and underpinned by corruption and fraud (Neptune; Jupiter in the twelfth). Some of the most talked-about legislation will involve drugs, mental illness, the arts, and women and children.

This fall’s eclipse cycle occurs across the first and seventh house axis of the Libra ingress chart, and we get the second set of eclipses right after the ingress: a solar eclipse at 2 Scorpio on October 25 followed by a lunar eclipse at 16 Taurus on November 8. Eclipses are fundamentally disruptive, all the more so being opposed or conjunct Uranus, as these are.

This suggests shocking events that shake the core of Canadian identity as well as our relationships with other nations. They will force us to review and revise how we define ourselves and how we operate in relation to other nations and our foreign affairs. This aligns with the Mars retrograde that will occur in Canada’s third house natally and the US’s seventh house – whatever that retrograde brings to the US, Canada will be closely watching it.

I also expect that we’ll get some more updates on Canada’s telecommunications network, which the Canadian people are very focused on especially in light of the recent Rogers outage. The Moon rules the third house in this chart, which represents our national telecom infrastructure, media industry and roads/rail. The Moon (the people) is in the fourth house of democracy, but also land and buildings – so while some of the people may want to address the issues of democracy this fall, it seems more likely that most people will focus on more tangible things – like the cost of housing and the rocky real estate market.

As well, the Moon is void of course, echoing the void Moon in the 2022 Aries ingress chart. So, the people are back to being powerless and overshadowed after a temporary boost in the summer.

Overall, the Libra ingress chart shows there could be some surprising or revelatory news this fall, either delivered by the Prime Minister or about him (or both). Power struggles and deep transformations are on full display. Expect major shake-ups within Canada that impacts our identity and foreign relations. There could be major developments related to lawsuits and court challenges. People may seek escape from the troubles (particularly of high food prices and real estate woes) through various arts and entertainment events.

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