Announcing astrOMG! Astrology Cartoons

Announcing astrOMG! Astrology Cartoons

I’m super excited to present astrOMG! This is a series of astrology cartoons drawn by none other than my wonderful husband! He has been working on these cartoons for several months now – I think it’s part of his coping mechanism for living with an astrologer who’s constantly blathering about the planets.

OK, that’s not entirely fair to him – Matt was interested in astrology long before I came along, and he’s also very tolerant of my astro-babble. And hey, it gives a constant source of inspiration for these cartoons!

I think this one is my favourite so far, because it’s literally me in a few years (actually it’s me now, with basically everyone I meet):

I’m so proud of his work on these. He has had a few published in The Mountain Astrologer already, and they are publishing more in every issue this year and into 2023. Actually, he got published in TMA before I did! (I’m only a tiny bit jealous of that.)

These are also super fun to help out with – we workshop all of them together. Sometimes I come up with the idea for a cartoon, other times he does, but then we always fine tune them together before he does the final drawing.

He will be posting new ones regularly on his site, so check back often. He’s also given me permission to post them on my site, so I’ll be sharing some here and in my newsletter as well. Here are another few of my faves:

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