What did you think about my 2024 astrology predictions?

What did you think about my 2024 astrology predictions?

NOTE: This event has passed. If you’re an OPA member, check your inbox for the recording link.

Back in December 2023, OPA Canada hosted a panel discussion on the astrological forecast of 2024, featuring four Canadian astrologers (including yours truly!). You can purchase a recording here if you missed the live event and aren’t an OPA member. If you are a member, check your inbox for the link.

During my portion of the talk, I made a few predictions about the upcoming year, including:

  • A probable leadership change for Canada
    • Trudeau looks like he’s going to have a tough year
    • This might be a federal election but it could also be Trudeau resigning
  • A very tumultuous spring
    • Eclipse season looks intense – that’s March/April
  • Possible smoothing over of some of Canada’s foreign relation turmoil from 2023
    • But still lots of instability with our international partners
  • Major developments related to the newly minted Online Streaming Act and Online News Act
    • Telecommunication and media are going to be big themes all year in Canada
  • Renewed AI hand-wringing
  • Complex fourth-house matters
    • Major shifts in the housing market? Something else?

In case you missed them, I went into way more detailed predictions in two recent posts here on the blog:

As a follow up to our 2024 forecast panel, OPA Canada is hosting a free cafe-style discussion. That’s right, I said free – this event is open and free for everyone, including non-members! I hope to see many people at this one. There won’t be any formal lecture or presentation. Jen and I will moderate, but basically it’s an open discussion about whatever attendees want to talk about. You need to register if you’re a non-member to get the Zoom link – click below or here.

So come join us on Sunday, January 28, 2024 at 11am MT (1pm ET) and share whether you think my 2024 predictions seem well-founded or totally out to lunch. The other astrologers on the December panel also made some pretty spicy predictions, so I’m very curious to hear what others think about those as well.

Also, don’t be intimidated if you’ve never joined in an event like this before – there’s no pressure. You can have your Zoom camera on or off and you can choose to speak out loud, share your comments in the chat, or just lurk. Though, I hope not too many of you lurk silently and leave all the conversation up to me, because then I’ll have to start making bad astrology jokes. No one wants that.

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