Mundane Astrology: Canada’s 2021 Capricorn Ingress

Mundane Astrology: Canada’s 2021 Capricorn Ingress

In keeping with the tradition that I started this year, let’s take a peek at the chart of Canada’s Capricorn ingress. If you recall from the Libra ingress I did in September, there was a cardinal sign on the Ascendant which meant that chart was only good for three months.

Here’s the chart for Canada’s 2021 Capricorn ingress:

With a mutable sign on the Ascendant, this chart is good for the next six months – until the Cancer ingress in summer 2022.

The obvious focus on this chart is the eleventh house, which represents parliament and legislation. The Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Venus are located here; note that Venus has recently stationed retrograde conjunct Pluto. Mercury is out of bounds (OOB), meaning that it has the tendency to act in more unusual or inappropriate ways.

That’s a lot of weighty energy speaking to legislation being passed in the next six months that will be deeply transformative, particularly around women’s and children’s issues. (Venus = women and Mercury = youth.) If they reopen the abortion debate, I’m going to scream. (And then look for what’s also going on under the surface, because whenever that particular wedge issue comes up, it’s always to cover up something else that the powers that be would prefer go unnoticed.)

The Venus-Pluto conjunction is in tight opposition to the Moon in the fifth house of Cancer. The Moon is also Void of Course (VOC) and OOB. So, for the next six months, the people’s attention (Moon) is strongly focused on fifth house topics of children, arts and entertainment – i.e. the people are strongly focused on children (of course we are, as this pandemic drags on and continues to have very negative effects on young people), and we also really want to get back to the fun things in life. Again, the Moon being OOB implies that this may express itself in unusual or inappropriate ways. Also, the fifth house rules food prices, so with the OOB Moon here, expect those to act unusually over the next six months. (More so than they already have, that is.)

The people’s attention is being opposed by the legislation passed by parliament. There are still many restrictions and mandates around the pandemic, which are directly blocking the people’s ability to enjoy sports/arts/entertainment. Now, you could read the VOC Moon in one of two ways – either nothing will come of the people’s attention on wanting to get back to the fun stuff, or nothing will come of the government’s restrictions around these areas. We’ve certainly trended to the former throughout this pandemic, and I’d be surprised if anything changed now – but we will see.

The fifth house also involves children, meaning that the public is focused on kids, and this is being directly faced by legislation – quite literally, this manifested with the recent approval of COVID vaccines for children aged 5 to 11. Again, the VOC Moon implies that maybe nothing will come of this. However, the Moon being OOB means that the reactions to this are going to be more unusual or inappropriate than we would typically expect.

I’m very concerned about the effects that this pandemic is having on children, especially by the prospect of vaccinating so many young people with a very new treatment. Regardless of your opinion on the COVID vaccinations, there’s no denying that we simply do not have any long-term data on them. Only time will tell. Read another way, the Moon being both VOC and OOB in this chart could describe the widespread decision to vaccinate children with this new treatment, despite children having such a low risk from COVID. An OOB Moon acts inappropriately, and if you step out of the present moment and consider current events against the backdrop of history, these actions might seem pretty inappropriate indeed.

This eleventh house is ruled by Saturn in the twelfth house of hospitals, long-term care homes, and other isolated places – clearly, the situation in hospitals and care homes is having a big effect on the legislation being passed in this period. Aquarius is concerned with social order and the idea of “the greater good” and with Saturn here, ruling his own domicile, there’s a strong push to reinforce these Saturnian boundaries and rules – all for the greater good, of course.

Saturn is also square Uranus in the third house of communication and transportation. This is in Taurus, a fixed earth sign. So, on a very literal level, Uranus in the third shows the recent disruptions with Canada’s communication and transportation networks – the flooding in BC was a very literal example of this, and will continue to impact Canada significantly over the next six months.

This Saturn-Uranus square also has the ability to destabilize Saturn’s efforts to impose order in hospitals and care homes – there may be some pieces of news over the next six months which throws the situation in hospitals on its head. The connection to the eleventh house means that this destabilization may lead to the passing of legislation in light of it – or, vice-versa, that the passing of certain legislation will cause this destabilization in the hospitals, which will in turn be further disrupted by whatever’s happening in the media and/or the supply networks.

