Listening to the Collective Unconscious

Listening to the Collective Unconscious

I’m super proud to announce the release of my husband’s newest album today! Around here, you’ll know my husband as the guy behind the astrOMG astrology cartoons that I’ve shared in some blog posts as well as in my monthly newsletter.

Well, Matt is also a musician, in addition to being a cartoonist. (He does a bunch of other types of art too – his chart is very mutable and his Sagittarius Sun-Uranus conjunction has manifested very literally in his life!) His current musical project is Collective Unconscious, and today he just released their third album, Air.

Air has been several years in the making – it was supposed to be released in 2020, but we all know what happened then. After a series of pandemic-related delays, it’s finally done and out now.

Lest you think this is just shameless promotion on my husband’s behalf, I do think readers of my blog will enjoy my husband’s music. He often pulls on themes from our various esoteric studies and pursuits. This latest album is themed after the Tarot, which should be obvious based on the artwork and the names of the tracks. 

I think my favourite song is the first single, Magicians and Sorcerers. I would love to hear any feedback my readers might have! You can find Air in all the usual places that you find music – click the link below for a list. 

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