The Astrology of December 2021: Monthly Overview

The Astrology of December 2021: Monthly Overview

Here we are in the final month of 2021 and the space weather doesn’t disappoint. Things kick off with a solar eclipse on December 4 at 12 Sagittarius. This concludes the cycle of eclipses across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, as the nodes move into Taurus-Scorpio on December 22.

This solar eclipse will begin in the early hours of December 3 and reach totality just after midnight on December 4, at 12:33am MST. This eclipse is centered over the south pole, so it will be fully visible only in Antarctica and some remote South Atlantic Islands, like the Falklands. It will be partially visible from the southernmost parts of Chile, Argentina, Australia/Tasmania, and South Africa.

This is very interesting given the recent global panic ramping up over the new Covid variant, dramatically named Omicron, which supposedly originated in South Africa. The Falkland Islands were in the news recently with renewed tension in the ongoing territorial dispute between the UK and Argentina. Chile is in the process of a polarizing presidential election that will conclude shortly after the eclipse on December 19. And Australia has gone to all new levels of darkness and tyranny, with the Australian military forcibly removing Indigenous Australians from their home and putting them in quarantine camps.

Eclipses are a big dose of negative energy and it seems clear that we are already seeing this reflected in the areas where the eclipse will be visible. It is a solar eclipse, so usually marks the start of a new cycle, and so even though there will be no more eclipses along that axis for some time, we are likely to see the start of a new phase in the ongoing Covid narrative and its role in the global political, social and economic upheaval of the last two years. Because of the location of this eclipse, it’s likely to be centered around these southern nations for now.

The next Thing you know, they’ll be uncovering some strange craft from deep underneath the Antarctic ice.

Another major astro-event this month is the final Saturn-Uranus square of 2021. This transit has been in effect all year, and will continue to be very strong throughout 2022 as well, though it doesn’t go exact again after the final exact square on December 23. This transit remains very close, within one degree, for the whole month of December.

So, all those themes of Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus that we’ve come to know intimately throughout 2021 will still be in play in December, and are likely to ramp up the closer we get to Christmas. Watch for more financial market upheavals, ongoing issues with housing, ongoing labour disputes – particularly in the realm of agriculture/food – and supply chain issues. Borders are once again a major focus, and are another classic example of the Saturn-Uranus square. After gradual loosening of restrictions and opening up of borders around the world in recent months, the news of the Omicron variant has spooked many nations into imposing travel bans on several African nations.

In my corner of the world, workers at the Cargill meat packing plant in High River – one of Canada’s largest meat packers, which supplies one-third of all Canadian beef – are gearing up for a strike on December 6. This will be a major disruption to the Canadian and North American beef market. As well, the recent torrential flooding in BC destroyed supply routes and forced the closure of all rail service to and from the Vancouver port, causing further supply chain delays and disruptions with no end in sight.

I’m expecting similar news stories to occur around the world throughout the month of December, especially with the holiday season upon us. Stock up on your Christmas groceries ASAP and look for local sources of food, especially meat.

In hopefully happier news, Jupiter ingresses Pisces this month, on December 29. This will hopefully bring some boons, as Jupiter rules Pisces. I was admittedly underwhelmed with Jupiter’s brief transit through Pisces earlier this year, from mid-May to late July, but maybe it will be more impactful this time around.

The thing about Pisces, though, is that it’s the sign where boundaries dissolve. It’s about our grandest dreams and sense of connection. But it can also be a fount of delusion, especially with Neptune there. My hope is that this transit may help bring together the two very divided sides that have formed around the Covid narrative, and indeed wash away other divisions as well. However, there’s a chance that delusion will reach a crescendo, particularly when Jupiter conjoins Neptune – but that’s not until later in 2022.

For now, try to just absorb the good vibes the Jupiter in Pisces should bring.