Neptune is in the first house, just like in Canada’s natal chart. It is not closely conjunct the Ascendant degree, but still present in the same sign and therefore it still has an effect similar to what I’ve observed in the past about Canada’s natal Neptune-Ascendant conjunction.

So, I’m expecting yet another round of Canadian delusion about our identity in the next six months. Maybe we’ll reject how the feds handled the pandemic response and change course – or maybe we’ll double down on all these restrictive measures “for the greater good.” Either way, the efforts made in this area will bleed into all aspects of Canadian life, as the first house is in Pisces – the most watery, boundless sign.

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter in Aquarius – which is at the end of that sign and just about to ingress into his domicile of Pisces. This ingress will occur on December 28, 2021, which means that over the course of the next six months, Jupiter will conjoin this ingress chart’s Ascendant degree and then Neptune. Perhaps these transits will actually help clear up some of our native Neptunian delusions – after all, Jupiter represents wisdom and honour. We’ll see. 

Also note that in this chart, Jupiter rules Mars in Sagittarius, which is at the top of the chart conjunct the Midheaven and the South Node. Mars on the Midheaven implies that Canada’s federal government/Prime Minister will be seen as a force of conflict over the next six months. Mars is the military, soldiers, strikes and other conflict; and also fire itself – and Sagittarius is a fire sign, albeit more of an optimistic, social one, so that’s a lot of fiery energy in the way Canada will appear to the world. 

The conjunction to the South Node is interesting too, and adds to the malefic power here. In Vedic astrology, the South Node is Ketu, the tail of the dragon, and is seen as a very negative influence, a place of great release and purgation. Conjunct Mars, this seems like a pretty powerful indication that Canada will blow off some steam, so to speak. I just hope that it doesn’t end up being some kind of disaster, be it natural or man-made.  

The federal government is likely to take some action over the next six months then, that will be quite contentious. There’s the possibility of actual military involvement, possibly involved in the issue with shipping (Mars rules the ninth house here, which governs shipping) – maybe the military will be sent in to help deal with the shipping snafus throughout BC or other parts of the country. They were deployed when that crisis peaked in November, and may be sent in again if something else goes wrong there.

The ninth house is also law courts, and the Canadian military has been dealing with an ongoing sexual misconduct scandal. Canadian political and military leaders just delivered a public apology to victims of sexual misconduct a few days ahead of the ingress, so there may be further developments in this story.

Mars also rules the second house of Canada’s national wealth and financial institutions, so this subject will also be top of mind over the next six months. The federal government’s actions in this area will be something that definitely gets a lot of attention, with Mars at the top of the chart.

With high inflation rates and a ton of national debt incurred by the various pandemic relief programs, there is a lot of pressure for banks to raise interest rates in an attempt to curb inflation and stave off more debt. Given that Mars is ruled by a hidden twelfth-house Jupiter, however, Canada’s efforts around this might not play out as expected.

Pretend those coins are toonies and that potato is a steak and you have a more Canadian version of this (slightly ridiculous yet hilarious) visual metaphor

Going back to that OOB Mercury, it rules the fourth house of land and weather – possibly indicating we’re in for more wild weather over the next six months. It also rules the seventh house of foreign affairs – so maybe Canada will act a bit more unusually in our foreign relations that we typically do. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

I think that’s about all I have to say! Overall, it seems like Canada may have a higher profile on the world stage over the next six months, with most of the planets above the horizon in this chart. And given the focus on the eleventh house, the attention is likely to stem from some contentious piece of legislation. Brace yourself, fellow Canucks.

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  • I’d be very curious to hear more about the relationship between Canada and the United States and if the United States has severe political upheaval, how Canada would be affected based on the charts. I think we can see from the American chart that upheavals are happening.

    • That’s a great idea! A lot of people have been looking at the US’s upcoming Pluto return, which is undoubtedly going to cause ripple effects up here in Canada. I’ll take a look and see what I can find.

  • This is accurate to come back to in the wake of what is happening. Great analysis; thanks for sharing.”Mars on the Midheaven implies that Canada’s federal government/Prime Minister will be seen as a force of conflict over the next six months” –> YUP

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