Other notable ingresses this month include Mars into Sagittarius, early in the morning on December 13, followed by Mercury’s ingress into Capricorn a few hours later. Mars’ departure from Scorpio marks the end of the T-square with Saturn and Uranus, so it should hopefully take some of the heat and fire out of world events. We will return to the continual struggle between icy Saturn and radical Uranus, which will take on the aforementioned forms that I’ve been talking about all year (and maybe some exciting new ones).

The Sun ingresses Capricorn on December 21, marking the winter solstice and the darkest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, while simultaneously the summer solstice and longest day of the year in the southern hemisphere. As we stand poised on the turning point of the year’s annual cycle between dark and light, reflect on all the dark/light behind you and gaze solemnly into the light/dark ahead of you. Feel the eternal shifting balance between polarities, and know that when the darkness comes it’s only here for a time, and then the light creeps back in.

There’s a Full Moon in Gemini on December 18, which is the first lunation after the recent eclipse cycle. Now is the time to focus your eager mind on the ways in which you can adapt and work with the gnarly world events. This is a time to see where your curiosity is most piqued, and follow those universal breadcrumbs.

Venus is stationing retrograde (conjunct Pluto too) right at the time, but that’s in Capricorn and therefore averse (quincunx) to the Gemini Full Moon. So the Full Moon will let you focus on matters of the mind for a brief time, before the Venus retrograde pulls you to matters of the heart.

I’ve been waiting in anticipation of this spicy Venus retrograde all year, but I’m very biased when it comes to Venus transits – my Ascendant is in Taurus and my Moon is in Libra.

This VenusRet happens on December 19 at 26 Capricorn and is very closely conjunct Pluto (within one degree). The exact conjunctions happen on December 11 and 25 – Merry Christmas! If you’re curious about what this period might have in store for you, look back at what was happening in your life during December 2013-January 2014 and December 2005-January 2006, which were the last two times Venus was retrograde in Capricorn. Focus particularly on themes of relationships, women, art, creativity and pleasure, as these are all themes that become prominent during Venus retrogrades.

This particular retrograde, because it is conjunct Pluto, amps up the obsessive and possessive qualities of Venus. Be extremely wary of any ex-partners who come back into your life at this time, whether romantic or otherwise. Also be very cautious of starting any new partnerships now, particularly romantic ones. It may be intense and passionate and addictive now, but there’s a dark, obsessive quality that can quickly take a turn for the worst.

In world events, this transit sets the stage for another round of MeToo revelations and accusations. The Ghislaine Maxwell trial is happening right now, with Venus only a few degrees away from Pluto, and is a very literal manifestation of that transit.

If you suffer from, or are prone to substance abuse or other types of addictions like gambling, or if you’ve experienced sexual abuse in your past, you might feel particularly triggered at this time. Given that this happens over the holiday season, that might exacerbate the tendency towards over-indulgence or other difficult mental health issues of all sorts. Try to guard your mental health well during this time, as best you can. This is likely going to be a very fraught emotional time if the transit hits any of your natal placements. I caution everyone to keep themselves safe this holiday season.

On a more positive note, these periods, or their immediate aftermath, can be great times for an extra dose of creativity. Venus retrogrades can be channeled into various creative and artistic pursuits – pull out a sketchbook, play with some paints, build something, redecorate, learn a new craft (particularly involving textiles, like spinning, weaving, knitting or embroidery).

And that’s it for 2021, folks.

I had committed to doing a monthly forecast for the duration of 2021 and I’m happy that I met my goal! However, I’m not going to commit to doing these for 2022. I’m still working on my plans for astrology writing next year, and I’ll definitely post some forecast stuff, but I would like to shift gears a bit. I also want to launch an e-newsletter soon, for those who subscribe (so please do that if you haven’t already!) You can find the link on my homepage.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you for reading these forecasts. There are so many other astrologers who do these monthly forecasts, and I truly do value your attention.

Keep an eye on the blog for all sorts of new and exciting things as we move into the New Year.

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